The Most Creative Skills in Football

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    The most unique and creative skills in football over the last decade. Feauturing Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar Jr, Douglas Costa, Eden Hazard, Paul Pogba, Mesut Özil and many more.
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    I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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    The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!
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    1. Score 90

      Cristiano sent Smalling back to England 00:53 🤣

      1. endri alb

        Score 90 copied by emre mor

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        @Sanan Fazal why the SA

      3. Sanan Fazal

        @J Lo behind making high quality videos he should also reply...... Hennny.. Reply.

      4. Zahid Mustafa

        YOU should Make a Video on QUARESMA...believe me In terms of Skills, He is equivalent to CRIS7IANO. Of Course Not on NEYMAR level

    2. Raad Alasaad

      What is the music for the first one it doesn't show in description

    3. SSJGD Casas

      Gay ass music

    4. Meenakshi Pant Bist

      Such enjoyable tricks.😁

    5. Muhammed Ali

      Keep doing what you're doing

    6. Muhammed Ali

      The best football skill video I have ever watch so far

    7. Muhammed Ali

      Please!!!! Do a video on Wilfred ndidi

    8. Fried Miracle

      Why does mbappe looks like he was taking a dump when he did thaf flick??

    9. Yenilhx

      Quaresmaa 🦅

    10. USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse

      wtf happened to Alexis Sanches.. what a fall from world class grace!!

    11. Shreeya Singh

      2:54 😲😲

    12. Дастан Шейшенов

      Пожалуйста скажите название первой песни

    13. Дастан Шейшенов

      1 music what plies?

    14. sindhu2030 sindhu

      Berbatov spin was super

    15. kojo jhn


    16. Memes are real

      1:12 I think back to 442oons smooth criminal

    17. フクロー

      0:08~ what is the song?

      1. no name

        Red racing strike

    18. Ahmed Dlshad


    19. Hamaun Butt


    20. Hamaun Butt

      What's the name of the song in 00-05

    21. FEVEN 7

      the one that will get pinned is me no doubt lol

    22. Barun Majumder

      I thought I was playing PES 2020

    23. Legendary Gamer2008

      0:03 what is music name?

    24. SHORTgamer

      shitty music backgrounds! wht is goin on??

    25. Another guy L.I.T.

      Rashford is the next Ronaldo imo

    26. Rehana Sulthana

      Who scored the first goal?

    27. akalanka alutwela


    28. adroschka

      I can only watch it on mute

    29. KhaLiD ina MaHaD

      Where messi 😡😠

      1. kojo jhn

        at my house

    30. Cristiano Ronaldo

      Plz plz plz intro song name

    31. 3 chen

      Score you have to see the one from unuvar at Ajax in the friendly game

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      The song later on at 4 22 is shit

    33. NXD Channel

      What iz first name video song ?

    34. Gabriel Neagu


    35. Liverpool Beastfan

      What the hell happen to dimitri payet

    36. Jayjay Tk

      I stopped watch at 0:59 cause of the fucking music

    37. Kevin J.R

      Good vid shit music

    38. myname isjohn

      Lol it luks like ronaldo got ponytail

    39. Štefan Hôlka

      3:55 Sala😿

    40. Cressida Eatson-Lloyd

      What goal was better deli allis or neymers Alli’s goal=like Neymers goal=comment

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      Annoying music!!

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      Can u say the song in the intro please

    49. Doubl3 r4ge

      What about copyrights of those videos im not into it please explain

    50. DINODON -

      3:23 he was tryna get a red card.... But got a nutmeg instead🤣😱

    51. Dr Mofazzal

      Imagine a player with step over capacity of ronaldo Body faint of messi Control of iniesta Vission of xabi Finish of brazilian ronaldo Yes you have imaged him right Its RONALDINHO

    52. yacine bg

      4:44 😢😢😢

    53. Giammi273

      Bolasie flick😍🤭

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      I still remember that Prince goal vs Barca. Ah good times!

    55. Young Noah

      I’m a footballer add my Snapchat and get lit @thenoah13 🔥🔥💙

    56. neonpreon

      sad story about 3:34. payet broke the gk's leg

      1. Hasime Toyota

        @neonpreon whats the goalkeepers Name tho

      2. Hasime Toyota

        @neonpreon damn didnt know that

      3. neonpreon

        Hasime Toyota yes. If you watch the original goal on separate video, you can see the gk yelling in pain

      4. Hasime Toyota


    57. neonpreon

      de bruyne's nutmeg was the best skill. sent my man to the shop

    58. Mathew albaashike

      The best youtuber ever Score 90

    59. Mathew albaashike

      Wow the best skills I've ever seen

    60. Kazza Ben Farhat

      Ronaldo pulled a mcgeady spin which is not a creative feat and actually performed by many PL Flairs and with it's notorious User Frank Ribery