Taste Testing the Latest Food Trend Products Vol. 4



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    New year, new food trends! What’s coming up on the food scene that’s worth a test from Sorted Chef James and ‘normal’ home cook Barry? Post box wine… mushroom crisps… and more!
    With any food trend products that you know about?
    Urban Barista Black Sesame Power Latte - www.ottimocoffee.com.au/urban-barista-black-sesame-power-latte
    Urban Barista Hojicha Power Latte - www.ottimocoffee.com.au/urban-barista-hojicha-power-latte
    Meloni Wine Cocktail - www.meloni.at/
    Crunchy Shiitake Mushrooms - www.hollandandbarrett.com/shop/product/other-foods-crunchy-shiitake-mushrooms-60038304?skuid=038304&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIroaP48-65wIVh63tCh01bwILEAQYASABEgLrEPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
    Triko Foods Soy Sauce Watermelon Seeds - shop.waiyeehong.com/food-ingredients/snacks-sweets/crisps-snacks-nuts/nuts-seeds/salted-watermelon-seeds?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIk9CRltC65wIVDPlRCh0JPQ_tEAQYASABEgI5sPD_BwE&
    Letterbox Wine - www.letterboxgifts.co.uk/collections/food-drink/products/valentines-edition-letterbox-wine-rose-wine

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    1. chanchandesu

      Oh noooo... you guys shouldn't eat the case of the watermelon seeds! You snap 'em horizontal against your teeth to taste the flavoring, but eat the seed that's inside!

    2. Annette Erdtsieck

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="605">10:05</a> Yup Mike... we understand

    3. Sonia Fan

      recognized the watermelon seeds immediately because my mom has snacked on them before ;) love that they got a chance to try them!

    4. Josh Capps

      No Ben spitters are quitters...

    5. Damian Hummel

      Wait. Why the hell did nobody tell me that the UK doesn't know about PET????

    6. Abbas Bhaijibhai

      I don't see why that shape couldn't be made of glass

    7. Lizzy Seay

      Can you do more sciency video? Maybe more about how your heritage can affect your taste, or the science of flavor combos

    8. Major Fallacy

      I've never seen this meloni thing on the shelves here, but going off their website, they're actually using fairly good local wine

    9. Kitty Morrill

      I would absolutely buy and use the flat wine bottle!! Can't wait to see those popping up in shops and wine stores!

    10. Angie C

      I've discovered that, as a chef and a human, I don't like food trends D:

    11. Naamtok

      putting red wine in the post is a crime.

    12. Harry Carter

      If you drink don't drive do the watermelon crawl

    13. Zeus Kabob

      I take serious issue with the idea that the plastic wine bottle saves CO2 emissions from a glass one. Glass bottles are highly and easily recyclable unlike plastics which can (currently) only be recycled into lesser plastic forms. PET is typically recycled into lesser products like polyester. Recycling PET and producing another form of PET is cost-prohibitive, and is typically not done today. I like the idea of easily shipped wine. Unfortunately for this trendy wine company, cases of wine are already very convenient and easy to ship. This may fit a good niche for small shipping quantities, but daily wine drinkers would help the environment more to purchase cases and half-cases of wine before purchasing this plastic wine product.

    14. Judy

      we don’t usually eat the seed with the shell but to each their own 🤣

    15. Burizaemo Esports

      Hi! SORTEDfood , we do have the Pumpkin Seeds in the Philippines as a Snack but you just need to crack the shell and eat the food inside since the shell is not consumable after all. This is Jay one of your subscribers from the PH! Godbless and more products to come!!

    16. mason shucart

      It should have been. "Fun mushroom snacking, or are these mushrooms lacking?"

    17. Kim Tran

      Vietnamese LOVE watermelon seeds. A handful at a time, crack each one between your teeth, and eat. Just like you do with spitz sun flower seeds here in north America.

    18. Gabriel Del Tedesco

      Can you imagine a good wine in direct contact with plastic? tha's just dumb!

    19. Brandon Johnson

      As someone that spent 10 years in professional kitchens, I really appreciate this show you guys have created. I just recently found it, but you all are doing great with it. Kudos guys

    20. alflurin

      Fun to watch and another great upload! That said, sorry to say this but plastic is not more environmentally friendly than glass... that's just marketing. It might be cheaper to make and square glass bottles have their own engineering issues but even PET is not that recyclable. PET bottles have several layers of different materials and only a part of those is recyclable. When I mean recycling, I mean taking a bottle and making a new bottle, not some lower quality and value item and that not the case with PET. Glass is 100% Recyclable even if it demands more power resources and is reusable without any transformation. And sorry, wine or beer in a plastic bottle is not that great of an idea.

    21. Jason Ng

      You arent supposed to eat the shells.

    22. Syed Munif Syed Mahmood

      You need to take the outer shell of the watermelon seeds of and eat what's inside...

    23. Kheldaur Garth

      6 year old wine is "relatively new product". Yes. Absolutely.

    24. Nares Kongthanaratana

      Dude, the watermelon seeds you are suppose to break the black shell and eat the inside only. If you eat the whole thing, it will taste horrible!

    25. Jeff

      So they needlessly package the recycled wine bottle in a ridiculous amount of cardboard. *facepalm*

    26. Marcus Jones

      that wine was super pretentious, and i cant imagine having it in a plastic bottle is a good idea for the flavour of it.

    27. Silent Insanity

      Problem with the wine bottle is the plastic. Just creates more waste, at least i tend to recycle my bottles for other purposes.

    28. REASON℠

      First time I've seen anyone eat the seeds with the shell on lol. You're suppose to crack them open with your teeth and eat the seed that's inside :)

    29. Mariel Cardenas

      Loving all the wine 🍷

    30. Roy Somers

      Foodies, Some call them posh. Some call them utterly useless. I think they look exquisite - but the use of them seems very unpractical. You guys might enjoy cooking and building a dish the fits inside of these masterpieces as well as (and even more so) the drinking of some refined alcoholic liquids out of them. Could you give (some of) the different glass designs by Martin Jacobsen a test run and comment on their use?

    31. DerPafferfish

      The flat plastic wine bottles will never work for regular retail. Not only is customer acceptance of wine in anything but a glass bottle extremely low but also shelf space is way too precious for retailers to stock wider bottles en masse.

    32. B Wade

      Itd be 84 trucks instead on 100

    33. jhasjkfhkjs

      Do they go to the hairdresser once a week?

    34. Herbert Erdferkel

      The flat wine bottle doesnt solve a problem, we already have wine in cartons which are even more efficient in transportation while the neck of such a plastic bottle is still a useless style gimmick taking up a lot of space in packaging by creating empty spaces. ... the only problem with those things are pretentious people dismissing alternative packaging even tho the overwhelming majority couldnt tell a difference in taste and quality if they havent seen in what the food/drink came in. The plastic flat wine bottle might be a good effort to turn a few of those pretentious idiots and producers to actually get away from glass bottles for the majority of wines we drink everyday. But the fact that we need such a silly step in between towards really efficient eco packaging is a shame in itself.

    35. Tomáš Kalinka

      I always thought they were by-products....

    36. yeannaa

      Uhhhh we don’t eat the shell of the watermelon seeds lol it is a very popular Chinese snack, especially around one of the holidays (don’t know which 🤷🏻‍♀️)

    37. Ryan Pitre

      What do y'all mean by Moorish I know what it generally means in the states I am just curious if the way you are using it is based around a different meaning than what I am used to.

    38. Chris C

      It isn't snootiness Ben. It is that Alcohol and plastic don't mix well unless it is PET friendly and BPA free. It tends to leach toxins from the plastic the longer it is stored in it. Those bottles could become dangerous if the wrong type of plastic is used since bottles can remain in storage at the manufacturer for years before being shipped to stores where it can take months for shipment before finally arriving at a person's home who can keep that bottle even longer. www.habitat21.co.uk/plastics-3.html

    39. Johnny CreditCard

      "Fine Austrian white wine" Quit your bullshit.

    40. Matthew Smith

      For the environmental concerns on the wine...I mean...yeah...you can sell milk by the bag...saves on production, shipping, storage and the environment...but they've been around since the 70's and the largest markets in the world still refuse to make the change...

    41. I am Mongo

      The wine idea is a great idea for smaller vineyards to get exposure. The wine club basically sends sample bottles probably only once for each type of wine. If it is good, I will seek it out and order more and more than likely, it would come in a traditional glass bottle.

    42. Kevin Rouse

      I thought we were trying to cut out plastic?

    43. Cherry Boy

      every asian watching them eat the watermelon seed whole w the shell just dropped their jaws

    44. A Vikash

      Tasty seed 😂😂😂😂

    45. Lee Good

      Mike - "Am I right!" Me - "oh..." *click-clack* *kablammo!* *thud*

    46. Dominic Shiells

      Barry sound like Tony Robinson or baldrick from blackadder

    47. David Lewis

      Giggling at nut butter

    48. QuirkyQuillify

      Not supposed to eat the shell of the watermelon seeds........You crack it with your teeth and only eat the kernel

    49. QuirkyQuillify

      Dehydrated mushrooms are nothing new. Been having those since about fifteen years ago.

    50. deprofundis

      Ben, I've gotta say, I'm not a fan of when you go too far with the Bennnuendos like you did in this episode. I know plenty of others are fans of it, but I think it's disrespectful and unnecessary when you go that far. I've been a subscriber for a long time now but am reconsidering. Maybe I'll come back later if you clean it up a bit.

    51. Lily West


    52. Donovan Golfetto

      Plastic always make drinks taste worse , its not about glass or plastic , its about taste.

    53. skleroosis

      The plastic bottle of wine is rubbish. We're great at recycling glass over and over and over and over again, whereas we're very bad at recycling plastic and it has a lifespan. So now they've replaced an infinite recycling of glass with 1 recycle of plastic and are selling it as the environmentally friendly thing to do. Evil.

    54. Alex T

      A vid on what goes with HP Brown would be Awesome!

    55. im solo traveller

      you have to peel it before you ate it, you shouldn't ate it with the shell... hahaha... in the Philippines its quite a popular past time snack...

    56. CloudRunnerRex

      I don’t think you’re supposed to eat the outer layer of those seeds...

    57. Claudia Trammell

      I’m so tired of the term “umami”

    58. Foxxie Lane

      Seriously... Why eating the watermelon seeds with the shell on?

    59. gorilla glue

      When I hear "Moorish" I immediately think broken car windows and "I wasn't driving, I was traveling"

    60. Onyx BlackScale

      on the plastic wine bottle thing, haven't spirit manufacturers been selling spirits on their own technically postage friendly hipflask bottles? plus who doesn't either reuse glass or dump it in the bottle bank for goodness sake?

    61. Kristjan Thompson

      Barry choosing Meloni over Pimms...you’ve lost your British card mate!

    62. Alex J Brimmer

      "Don't watch me lick this" and then the camera records him licking it from the other side of the hand blocking his mouth.

    63. Joshua Chew

      Lmao. We've had shiitake mushroom snacks in Asia since I was a kid. Expensive? Of course. But I always loved them and they're certainly not some brand new innovation xd

    64. Damian! Emerys!

      Interesting. Didn’t know people eat watermelon seeds. Sounds like I’d like them though.

    65. vanessa loke

      U need to break the seeds and eat the flesh!!!! U cannot eat the whole thing!!!

      1. vanessa loke

        Hahahahahahaha u need to use the bunny front teeth, and break the tip of the melon seed and u eat the flesh inside it!!!

    66. Perrine M

      They sell the mushrooms at Costco here in the states.

    67. grumpymuggles

      Screaming internally when I saw how you guys ate the watermelon seeds... REMOVE THEM SHELLS!!!!!!!!! anyhoos I grew up snacking on them during CNY and I never knew they are watermelon seeds 😳

    68. Tracey Granter

      As someone that avoids alchohol, that bottle was the first thing in a decade that made me interested in buying wine.

    69. Chang Lin Toh

      Hojicha and black sesame are great flavours! Hojicha is a type of green tea that's less sweet than matcha flavouring and is slowly getting more popular in asian countries outside of Japan. You can definitely try it as a soft serve ice cream. Black sesame is a popular beverage and dessert choice in many asian countries. As a dessert, they're traditionally made into a thick sweet paste and they are also an ice cream flavour. If you get the chance, I recommend trying them out.

    70. Alyanna Aquino

      Who else cringed so hard when the boys ate the shell of the watermelon seed? No wonder they didn't like it. 😭😂

    71. Katie Fauci

      I'd love to see you reveiw no. 1 Rosemary water, it's supposed to have crazy health benefits.

    72. Yuen Ling

      I think you mean BY-product, not bi-product

    73. bloemundude

      It's an oversized hip-flask. Alcohol bottles are made to be broken and used in barroom brawls. That thing would be about as useful as hitting someone with a dog's squeaky toy.

    74. Athena Tan Yi Min

      I'd like to see them eat insects like crickets. The new sustainable, healthy snacking 😁

    75. Mariah Martin

      Does anyone bring their kid to work day at sortedfood?

    76. Ztheworld

      So many funny moments here 1. The warning on Bennuendos 2. When Mike walked out of frame with said Bennuendo 3. Barry saying "Is this all you do now?" On another note regarding the plastic wine bottle, I would love that idea more if I can get confirmation that they can recycle that continuously cause if not then it is still just plastic. If I remember correctly glass can be melted to be reused many times (not super sure about this so dont quote me on it)

    77. Marilyn Wong

      ben just stop. also u r supposed to shell the watermelon seed first

    78. Rafael Nazareno

      I'm not sure you can eat the outer shell of the watermelon seed. I usually peel it like a peanut, and eat the tender inside. You can suck on the shell though to get the flavor

    79. blackbutterflywiings

      If the latte powder is only available by wholesale to coffee shops, how did Ben get his hands on it??

    80. Sk3tchen

      Put better wine in that container I would defs buy it