The Brutality Of Thomas Partey

Piotr Foot

Piotr Foot

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    Hi guys! Here is an oldschool analysis with text only. Whocould have thought three or four years ago that Partey would've been MOTM in the derby of Madrid?
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    1. Piotr Foot

      Hi everyone! olschool style (text only). Three years ago, who could have thought that Thomas Partey would have been MOTM in a Madrid derby? Always been a big fan though, a hell of a player. You can participate to the Piotr Foot MASTERCLASS and have access to my live course (more details at You can support the channel financially on Patreon (link in description) Thank you all for your support I hope you will enjoy the video :D


        Piotr Foot COME TO REAL MADRID

      2. Hakeem Edgar Lee Gaddafi

        Out of so many Highlight Videos or vids about great Players i have seen this last weels.....this was the Best ..thank you ...

      3. Stillwinter

        @HishamR89 ofc they rarely played together because they are very similar in term of playing style. have you ever witnessed a great football team with two similar type of CM/DM pairings?

      4. HishamR89

        Rodri and Partey were Atletico's best mid duo but rarely got the chance to play together.

    2. Manuel Paumgarten

      My brother always says, that Partey is OK, but de Jong is the best midfielder in the world... after this video I can only laugh at him!!

    3. Benny Pazhampilly

      Even though thomas partey is a classical and clinical DM and sometimes a CM too, he has never been that popular like kante or other classical DMs. Thomas partey is somewhat similar to kante and for me he's enough good for kante, but still he's not popular only because during the past two season's atletico had never gaven him enough opportunities or appearances to prove himself, that's why he's still valued at 50€(million) despite of his quality performance. HE has been with simeone's squad since 2015 he was not used by Simeone that much, because they had Gabi as the all time DM. And when his reign ended with a europa league title at the end of 2017/18 campaign, there came Rodri from Villareal back to his childhood club. He became the perfect replacement for Gabi. Then on he reigned at the DM position althrough the 2018/19 campaign. That means, once agian he lost the opportunity under simeone to prove himself. But surprisingly rodri left to Manchester city. At last only in the 2019/20 campaign he got his opportunity, and he utilised it well. Now he's one of the key players under simeone's Atletico Madrid. Within next one season he can reach at least a 90€(million) market value.

    4. Joseph Tutu

      That's why I'm proud to be Ghanaian😊😎

    5. Ko Zaw Zaw

      Names for the songs in the background music? I appreciate all!!!

    6. Abin

      Welcome to tottenham..... Sew you semmer





    9. singhashon

      Dude, im loving the music... where can i get access to this from?

    10. iken e

      Good work by Partey, but the support around him was poor. Notice the high rate of turnovers by the players who received his passes. Poor touches all around.

    11. Losmah mansur

      Welcome to arsenal best club in the world.

    12. JunfYing

      welcome to arsenal!!

    13. Peter Afflick

      Come to man utd

    14. irGuilty

      He’s unbelievable

    15. mickytea81

      Great quality video, I'm your newest subscriber!

      1. Piotr Foot

        Thanks a lot, enjoy the videos

    16. Deanz Beber

      Emery wanted to sign him yet arsenal's stupid board thought we needed to prioritise a winger over cb and cm and now we're suffering. Sell xhaka and get him

    17. Ahmad Acai

      not many manager can use this kind of great player. most of the times, manager will ruins player career.

    18. FutbolTurKAti3

      Wow it's as if he did everything

    19. Aamer JR


    20. Denner Araujo

      I never showed much appreciation for his football until this video, very underrated player

    21. Marcus Gotti

      Please Arsenal man 😭😩

    22. Balachandar K

      Bgm Was Not Good

    23. ermias hailu

      He is like supper talented i love him. he's no 1 classic player on his place.

    24. Mr Arsenal

      Wanted him at arsenal

    25. Kiyingi Rogers

      Partey after partey . After partey after partey.

    26. bennypajoo

      Welcome to Arsenal!

    27. Rhythm

      Perfect Sergio Busquets replacement

    28. Timoteo Juans

      This video should be called "the elegance of Thomas Partey" no the brutality

      1. Piotr Foot

        It's a pun with the "brutalidad" in Spanish meaning like awesomeness don't worry

    29. Deanz Beber

      This guy is literally the perfect midfielder ffs. Only had a 50 million euro release clause and arsenal didn't get him

      1. OXled


    30. Diana Oeri

      He is able to pack players

    31. Marcos Vinicius

      Man, i really prefer that old school style. This relaxing song and the pictures in the screen, i dont know, its like piotr's identity

    32. pilgrim144

      Random music question. What is the guitar piece at the beginning of this?

    33. Diego Smith

      If Manchester United had this guy and Bruno Fernandes and a top class manager then United would be very close to becoming a title contender. But unfortunately bastard Ed Woodward and the parasite Glazers are holding the club hostage.

    34. emmanuel boateng

      Watching this from Ghana

      1. Piotr Foot

        Cheers :)

    35. emmanuel boateng


    36. Satan Retina

      we, the atletico suporters, value thomas a lot, he is one of the most important parts of our team and when he doesnt play and we draw (bc we dont lose we just draw) we always say: no thomas ;no partey Great analisis btw!!

    37. Atlètico needs a UCL immediately

      Atlètico is one of the best when it comes to scouting

    38. Abdulrahman Nassar


    39. Kimani Saunders

      Xhaka replacement

    40. Merveil Meok

      This is a masterclass video. I give it 10 out of 10.

    41. Shahed Ali

      Brilliant Rodri replacement

    42. Rujeri

      He has not enough control over the ball to be a really top midfielder in the near future. He has good long passing (low and high) and a lot of power to run box to box, but his movements with the ball organising the play in critical areas, are not good enough to be considered a top midfielder. He's actually pretty limited moving with the ball in the midfield. If he was an awesome stopper, he could take that role, but he's actually not. He's gonna be good, but nothing else. At least in a technical football like spanish or in a topclass team.

    43. gabru

      Atlético Madrid always have the best players

    44. Jeshua Esher

      Under-appreciated as he doesn't play for real Barca or in the premier league

    45. The Bizness

      This boy is an elite midfielder and has been slept on. For Ghana he plays a little further forward which is credit to his attacking instincts. Look at his goal record for Ghana as midfielder it’s stupid. I wish Man Utd got him.

    46. The Bizness

      Black star baller 🇬🇭

    47. Cheick Bally

      Great video with thoughtful analysis! I'd love to see a video like that with N'golo Kante 😊

    48. Motivation Arena

      My brother # love him 🇬🇭

    49. David Vallejo Fort

      He is not as defensive as people thinks. He's one of the most creative players in atletico instead of his appearance (big and from africa). He will definitely be one of the most important atletico players this season if he doesn't get injured.

    50. satrio bayu

      very good passer

    51. Yobrat Lasky

      His direct passing is unreal.

    52. modebo 1

      Next Essien

    53. Dani Gxrner

      can you change the music to hip hop or something because my friends are making fun of me watching this

      1. Kopend

        Dani Gxrner change your friends

      2. Piotr Foot

        mute the video

    54. Kenny Kiss

      This Partey guy was hands down the MoTM during the Madrid derby, he literally owns the midfield

      1. pilgrim144


    55. Joan Julianus

      I just recognize his ability so so underrated Very good pass good holding midfield i will love such player like this on my team and imagine if partey play for jurgen kloop so amazing what he need just a good attitude for make him world class player

    56. Mufasa Jr

      He needs to be more aggressive in getting the ball off



    58. Stephenm Makori

      Wow great cdm that can pass as a playmaker







    62. kou lis

      To add Teye is also one of the best longshooters nowdays turning whole matches with his brutal voleys when team gets stuck in the creation part,a real box to box beast not just a cdm.

    63. Michel Nacipucha

      BArsa future!!

    64. hola isu

      If every player was profiled this way then there will be no best players lol

    65. Jacobs Jacokalaba

      I hv watch it thousand times he is a great player , that's wy I love Ghanaian players with their mentality they are unique

      1. Charles Robert

        How about Nigeria😜

    66. Ferry Pratama

      why griezman video deleted?

    67. Terence Welang

      To think he had a 45 million release clause and Manchester United want to pay 50 for D.Rice 🤦🏿‍♂️

      1. Siphokuhle Gila

        Lol Rice is about £80m-£90m which shows how fucked up Man u is

    68. Newyorkcity24

      Dammm he loves that inside pass ! Instagram @kqroyals

    69. thomas frimpong

      making Ghana proud !!!

    70. MR BJK

      Good video and analysis. However the title is very misleading and also stereotypical. "brutality"!? If he was a white player this performance would not be described as brutal. When it comes to black players we all to often describe and associate them solely with strength and physical attributes. This title discounts the elegance and brains that he has and used to Great affect in this performance. The music is elegant and his contribution to the game is described in ways which contradict the title. This issue can both be seen as a conscious and subconscious issue that runs through our society. It may seem negligible but titles like brutality to describe a player who performed with elegance and smarts reinforce deep societal thoughts/stereotypes. Stereotypes that impact the treatment of black men such as "all black men are aggressive or black men with hoodies are intimidating". Why does brutality come to mind when describing Partey and this performance? Why not describe the performance for what it was? Something to think about. Outside of that, thanks for a well put together video.

      1. Piotr Foot

        Sorry for the rude response, but you just didn't understand the title at all, well, don't worry

      2. Piotr Foot

        I just put "brutality" as a literal translation from Spanish "brutalidad", it's like a pun, which just means he's great Anything else before you write 800 words?

    71. k orsibor

      What’s the title first music track

    72. Lkgpuanimho 0

      The way he passed the ball is way too hard, thats why his teammates always lose the ball when they touched it Anyone who plays football knows how difficult it is to control when the ball is aimed directly at you at full force without cushioning (back spin). The stats are misleading because you can have very high passing accuracy but it is hard for your teammates to control, hence they will lose the ball most of the time when they touched it. The stats look good for him but it causes difficulty for this teammates because it is so difficult to control. I would not give him very high marks for passing, maybe a 6.5/10.

      1. soar tustus

        You are wrong lk... Atleti players are very defensive and can't control the ball because some lack the techniques. It is the style of Diego Simeone to play like that. Go and watch other matches of atleti.

      2. Bossman Gyekye

        @Lkgpuanimho 0 no insult man be gentle man not a rude guy everyone has his opinion that's mine watch it carefully again how all of them received the passes you know the reason why he pass it that way for not making it easy for the opponent to get in touch with it and any second touch from his teammates to the striker will be an easy goal.

      3. Lkgpuanimho 0

        @Bossman Gyekye It is not about bad first touch, you look at the video, almost every pass he made to his teammates, his teammates lost control of it. Almost every teammate lose control! When something like that happens, you know the problem is with the passer, not the receivers. Thats why its misleading and very easy to fool someone like you, people like me can easily see pass this.

      4. Bossman Gyekye

        @Kofi Amankwah i have stop playing football for long time but still the techniques are there.

      5. Kofi Amankwah

        Tell him bro

    73. Spanish Pulga

      gonna say it. Take him over Pogba all day!

    74. Deep State

      Rodri or Partey? Similar but I prefer the latter seems ‘quicker’ up top with the pass

      1. Estropajo

        Now thomas, if he plays at this level he will be one of the best midfielders in the world

    75. Jack Wanjala

      Partey after Partey😂😂😂😂

      1. Davz Balian

        That's what came to mind at the beginning..fiti.

    76. Mikel Cividanes Bertini

      No partey no fiesta

    77. Rick

      Really want him at Arsenal irl . He was brilliant for me on football manager lol

    78. Kweku Lainez

      Got the likes to 1k

    79. Lucas Searom

      This is the first soccer video I watched on youtube with great music.

    80. Angga Fuse

      Please make a team's tactical analysis again... Or match analisis... I love your content very much..