The latest from Hubei, epicenter of the coronavirus

CNBC Television

CNBC Television

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    CNBC's Meg Tirrell and Wilfred Frost look at the latest numbers out of Hubei Province in China. With former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and Dr. Leana Wen, former health commissioner for the city of Baltimore.
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    1. Syeda Bilqis


    2. hollapro

      I would hate to see people loose their retirement, kids education saving plan and saving accounts as stocks are crashing. Sell while you still can because this virus hasn't peeked yet and you will see stock crashing in a huge scale.

    3. Jesse H

      11 out of 18 crematoriums are working in the epicenter of China and they can't keep up.

    4. Jose Neto

      You find you that the news anchor have a education of a 5 year old when he ask for a antibiotics for a virus.

    5. JeepCherokeeful

      Love the bull comparison to the flu. I want to see her come back for an interview in 60 days

    6. James McCutcheon

      China's numbers are created and is all BS. Who really cares what happens in China they farm and eat animals and wild animals. Viruses always come from China if extinction happens to all humans on earth the world will have just be better. Humans are the infection on the planet and have no thoughts or good deeds that happen. The world is full of plastic, oceans are polluted the air is polluted, the water is polluted and the food is deadly.

    7. Mildred Smith

      Freedom of speech disappears in racist America when truth is spoken. These cowards make a living with lies.

    8. 66reeves

      The whole world needs to tell China to stop this tell the truth or we will all take action against them. They are putting all our lives at risk through being sneaky!!

    9. steve pembi

      If they aren’t tested it doesn’t count as a positive 🤷🏼‍♂️

    10. Kushal Kumar

      According to news reports on 22 February , 2020 , two persons have died on account of Coronavirus in Italy so far while nearly 80 persons are confirmed having been infected. A news report published in at the same time has referred to the statement of the Director General Of Health Services in W.H.O. which said that its experts were travelling to the heart of the epidemic. The African leaders are said to have been told to prepare for the outbreak’s global spread. In this context , it may be apt to refer the readers to the following message in an email of 3rd February 2020 this Vedic astrology writer had sent to a friend CEO of a company in Asia:- “ Feb 3 , 2020 : I may share with you that the ailment is likely to enormously aggravate after 11 February 2020 while three months period from April to June 2020 looks to be one of major worrisome”. In fact , as soon as the ailment came to light widely on 14 January 2020 , this writer had alerted by saying that the problem was likely to assume more striking power and stay longer. It could have major worrisome concerns from April to June and October to December in 2020 with potential tendency to reach out as far as December 2021 in vulnerable countries unless an effective solution was found out meanwhile. As regards Italy , this Vedic astrology writer had alerted the country through article -“ Potential of stars for Italy in soon coming year 2020” - published on 15 December , 2019 at The predictive alert had suggested for taking of more care and appropriate strategy in Italy against health hazards during mid-March to June 2020. It was also mentioned that the scenario can also mean worrisome ailments involving respiratory system in the body. Going by news reports of 22 February , 2020 , it can be said that the alert for Italy as well was closely accurate. Note :- This writer’s another monumental work can be found at

    11. Bellesativa

      "US response...strong"? Who are you kidding, the city of Costa Mesa just sued the US gov't for trying to transport the quarantined cases in Travis military base to the city, and a Fed Judge ordered a restraint. The place they were trying relocate to was an abandoned living facility for the disabled only feet from a residential neighborhood, not a established medical facility, and they didn't even include the city's officials in on the plan, just wanted to dump them into the community. Why the desperation? And according to Reuters, only 3 states have local test kits for the virus, everyone else has to send it to the CDC in DC which takes days. Look at South Korea, one woman super spreader has infected hundreds in a single week. A man in Hubei walked around with the virus, spreading in without symptoms for 27 days. While doctors and healthcare workers refuse to mandate masks even when they are coughing and sneezing in the exam room. These doctors should have their license revoked.

    12. Eric Belcher

      The United States is doing great....only testing in 5 cities, and Florida refuses to release any information.

    13. Tadas Karpavičius

      She confused herself. "They don't have well equipped Health Care system like US" & "No, we are lacking resources to cope with existing desiese, not only like Coronavirus".... Oh boy....

    14. L lorraine

      Well said, Dr. Leana Wen. Thank you...

    15. Thomas Lightningbolt

      M M M My Corona.... M M M My Corona.... M M M MY CORONA!!!!!.... Just keep to yourself, just to yourself, quarantine at home you'll have some time- Corona!!!!

    16. Shy M

      $$$The Mainstream Media is NOT reporting this, however, our local online North Coast Outpost is reporting that we have two CONFIRMED Cases of "The Beer Virus" in HUMBOLDT CALIFORNIA. be safe if you come up here. The 2 Cases came from that Ship and they are supposedly self-isolating. I will keep updating as to how bad it gets.$$$

    17. RantzBizGroup

      GEEZZZZ the US is using HIPPA laws to HIDE information from the public... our numbers our impossibly low from the modeling.

    18. David MacKay

      You cant stop the spread of any virus-like this because you can't stop folks from eating out

    19. codyjones109

      Remember these are people who need a job to live in the style they like. They first and always protect the system that issues them a paycheck. For example remember Ebola, Sars, or how about pumping in 100's of Millions of Opiod pills into your neighbor all ruled safe and good for people., or How about the 1970's cigarette commercialism safe and fun NO cancer here! These are the same experts who made all that possible. Now, these same folks are telling you all is WELL!

    20. codyjones109

      There is no way China or any nation can perform PCR test in a epidemic of any real size, just arent enough test kits! This is why they switched to CT scans, however the CT scan only identifies damage to tissue not presence of infection in patient.

    21. jblackrevo9

      The US has 35 cases now

    22. Kyle Lytle

      As for somebody that lives in the United States I agree we do not have the means to fight off this virus number one reason is lack of funding plus not enough healthcareand for an example I want to explain my own situation with the healthcare system in the US I have blue Cross now one through the ER because I was having bad chest pains I thought I was having a heart attack but after an atg and a couple small other things like blood work what insurance I was charged over$4,000 for a hour and a half maybe 2 hour ER visit the u.s. is not equipped to deal with something like that seems a s*** ton of the annual budget is focused on the war machine and sticking its nose and where it does not belong the US citizens do not like it or believe in it but that's how our country is ran

    23. Yvonne Cheung

      There will be no cases since they are all dead in their own home.

    24. Rey Sanidad

      My concern is how long can the virus live travelling on the air to infect people

    25. Benedicto Garcia

      hope USA CDC is right see what happen to S. Korea there are rumor in some US cities is not reporting covid19 infection like Florida because illegal problem.

    26. jeff walls

      At this point the world should be helping China and other countries where it is its a WAR

    27. rodney gangloff

      They're burning the bodies at 100,000 per day. Son you're a mook.

    28. John E.

      ..."you can't have an epidemic if you don't do tests..."

    29. Quantum Leap

      It's starting to spread in Italy too. This morning was 1 person, now 14 .

    30. vitaminwaterlover

      One thing we know. WE ARE F*CKED.

    31. tiofilo guerrero

      They under reporting still wtf 38% only being recorded hospitals, the other 61% deaths people dying in there homes.

    32. James B.

      The regular flu causes 500'000+ people hospitalizations and 30'000+ death per year just in the USA. The numbers China is reporting are grossly understated obviously. Otherwise they would not have to ban 700 mln people from leaving their homes. See CDC flu statistics.

    33. Emperor Hirohito

      Meanwhile China has found a cure for Coronavirus ........... PROPAGANDA

    34. Indian Traditional Arts


    35. Squib308

      this talking head shill telling us about influenza nobody asked about influenza.

    36. Birdy Flying

      This is a world wide scam to scare you! EU death toll in 2017 for 65+ year old was 152.000 people by the flew / gripe! Far higher then whats happening in China! The flew kills every year hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people in the US and EU. No MSM campaign around that! China uses the momentum to control their people, that is the real story! The MSM is helping..

    37. Don ta

      Very soon the Tibetan will reclaim their home land Tibet .. Very soon the Uighur will be free out of prisons in their home land .. Very soon the Falungong practitioners can have peace to practice meditation.. Very soon many countries around the world will be free and no longer controlled by china commies

    38. Johnny Smith

      Bloggers believe it is a bioweapon that only attack Chinese race only. So if you are white or black don't worry about it.

    39. Tanvir Kabir

      Something is really wrong when they keep saying Americans are safe.

    40. nicki jay

      Y is no one taking this seriously. I work in a restaurant in NC..... A customer came in bragging how she just got back from Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Cambodia.... After she left I doubled up on gloves and disinfected everything she touched then threw away the towel I used. I then washes my hands up to my elbows...My coworkers laughed at me. It's funny until it gets real

    41. PJ KICKS

      No need to keep breaking down numbers, we know China lying.

    42. Don Beckham

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> excellent question... and the government shill Dr. Leana Wen refused to answer it the question. I would bet my life savings there are 100s maybe 1000s walking around the US with the virus and they simply believe they have the flu. Folks, the CDC is NOT testing enough people. Only 479 so far...!!

    43. Loui Steven

      She says that there is so much that we dont know about the virus but also states that Americans are at low risk and she also uses the "flu" word..c'mon!!!!

    44. Konrad Myler2

      They talk about all the discrimination against Chinese people now OK let’s face the facts are the facts are that most viruses come from China, so that means that they need to do something different there. Stop eating everything that moves. Teach them how to be more careful with their handling of food. If you can lock all these people down then you canTeach all these people cleanliness is the best way to prevent it

    45. Glenna Barry

      Fake news Dead doctors wenliang....... Lie we lying Nuff said

    46. OZ jamin

      Dr Scott for the win!! AGAIN!! By far the most considered, thoughtful and intelligent commentary I’ve heard out of dozens of experts. Keep him on please CNBC.

    47. naif bctl

      They said, 2.5% died from this COVID-19. But death counts as 100 plus daily. It means, fatality in reality is high if death continues.

    48. Blinky Bill

      Dr Gottlieb, what 's happening elsewhere in China?

    49. Blinky Bill

      Why is everybody talking only about Hubei? Why are they not telling us about the rest of China?

    50. SupermanWithSilverGun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="341">5:41</a> You're worried about China? That there may be a lot of people with mild cases who are not being counted? Hmm. You're not worried that that the same thing might be happening in the US? The past 3 weeks of WA state's flu updates show on average 2,000 people tested for seasonal flu per week for the last 3 weeks, but only 20% of those on average were positive for flu. What the hell do the other 80% have if not the flu when they were sick enough to visit the doctor or hospital?

    51. Cat Daddy

      Where are the 5 million from Wuhan? Dead? Yes

    52. gerry neil

      so basically china changed the wau they define cases a few days ago where the number was 14000 now they change the definition again where there are 349 cases

    53. La vằn Ù

      think twice when you hear : low #, safe, control, prepare

    54. Joe Blow

      Without a vaccine, the world is going to change !

    55. B K Lau

      CoronaVirus is like any flu, just a lot stronger ...

    56. B K Lau

      US response has been PR based ...

    57. B K Lau

      The questions itself is leading towards demonising China. Typical America white supremacy ...

    58. B K Lau

      Numbers need context, and updates.

    59. ISO DEMON

      The case count coming out of China is completely off because they only count those at hospitals using testing kits. However, they do not screen people that are self-isolated in their homes. So, in reality, the case count is much greater due to the fact China is not even screening people that are sick and are in isolation in their apartment/homes.

    60. Rob Kay

      I’m worried about this situation!

    61. Zaman

      Please Stop China eat dogs and cats and another Pets !! Chinese people eat everyrhing Alive.. stop this Crime!! Donald Trump is only one President with nuts of steel i hope he get This Done 😭

    62. Sabrina Pascal

      Jesus coming soon!

      1. Hraay rosa Ericka

        Sabrina Pascal I hope so , these world is pure evil 👿

    63. Scott riseborough

      Why have they done this again, just trying to keep us guessing. Pick a plan and stick to it don't change it up whenever it suits your political motive or in this case stock motives

    64. Random Walk

      I must say that dr. Gottlieb is very knowledgeable and articulate. Countries should seriously take his advice.

    65. Fake Name

      Thousands of Chinese rush the Guangxi border into Vietnam.

    66. SMG Scorpion

      The central government replaced the Hubei Province governor and Wuhan Mayor. Jiang and Ma, both are being punished for not taking drastic measures and reporting all cases to the Central sooner. The new accounting system they're using now is to include anyone that has signs of pneumonia as an infected rather than "suspected". Xi has deemed and scolded the previous local officials for being incompetent. They've also started a door-to-door census-survey to make sure every single citizen is accounted for. There were many people who stayed hidden to avoid detection. Some infected just outright refused to go to the hospital. A lot of the old people have existing conditions that when symptoms began, died within hours. Every other country in the world can now react and respond faster because China already did the initial investigation and completed separating its genome sequences and shared all data/information with the rest of the world.

    67. scosprey

      Did you catch the line from the Baltimore doc that the U.S. is about stretched to the limit on taking care of current cases? No “slack in the system”, means we’re really not prepared for much more! Be worried!

    68. R A Y M A N T I S

      we are all doomed Im heading for the hills

    69. Marc Rosen


    70. Alex ander

      situation just getting better and better , respect to chinese gov, if same thing happened in EU, it will be a disaster !

    71. Keith Clark

      Typicle media drama to sell B.S. News, research flu deaths in the United States not associated with this virus.

    72. Jay Rod

      China is hiding the real data. Remember when China said that 5 million had left the city before the Wuhan lock down? Where would 5 million people go and would China allow to go? Where? 900K people are leaving Syria and are stuck at borders. I think the 5 million are dead. Something about these stories are not right.

    73. T C

      How can you listen to a yank! Only thing he got right was "we really don't know"!!!

      1. T C

        @Z B I don't see the terminology as offensive so not ignorant but proud yes!

      2. Z B

        T C So ignorant. And you’re actually proud of it.....

      3. T C

        @Z B yep!!

      4. Z B

        T C Are you seriously using the word “yank” in 2020?

    74. Ben Stroked

      new counting methods? Can we use them counting methods when reporting our taxable income?

    75. Randy Rick

      The USA CDC needs to make sure that easy to use test kits that have a high probability of identifying COVID-19 are in the hands of community health workers in every US city and small community. Otherwise if there is an infected person, it will be days before that person is quarantined.

    76. Pain et Cirque

      We are certain that China is trying to confuse us all, are we not?


      nwo bio

    78. Miracles Happen

      Could be spreading in low numbers. (That means IT IS HERE AND SPREADING) And we are just not detecting it. (Yup, screwed if you weren't a prepper now's the time.) WE don't have the infrastructure in place for regular care. (Just put in an order for a truckload of spam). Why can't reporters just be honest, and say it all in 3 words, -YOU ARE FCKED-

    79. Abdelhak ELMAISS

      The truth of corona virus , its a business ,

    80. Abdelhak ELMAISS

      The truth of corona virus , its a business ,