Minecraft World Changes Every 3 Minutes Challenge #2


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    Minecraft, But The World Changes Every 3 minutes. The seed of the Minecraft world changes.We get stuck in lava. We fall. It's so hard to beat. We're in the nether this episode. This is a true challenge. Hopefully you're on the edge of your seats.
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    1. Keks 257

      Omg you both were so lucky so many times. That's the most intense Video i watched in a while

    2. SuperMaDBrothers

      7:30 should have swam down the lava

    3. Unknown Entity


    4. XxRaider _

      Dream for 1 mil

    5. Zach Thurman

      that was such a stressful video to watch

    6. Nick Dawwg


    7. Bruh Buddy

      Dream “get high, come on George”

    8. Peter Peter

      Whats up with part 3?

    9. Johnny Rey

      Dude you are too serious chill out man

    10. Tha 3D Ninja

      7:19 he almost risked it all

    11. Joe M

      The most intense show ever WE NEED PART 3

    12. haha haha

      Make potions like fire resistance and feather falling that will last 8 minutes, that way you can last almost 3 switches per potion and have a better chance of surviving, and also enchantments would be massive Edit: I am now realising that I am probably stating an obvious statement anf now I hate myself

    13. Dragon Craft!

      when is part 3?

    14. Ike Winsor

      12:57 heart attack moment

    15. Polar Ice

      Part 3? I’ve been waiting forever :(

    16. Liam McKee

      Anyway I can find this plugin without subscribing to a patreon?

    17. dom 3002

      1:13 What song is that?

    18. Olaf van Rijnsbergen

      This could actually be a lot of fun. But you'd need to have like 5 worlds that keep rotating every Minecraft day or so. It needs to rotate so you can atleast get back to world's you've already been in.

    19. Inconclusion Inc.

      Where is part 3??????

    20. Squidney

      this makes me so worried

    21. MCS110

      When the next part?

    22. Bryant Ok


    23. Bryant Ok


    24. Salty Toaster

      18:01 ... *N i c e*

    25. Potato BooBoo

      16:25 😶

    26. [GD] SlowingUnicorn 180

      You should do Minecraft but every time you mine a block you get a random effect for 5 seconds

    27. Jonathan

      Part 3 when smh

    28. mdittus

      I like dream's videos, but he kind of dramatizes his reactions kind of hard. I guess thats just normal for some youtubers? but also, in his case it just seems like a habit.

      1. Hanif Faris

        sound too natural to be faked


      Minecraft but the world changes every 3 minutes please pt 3

    30. DeadExSlayer 06

      When your that 15% subscribed 😂

    31. Deezy

      I hate people they won’t like the video I wish you all die

    32. Jabba The Trump

      It seems as if 80% of minecraft youtubers started doing the "about bla bla bla precent of my viewers aren't subrscribed bla bla bla" Every time I see a youtuber use that dumb schtick I just leave a dislike and unsubscribe whether I liked the video or not.

    33. koekje gebak

      5:56 me when i do drugs

    34. firefrostcat62

      No more of this challenge? Shame

    35. 苦しみが残った

      What is with the series? Is it ended?

    36. Venomous Burger

      George: I almost died Viewers: *sees that he lost half a heart*

    37. Sniper !i

      Bro u left George behind the whole time

    38. Phobos

      5:55 Word. *Takes several puffs*

    39. Jake Saunders

      This series is amazing carry on

    40. PcOverXbox

      Imagine almost having 1 million subscribers and it's only 15% of your viewers.

      1. Antonio Darcy

        PcOverXbox It’s more like 20 now,he uses an outdated chart in this thing,and most other youtubers only have like 3/4 subscribed at best.But 15 percent was crazy and I understand why he was promoting it