The latest on Lori Vallow's first Kauai court appearance

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    The latest on Lori Vallow's first Kauai court appearance


    1. A W

      Uh confirm means firmly establishes and so I am confirming your $5million dollar bail/NO BAIL EXTRADITION! Ah brilliant judge! I told my husband you’d say something like that. Good job! Great poker face! Oh Lori, by the way, Idaho’s heart beats strong for you! You see, she now understands that her time is not being credited while fighting extradition!!!

    2. Renee Swann

      This is gonna get bigger and bigger as the things come out She’s a black widow

    3. Mary Feather

      How old is she?she looks like a hard 48 year she had a rough life,maybe she aged when they arrested her

    4. Thomas DeCarlo

      This shit is amazing. Any moron at any age can reproduce children. No classes needed before, no permits, no license, no health insurance to pay for the birth ( other than us tax payers ) no governing body or any over sight required. I want to go hunting and by govt regulations I have to be of a certain age, need to take a hunters safety class, need to get a hunting license and depending on what I want to hunt there is a specific predetermined season and game limit and I might even need a specific permit ( doe, bear, etc.). All of which I am required to pay for. Myself. There are also government agents from different departments in the field monitoring you to ensure you are following the laws. Takes more to go hunting than it does to reproduce and be parents to children. What kind of world do we live in? Waterboard the bitch until she talks. Thank

    5. Andrew Rupkus

      Someone should Epstein her ass because I believe she isn't gonna tell what she did to the kids so what's the point in letting her live. I truly believe that she and Chad are so insane that they believe everything they have done is what God wanted them to do.

    6. MagmaleE1

      This lady is unreal. X husband killed and now married again.

      1. SSKPSKA

        MagmaleE1 yah I think she married 4 or 5 times and daybell was probably the murderer

    7. Spek

      did she realy think it wasn't going to come to this?

    8. LD

      I almost didn’t recognize Lori in her mugshot without that smirk on her face.

    9. Khaleesi Kimber

      She killed them . Let me say that again ! She killed them !!!!!!

    10. Chad Jones

      Hang her.🤘🤙😝

    11. _ _*vibes*_ _

      She’s not grinning now!

    12. The One

      The children are probably dead😔 Too much I tell ya way too much....

    13. I was born a poor black child - Navin Johnson

      Hoping you enjoy your very first weekend in jail, Lori!!

      1. Verna Morales

        Say it again !!

    14. MY NAME JEFF

      Chad daybell should be considered armed and dangerous...Chad probably murdered the kids

    15. Rick S.

      That mugshot has GUILTY written all over it.

    16. Zzzz rush

      Thank God finally somebody or you guys are actually doing something. I hope the kids are safe. And I hope this woman. Get her ass beat.

    17. Cruz Chase

      Hang them all

    18. Spencer Han

      She cray cray. Her brother killed her ex and she got rid of the kids

      1. Verna Morales

        @Wee Annie Guess what her husband changed her as the beneficiary on his policy with out telling and she found out he left it to his sister !! That's karma

      2. Wee Annie

        Spencer Han her other husband also died suspiciously 🤦🏼‍♀️

      3. MegaTriumph1

        She whacked everybody around her, end of story.

    19. Higlyde 777

      Yeah they both guilty. Dude didn’t even stay with her for support, wanna scurry off to avoid attention.

    20. SSKPSKA

      This case reminds me of the Casey Anthony case. Nobody knows nothing 😔 Praying for the two kids to be found safe and alive.

      1. Verna Morales

        Me too and Hailey Cummings