The Interesting Case of Japan in The Copa | Tactical Analysis

Piotr Foot

Piotr Foot

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    Hi guys! Here is my analysis of the Japanese team in la copa.
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    1. Piotr Foot

      Hi guys! Here is my analysis of the Japanese team in la Copa. My channel has been demonetized. To keep the channel going you can support me on Patreon, make a donation on Paypal. I've also launched a Piotr Foot MASTERCLASS: tactical and game analysis course, with all my methods and tips explained, 35$ for a 90 minute lesson. You can find all links in description. And one last thing, if you want a private, custom made video, email me piotrfoot93@@t, I'll bring every detail. Thank you all for the support.

      1. gucher99

        Would have been nice if you analyzed the Peru-Chile game

      2. Surica cascar

        La copa?

      3. esteban moretto

        @Piotr Foot pensas de Argentina le puede ganar a Venezuela?

      4. Alonso Lillo

        @Piotr Foot Reaaally... Greetings from Chile 🇨🇱 😂

      5. Piotr Foot

        @Alonso Lillo ARGENTINAAAAAA

    2. torres9ynwa7

      Thanks for uploading simple but to the point analysis as always Piotr Foot. As a Japanese, watching so many Japan national team's matches, I can say that what you mentioned in the clip has not changed at all for about a decade. Lack of quality and intensity in front of both goals. As you mentioned, the team is betting on transition. And if we are to bet on transition, I think we should have higher defense line to make the whole team compact. When it comes to attack, absence of centre foward Yuya Osako, (Werder Bremen), who can keep the ball and borrow some time for whole team to move forward, hit the whole team really hard. If we had him in this tournament, players can create chances in the half spaces like MIyoshi, who scored 2 goals against Urguay, could have played much better.

    3. IamMrNobodY


      1. Piotr Foot

        Glad you noticed haha

    4. Cristiano Ronaldo

      Do you think that games are fixed and cheated? Please answer this question

    5. IJP

      I think japan can be a football power but they need some years. They probably need to improve their league and focus on their youth instead of buying old players from abroad

    6. Nguyen Nguyen Khoi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> Japanese animation hehe

    7. Cristiano Ronaldo

      Why you're not a manager... You're analysis are pretty good and truly

    8. Val Eng

      Quel est le nom de ta chaîne en français stp ??

      1. Piotr Foot

        J'en ai pas Mais j'ai fait Le Labo d'Ultimo Diez pendant un moment

    9. Youdanno Esqu

      Can you make tactical analyse about Brazil Copa America 2019???

    10. Tilikum 21

      Why did the channel got demonetized ?

    11. Sheikh Taher

      Please can you do an analysis of the ongoing AFCON matches in Egypt?

    12. Sheikh Taher

      Please can you do an analysis of the ongoing AFCON matches in Egypt?

    13. Aidar

      Please make a video analysis on Sergio Busquets

    14. Markellos Anagnostakis

      Excellent job for one more time man!!

      1. Piotr Foot

        Thanks a lot my friend

    15. Hermitcrack

      Is Romania's U21 success purely talent driven, or do you think it has to do with the tactics?

    16. Allison Gómez

      El partido con Ecuador me entristeció, Japón genera ocasiones muy claras pero no las concreta, es frustrante. Ecuador fue muy decepcionante, no tengo palabras... Espero que logren trabajar en reestructurar lo que tienen y sacar provecho de la generación que jugó en el mundial sub-20. Lo cierto es que el grupo B salvó a Perú que se creía afuera y el grupo C salvó a Paraguay, que también se creía afuera... Da hasta risa de lo absurdo.

    17. David Harper

      Japan are a decent side I enjoyed watching them at the World Cup, great energy and determination, at there best in transitions, playing middle of the pitch, not defending in a low block as can’t defend, but pressing, counter pressing, but there lack of quality and compure in final 3rd stop them being a world force, as there intentions are great

    18. Sarthak Shukla

      Respect for you man. You are not getting any revenue still you're making videos.

    19. RedderStorm & Freezii

      Thx you for your work

      1. Piotr Foot

        You're welcome, cheers man

    20. guidoie

      Does "la copa" mean Copa América? So confusing

      1. sinekonata

        Yeah there's Israel participating in the Euros too. I imagine similar nonsense must happen with Australian countries regularly too.

      2. Jonathan Fuentes


    21. Rafli Indrawan

      aerial duels always be japan weakness like wc against belgia, good determination play from japN

    22. Felipe Buritica

      Could you make a video of Colombia in this copa, i think the new coach is very good for them

    23. Semaj's Opinion Is Bettern't

      Japan would be world challengers if they had actual quality and talent on their team.

      1. Hafizuddien Ju

        Tell that to Argentina?

      2. AI -2K

        So would a lot of teams 😂

    24. tamir adnani

      Thanks you very much.

      1. Piotr Foot

        You're welcome, cheers!

    25. Michael Metcalfe

      To what extent is their statistical aerial weakness down to having no-one who can deal with Cavani in particular? I haven't seen any of the matches this year so I have no idea myself, I'm just wondering as it seems from your footage that he is the one they are targeting with their aerial fouls especially.

      1. Michael Metcalfe

        @Piotr Foot Yeah, I suppose. I was just wondering if their stats vs URU would have looked quite as bad had he not been on the pitch (based only on the clips in the video), but I guess it doesn't exactly bode well generally if they completely failed to deal with him anyway.

      2. Piotr Foot

        I rest y case, Cavani is a killer in the box, but he's a very mediocre receiver of long balls back to goals

    26. ghahaha 43

      Thank you, I also find that Japan was interesting and way better than the first game they played. Able to attack and properly react for counterpress, maybe lack of quick passes and finishing.

    27. PbsCSe Mate

      Hi! I would like you to take a look at Kosovos national team, they are on a streak with 14 matches without a loss and are the top 1s in Europés rank with games. Can you analyse them, they have many youngsters and are a new team, Btw keep it up

      1. PbsCSe Mate

        Anonymous John stfu fckk off ffs

      2. Anonymous John

        They are not a country

    28. Dave

      Love Japanese Football !!

    29. Banana Joe

      Japan should just stick to Hentai and Anime tbh

    30. idk how to make good names

      Can you analyse the match between Vietnam and Japan in the AFC championship?

    31. Victor

      dude, you can call the tournament "America Cup", no worries brazil is hosting this time around and in portuguese we don't call it "la copa", it's super weird

      1. Piotr Foot

        In French and Spanish we say la copa

    32. Petit

      Promising young Japanese Team

      1. Piotr Foot


    33. Honey glazed Gammon

      PayPal and Patreon are going’s the same way, and have influence in demonetizing,, beware of committing to these two.

    34. べいのすけたろう

      Well Piotr from Japan 🇯🇵‼️ Japan did great football against Uruguay. And you analyzed its match well. I think Japan should improve their tactics when they play with LOW DEFENSIVE LINE. Moreover, they should have concrete plan after they score 1 or 2 goals(example: Japan vs Belgium World Cup) I think Japan is now lack of whole team mentality in this situation. Keep making great videos❗️

      1. IJP

        Japan is good in football, they need some time

      2. Deniz Akin

        @Piotr Foot tbf to Japan they have a very inexperienced back line. In the world Cup it worked better with players like gen shoji and Hasebe. Especially shoji caught my eye, as he was able to keep up with the physicality of opponents like senegal and Belgium.

      3. Piotr Foot

        @べいのすけたろう Thank you so much, you can watch ads on my utip if you want to financially support the channel for free :)

      4. べいのすけたろう

        Yeah... True... Thank you for pointing it out❗️❗️ I'm a student so I cannot pay any money...But I hope you 'll never stop making videos and watch the game between Japan and Ecuador ☺️☺️ がんばれ Piotr foot ‼️

      5. Piotr Foot

        Thanks for the comment But if your defensive line gets any lower, you'll concede 6 goals per game, those lads don't know how to protect a box


      Glad to see you uploading more frequently

      1. Piotr Foot

        Cheers man

    36. Cem Karabulut

      Can u make U 21 Tournament Dani Ceballos's performance videos??

      1. Leo Masaniello Official

        Cem Karabulut Benevento? Are you from Turkey?

      2. Dominant Persona

        @Piotr Foot Wan Bissaka analysis?

      3. Piotr Foot

        I should

    37. Football Passion

      Piotr When will your channel get undemonetized?

      1. Football Passion

        Piotr Foot thanks for replying

      2. Anton Tek9bahran

        @Piotr Foot why did it get demonetized ?

      3. Piotr Foot

        I don't know

    38. Rojhat Degirmenci

      What is the Name of the Beat ?

      1. CaliforniaBoy7559

        Rojhat Degirmenci Lakey inspired

    39. Zaahid Mahommed

      Like this comment i f u love piotr foot vidoes

    40. Gustavo Santos

      Japan deserved a win against uruguay, but referee denied them. Hope they can beat the ugly team of ecuador and qualify to QF

      1. sinekonata

        @Flo Panaminho Argentina and Brazil should play in the next Euro Let's see how you like it, asshole.

      2. Deniz Akin

        Uruguay created more though

      3. Flo Panaminho

        Zlatan Ibrahimovic ok so just for you dumb ass i'll explain why they invited japan and qatar So in the conmebol there is only 10 teams so they can't make the competition so they usually invite teams from concacaf but this time there is the gold cup so they are not free to play in copa america so they decided to invite qatar (the next country where the world cup will be played) and japan a country who don't make problems and who played copa america in the 90's and if they want to train their young players it is not your business So shut your fat ass you talking shit

      4. Semaj's Opinion Is Bettern't

        @Zlatan Ibrahimovic shut up. Hopefully Japan makes it through and wins it. Garbage.

      5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

        I hope not. For 1) this is the Copa America. Those idiots making the draws invite Australia, Japan, Qatar, what is wrong with them? 10 teams + 2 Caribbean or North American team is a much better option. Why do they not do this.. For 2) Japan has brought their Olympic side. Again, *this is the Copa America,* not somewhere for you to train your kids. GTFO. But I'll admit, Qatar and Japan played good football at times. Especially Qatar against Paraguay, and parts of Argentina and Colombia. But they should go do that in Asia.

    41. Zaahid Mahommed

      And i will suscribe just say hi my friend

    42. Zaahid Mahommed

      Hi can u pls answer me potr foot

      1. Piotr Foot


    43. SaSpursfan


    44. SaSpursfan

      Why was the channel demonetized ?

      1. Piotr Foot

        Coz they're cunts