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CBS Sunday Morning

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    Two out of three people over age 70 have trouble hearing, but only about 20% of adults who have hearing loss actually use a hearing aid, for the most part because of costs related to the devices themselves and to testing and consultations with a doctor or audiologist. David Pogue checks out the latest advances in hearing aid technology that have reduced size and added unique features, and finds out what changes consumers can anticipate after Congress passed a bill allowing hearing aids to be sold over-the-counter. (Originally broadcast September 30, 2018.)
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    1. CrowdPleeza

      What's been people's experiences with hearing aids in the workplace? Do they help in noisy workplaces like restaurants and factories? If you work in plants or factories I assume you must remove your aids in order to wear those ear plugs? If so,what problems has that caused?

    2. Finkardop

      This is how you fix the American health care system. I have hearing loss at 25. But it's minor so its not worth all the money.

    3. Mike Cash

      VETERANS: Contact your local VA Medical Clinic. You can get top of the line hearing aids, free of cost.


      Government over regulation stop a lot of progress.

    5. Gman and Ham


    6. Orapeleng Tawana

      Problem with my hearing aid is battries, I wish they could make a rechargeable one. I have to change batteries every 5 days and 1 pack is R80 ($5.6) which is too expensive for me. Someone please donate some batteries

    7. Razo

      This new law coming sounds amazing, I cannot wait for it to happen. I don't mind going to an audiologist but I'm shy and I easily feel intimidated and uncomfortable when a family member declines to take me to where I want to go. I'll finally be able to improve my hearing from my deaf ear without the help from my family who clearly doesn't want to help me

    8. Sheri B.

      Hi David, I'm deaf and hard of hearing and I want to thank you for posting this. I'm 46 years old but I feel for those people who could not afford them. Thankfully enough, my medical insurance was able to afford Starky hearing aides. I've been wearing them since 2014.

    9. gavintiegirl

      The new law is great news. I have needed hearing aids all my life, but I didn't get them until I was 44. I rebelled to my own detriment. Then my hearing was so bad that it was hard to continue working in an office environment, coupled with a boss that was a soft speaker, I had no choice. So I know firsthand how living without hearing aids when needed can be isolating. Before my hearing aids, I had many days at work filled with frustration and even sadness because I couldn't effectively do my job. Hearing loss can make you appear dumb or slow to others who have no concept of the challenge, especially when you are young. It's a true disability but one that people can't see, so they can't understand or don't want to. Life with hearing aids is so much better. My mother needed them her entire life, but didn't get them until she was 70 and then never really wore them. She isolated herself from people or checked out of conversations in groups because she couldn't hear and this led to a very lonely existence for her. She did battle depression and eventually had dementia and died from it. So using hearing aids is very important to stay active with life around you. I am happy to see that the new law will make it more affordable for people to hear better. It should be a basic human right and not so expensive. This piece on hearing aids is informative, but I wonder why younger people with hearing loss that need hearing aids are not represented. It would help our cause a bit to represent us younger people. Hearing loss is not just for 60-year-olds and above. Also, all this new hearing aid technology is great, but I wouldn't want hearing aids that turn into speakerphones or music players because then you are radiating your head. No wonder brain tumors are on the rise in younger people. Everyone is using wireless headphones for convenience, but it's to their detriment.

    10. Lynn Cameron

      There are 2 members of my church that use hearing aids, even with them they can't hear. It very frustrating to the rest of us but it seems to go over their head.. Sad..

      1. CrowdPleeza

        Hearing aids aren't a cure all. Different people have different types of hearing loss. For many people hearing aids can't duplicate normal hearing ability.

    11. Karma Fairy

      Couldn't have the reporter cleaned his own ears before filming?? To see them cleaning his ear wax is so gross to say the least. I was gagging the whole time.

      1. Paul Zammataro

        ..but maybe he did....

    12. David Eudy

      Reason I don't buy the damn things as they cost too much I don't want to hear anything that bad

    13. My Owl

      Very good story. This is a very important topic that everyone should be aware of. Excellent points about price. Check out this product. It is an absolutely excellent way to introduce your ears to better hearing for exactly the situations that you need!

    14. Letta Mego

      Oh good! A wireless transceivers in your ears.. just what you need... I know the people who make money on wireless will swear to GOD they are not harmful.. and state it like a fact. It is just their opinion. More than two dozen top experts from around the world at the World Health Organization say it may cause cancer. Certainly since 1990 when cell phones took off, so did the cancer epidemic.. Anyway... are there any behind the ear hearing aids made these days?

    15. John Doe

      It's been more than 20 years since the vaccine exists

    16. tlc tlc

      if no one can afford them how. an the companies make money

      1. ABBAS BHAI

        It is same case as apple company.

    17. Will Naman

      Another reason to have healthcare for all in the US.

    18. M Detlef

      Sorry, ALL you audiologist majors!!! You’re getting NON-sourced!!! Maybe try being a GASOLINE PUMP ATTENDANT. Or a MILK delivery person. Or a TYPEWRITER repair man. OR a...

    19. M Detlef

      TOTAL CONSPIRACY. Electronics have IMPROVED a BILLION PERCENT in the last 50 years. NO hearing aid should cost more than $25!!!!!!!

    20. Jarid Gaming

      Medicine, Education and Food should be things that all humans have access to for Free or a cheap price. Its 12019 for human civilization and yet we dont have the basics

      1. M Detlef

        Jarid Gaming Sorry, FREELOADER!!!! We live in a free ENTERPRISE system. If you REFUSE to can eat BUGS!!!!

    21. Jarid Gaming

      Living in America sucks, supposed to be the best country on earth but its citizens dont have Healthcare or Education

    22. Ryan Jonas

      Im 32 and I cant hear very well. Been to over 100 concerts. And I've shot guns since I was 10 without hearing protection. Wish I would have played attention as a youth more...

    23. Greg p

      The new digital hearing aids are garbage compared to the old analog ones. The digital ones are like listening through a garden hose.

    24. Wickwire 9

      I had too get them after 5 Deployments!

    25. Mike Anderson

      If only 20% of people can afford the custom hearing aids, it's not going to cut into the big guys budget. It may actually be a gateway to the expensive ones. Guess some believe gateway only works with marijuana LOL . What it means is that more people will be able to hear more. Cue greedy capitalists!

    26. 12 34

      Air pods

    27. Scott Myers

      Excellent, I understand my father better. Thanks.

      1. M Detlef

        Scott Myers Hey, NOTHING is 100% good.

    28. Jack Hammer

      Thank you for the new law

    29. Kim Smith

      Get airpods! Less than 200 and you can connect to a bluetooth laptop and watch..and hear..all programs.

    30. Kate Hillenbrand

      When I was fitted for a hearing aid (back in the 80s) the technician poked my eardrum and I've had ringing ever since. That was in the days no one would consider filing a lawsuit. I didn't keep the hearing aid. Hated it. Now they appear much improved, but the cost is prohibited.

      1. Greg p

        In my experience, the new ones are not nearly as good.

    31. Inkwood Research

      The global hearing aids market was valued at $6887.26 million in 2018 & is estimated to generate net revenue of approximately $11088.11 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.42%. Read more:

    32. Kamal Elliot

    33. Kamal Elliot

      Why in the world would anyone want to spend 8+ years in University to study audiology to learn how to properly treat hearing loss??? I say we run all those Doctors out of business so everyone can wear over the counter PSAPs.

    34. Loraine Spencer

      My husband just got a hearing aid, he's had hearing loss since he was a boy, about 30 years. He first was tested by a community health center, and they said a hearing aid wouldn't help him. We changed health insurance and they retested him and after many appointments he finally got a hearing aid for about 1,500. He can hear much better, but it does hurt his ear sometimes and sometimes all the noise is overwhelming.

    35. Ms Sunshine

      I started with the implant variety at $3,300 a year. You wear them for 90 days and then replace them. I love them!!!!! For one ear. One of my ears was not happy and was constantly dying and being replaced every two weeks. Even though the audiologist was five minutes from my job, it was inconvenient. My insurance pays every other year. So, I went for one year with no aid. Friends and family were annoyed, as was I, at having to yell and repeat myself. This time I got BTE (behind the ear) rechargeable. They are $3,800 but they don’t need to be replaced until the recharger wears out; generally in 6 years. And reasonable for what you get. The batteries seem, to me, to be more costly than the aids as they don’t last long. I can steam music, television, and phone calls into my hearing aids. I can adjust them with my phone or set them to self-adjust. Since they are a high tech amplifier they do have down sides. They do not compare to normal hearing in that they do not discern sounds near or far. You will all sounds at the same level no matter how close or in the distance. You end up learning how to compensate. I have I do like wearing them and am proud to so. I do let people know I am wearing them in when they are too loud, or, when I am too loud.

    36. erich84502ify

      Doesnt walmart have hearing aides?

    37. John Miranda

      Excellent piece of work. Useful. Practical. Thank you.

    38. sunnysideup

      My dad needed hearing aids and we had to pay out of pocket. Never made sense since insurance should cover something so basic. We formed over the money and my dad doesn’t use them!!! Ugh

    39. MIchelle My Belle and Sickle Cell MO

      Thank you, God!!

    40. Bobby Vee

      Isn't it amazing how affordable things are when you omit these thieving doctors out of the equation?

      1. Bobby Vee

        @Kamal Elliot My, my, my. And the Liberals come out of the woodwork!

      2. Kamal Elliot

        How dare they make money? I say we run them out of business so people can treat their own hearing loss. And babies and kids can buy those Bose earphones to hear better.

    41. Ker

      Thank you Dr. Lin for your work on this....👏

    42. Blitznstitch2

      Ewww barf when his ears were being cleaned.... Why show that?

    43. Alida GOUVER

      Thank you David Poque for your segment this is a major problem as a healthcare professional is often see people quality of life deteriorate because ofin inadequate funds to purchase a hearing aid. This leads also to problems with balance ect. Dr. Lin thank you for advocating on the behalf of those in need thanks to you others can benefit from the low cost hearing aid devices. If the companies would have lower the cost years a go there might have been a change that this would be in the insurance package. I wil also remind my patients that there or options beside gettinga hearingaid to help the better there quality of life. Blessing to those who are advocating for the underprivileged. May we united stand up for what is right , keep advocating and not to be inhumane to each other by putting money before people.!

    44. Edwin Rodriguez

      Pharmaceutical companies, and other wellness product manufacturers always say the same damn thing. Only their products are effective and anything else is not as effective or inferior to what they offer, but they never have their products at affordable prices. Profits...profits...profits. That’s all those scumbags care about.

      1. Edwin Rodriguez

        Donna Woodford here’s hoping 🤞

      2. Donna Woodford

        Maybe OTC will get these companies to improve the quality of their products, and reduce the price as well if the public keeps demanding it.

    45. LD ODOM

      David Pogue is a consummate professional; however, I have a huge crush on Jane's sultry voice. ¡Great team, CBS!

    46. TheTarrMan

      Is this a re-run?

      1. CRAIG T. BARTH, MA, CCC-A


    47. Shane Kasunich

      I'm glad someone is finally going after the big hearing aid company. $5000 is crazy

      1. Kamal Elliot

        Yes shame on them for trying to be profitable? Let's run them out of business. People can just treat their own ears and buy those big clunky over the counter PSAPs.

    48. Craig Savarese

      Watch how much those 6 companies will drop their prices once the new law kicks in. Profiteering much???

      1. LunchAnderson

        @Kamal Elliot "How dare they make money" is ONLY a counterargument to the argument that the hearing aid companies shouldn't be able make any money whatsoever. I didn't see anyone making that argument. Stop thinking in absolutes.

      2. Steven Runnells

        Don't mind them making money. But the price of these are not right you can buy the newest big screen tv's and the newest models of pc's cheaper! It seem to me you need a lawyer to buy them ! The sales marketing is not designed to help you !

      3. Kamal Elliot

        How dare they make money? Everyone should just treat their own hearing problems, especially babies and children. I think babies would look cute with those big headphones or a Bluetooth headset.

    49. Carol Diamond

      No captions, are you kidding?

      1. Jackson Van Matre

        @Carol Diamond There is such a stigma behind hearing loss by uninformed an ignorant people. I'm so sorry @M Detlef would speak to you that way. My mother is in her 50's and has degenerative hearing loss and it has always been something she is extremely self-conscious about. So many people, even close family, "joke" about it and fail to realize how much it can really crush someone to be made-fun of for their hearing difficulties. I have spent years defending her, and speaking to strangers for her when I know she can't hear them, and it breaks my heart. When your hearing is normal, it's hard to even begin to realize how difficult life is without it and how the world is simply not made for people with hearing disabilities. I hope @M Detlef never has difficulty hearing and never has a loved one who suffers from such a disability.

      2. Carol Diamond

        @M Detlef I am watching this video because I have profound hearing loss, and even though I am wearing hearing aids, the voices are not clear. I get about 50 percent accuracy. Thank you for your kind expletive, though. You seem like a real empathetic person.

      3. M Detlef

        Carol Diamond Turn the volume up, DUMBFUCK!!!!

    50. Msgoody 2shoes

      The newest reason for hearing loss, is psychiatric drugs, SSRI, SNRI and others

      1. Msgoody 2shoes

        @Michael Gaynor No one is saying yours isn't genetic, only that for some, psych drug DO cause hearing loss... does anyone research any more? You go on, take your poison. but it might just make your hearing worse.

      2. Michael Gaynor

        Mine is inherited! So,Not True.

    51. Alexander McKay

      Hi David Pogue. Can you do a report on the technology on foreign translation with the advancement of hearing aids, is their a hearing aid for foreign language translation being developed?

    52. Jennifer D.

      An over the counter brace vs a custom brace.?

    53. Amy Grogan

      Thank you Dr. Lin! It's about time! Also, I think insurance companies should cover some of the cost of any hearing device!

    54. dlg parisi

      Background noise big problem with hearing aids. No matter how expensive.

      1. CrowdPleeza

        As far as background noise being a problem. That's why I was wanting to know about people's workplace experiences with wearing hearing aids? Many workplaces are noisy. Do your hearing aids help or hurt your ability to hear well in a noisy workplace?

      2. ABBAS BHAI

        @Michael Gaynor hey can u elaborate little more with the implant thing ?

      3. dlg parisi

        Wow, thanks for mentioning it. Good luck with your other ear!

      4. Michael Gaynor

        I am scheduled to have my Surgery for a Ponto Hearing implant ,the improvement to my right ear with was Incredible!

    55. noblelies

      What about the prescription eyewear racket? Is anyone ever going to stand up to Luxottica?

      1. Enriching Exchanges

        @Ms Sunshine Hard to stop buying if they control most aspects of the business. See

      2. Ms Sunshine

        They are in business and doing well because people choose to use them. If people stopped buying their product they would have to lower their price or go out of business.

      3. Cindy4004

        I use Zenni. $11 with extras

    56. Cecilie M

      David, I know that the cost of hearing period, is expensive! Good report!

    57. Mr. Freiheit

      Great. Get all the biggest Asian companies to destroy an American market of innovation. You have to be the stupidest or the most evil people in the world.

      1. CRAIG T. BARTH, MA, CCC-A

        @Ms Sunshine No, must of the behind-the-ear hearing aids sold in the United States, though may be designed in Europe, are assembled in China or Vietnam, from parts made in Singapore or Malaysia. Oh yes, and lets not forget that all hearing aids must be F.D.A. approved. PSAP's do not

      2. Ms Sunshine

        Mr. Freiheit Most of the hearing aids are made in Europe. Switzerland and Germany mostly. You know BMW.... Mercedes Benz.

    58. Drib El

      Why no captions?

    59. SC

      No captions here...I think it's the law...whenever a broadcast video is rebroadcasted in any format...captions have to come with it...captions cannot be stripped off! It is obvious that you CBS don't read your comments. Historical tidbit: CBS opposed the Captions and the mandate for its inclusion in 1980's while ABC really cooperated with the caption experiment. I remember ABC news replaying on PBS with open captions every night near midnight.

    60. Linda Jamme

      It seems like a shame that Medicare doesn’t help some with the cost.

      1. Jan Fuger

        You seriously expect Medicare to pay for something like hearing aids? Oh, come now. Did you pay attention to the statistics? Two out of three people over the age of 70 have hearing loss. Thankfully I don't.

      2. Jay Chase

        I know. My father is lucky he is a vet

    61. John Krill

      You need to have Captions. I can't hear all this stuff. No joke.

      1. steph g

        i love the irony of this video NOT having subtitles

      2. Michael Gaynor

        As a deaf person,I thought the same thing! My right ear is now completely deaf ,and was told it would be a waste of money! I am scheduled to have a Ponto Hearing implant surgery done on August 29th 2019 .I was hesitant at first, but was amazed at how it will improve my hearing. Little pricey....but,I'm worth it! Blessings from Philadelphia, Pa. I inherited my deafness from my Father's Mother.I have one female cousin ( My Father's Sister daughter who is completely deaf,and now her youngest Brother's Oldest son is losing his hearing! Blessings to all deaf people from All Walks of Life.

      3. YouzTube99

        @John Krill Agreed. This upload is directly from CBS so you have to wonder; why no captions? And in the context of this story, ironic.

    62. James Cook

      Why are there no closed captions available with this video?

      1. gavintiegirl

        GEsels does offer closed captioning for this video. You have to turn it on.

      2. M Detlef

        James Cook You WON’T, you’re too STUPID.

      3. James Cook

        @M Detlef Thanks for the heads up Captain Obvious! The moment I get my hearing capabilities back I'll remember your profound piece of trivia!

      4. M Detlef

        James Cook Because your tablet/computer/ phone HAS its OWN VOLUME CONTROL, DUMBFUCK!!!!!

      5. Michael Gaynor

        @Pegi Frostholm ,I am deaf and he was not alone in that thought!

    63. Terry G

      Why are hearing, sight, teeth and mental health treated differently than any other health issues, especially when they are all so crucial? Profit, that’s why.

      1. M Detlef

        Terry G Nope. It’s REALLY because you can “save up” a LOT of THESE problems for YEARS. Then sign up for insurance for just ONE MONTH to get them fixed. Then DROP the insurance.

    64. masterimbecile

      Cheaper hearing aids? *Sounds* good to me!

    65. Richard Estenson

      Great report David... very informative. Nice touch having your Dad included. He seems like a nice gentleman. Wishing he and your mom many more years of health and happiness.

    66. TOSStarTrek

      What if you just do not have the money for the high priced version, no Heath care, live on a fixed or limited income?

      1. Greg p

        @S H Trump!

      2. Greg p

        You buy a notebook and pens and write it out!

      3. Spottedtime

        S H you do know that lobbyists from big companies, are putting money into the government pockets to make sure that new laws won’t effect their company. So, that is harder said then done, that anyone that we put into any office will 100% put the common people needs before those of millionaires, their entire time in office.

      4. texasrangers4


      5. S H

        Corporate greed doesn't care about people. Vote for someone who puts the publics needs 1st. It's clear who that is BTW.

    67. Jason Tempel

      How about dental health & dentures....can we get the facts?