Talking to Strangers


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    I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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    1. Harry the moth That got eaten

      Same people that wear Hawaiin shirts to Trader Joe's. *that's what I thought*

    2. Philip Leicht Klinke 8C Hedelyskolen

      Make a video about Denmark and how unfair it is to live there. Like college is free and all that

    3. Alex Imig

      HA! James, you like anime too! That was a blatant Sailor Moon reference!

    4. Astor Drawin

      I want to get out there and show people what I have but Im so afirad no one will like anything I do or they will just dis owned me for it.. I just wanted to make people happy but I cant do that because of me and I never really talk to anyone, Im bad at talking to people and I have social anexity

    5. Limit3d Infinity

      Did you say chess boxing ?

    6. Player 1

      Hello my name is John doe

    7. Star Animations

      J:just A:a Y: GEselsr D: Defending E: Excellent N:nice THATS MY NAME

    8. Sherry Brewer

      Theirs a place called james

    9. Just Natsuki

      2:40 oof im wearing a anime rn

    10. Stephen Burwick

      I'm not sure you should be allowed in public.

    11. Shinji Joben

      Odds1out: makes a jojo meme Me: yep this is why Im subscribed to this channel

    12. Turul Kaiser

      Wait, are you telling me you americans don't have the type of bus where you can just stand while holding a pole so you wouldn't fall? It looks something like this: (also as you can see with the exception of the far back there are only 2 seats so you don't have to deal with the middle guy)

    13. Samin Sarddar Ikram

      I'm born in may 15

    14. Mary Dunn

      I love how u draw strangers

    15. DJ Vanilla

      Do you now Anthony is in epic rap battle and Ian.

    16. Ava Laury

      3:11 Story of my life 😂

    17. Pirate Cookie Fox !

      🎶 Hey. You’re Disgusting! 🎶 🎶 I Can’t Stand Your Touch, Any Longer~! 🎶 🎶 HEY! YOU’RE DISGUSTING! 🎶 🎶 And Im Glad To Finally Get Away From You~! 🎶

    18. Chok Cabral

      Vengo de parte de más dubs

    19. Joshua Mount

      7:13 james flat earther confirmation

    20. AwesomeSauce 328823

      2:10 I was laughing so hard It reminded me of the ghost in pack man but one who just got a ceacer

    21. Miax Edits

      I have the same birthday as you! May 14 ❤️

    22. Vortex 2.0

      Hello How

    23. hfhdiehfhrirj

      James better get good at chess and boxing cause you going down Alex gonna win if it already happened sorry but if I didn't then ....

    24. Joe Cloute

      I have done the exact same thing where I said “How” when passing someone. SO AWKWARD. Another thing I have done several times is said “Thank” when my head can’t decide whether to say “Thank you” or just “Thanks.” It’s relieving to hear I’m not the only klutz out there.

    25. T.W.F Wrestling

      U should make a vid about ur chess boxing match

    26. Nicholas Gambill

      Did my NSA agent tell you to make this?

    27. hebo o h

      I love your videos the odd♡♡♡♡♡

    28. ivan hui

      Woo hoo, I love Smg4.

    29. Qweet Man

      Height: 420 😂🤣😂

    30. Dena Thompson

      James Hamilton on Pokemon talk don't you can lie because I because that all this one's out because he sounded

    31. brawltástico Teeuw

      Why dont call estrangers ungnun people sorry about my gramatic

    32. Gerald Hiddle

      I got the book I

    33. StickyPlaysL

      damn jojo reference

    34. Royal Memers

      thanks for the brownies

    35. Bongo Gaming


    36. mats mel

      you were in that situation for that reason hisite the video question 🙃🙃

    37. Sony Toons

      Stranger Safety for Children

    38. K Tech

      I always thought I was the only one thinking about stuff like Bering in the bus but you just recapt my thinking

    39. Rapunzel Princess

      3:46 is that a Jojo reference I see?

    40. LapuMoon


    41. Britt Autry

      I love you video

    42. Kaden Nguyen

      Zhe baby cat

    43. Gabby Cisneroz

      But in your Buying Clothes video you said don’t judge people by there clothing!

    44. Raiden Evans

      Random person: hello Theodd1sout: how? Lol

    45. sandra moscoso

      The First time I see James Move his animated mouth... I'm HaPpY

    46. Me mey

      *TheEven2sIn The Opposite of TheOdd1sOut*

    47. Leonardo Sganga

      4:41 It’s SomeThingElse

    48. Katfrin

      Stumbled across "My moms cruel and unusual punishments" related waay to much to it. Found it hilarious. Now have hubby and my 9y/o watching your vids. 😂 thankyou for the entertainment!

    49. Red Hoodie Girl 333

      So a duck walked up to a lemonade stand.....

    50. Nicolas Quintero

      *****hyperventilating Odd1sout!!! odd1sout!!!! i just came up with this brilliant idea!!!!!!!!!! what if you were to... make a video game based on your youtube channel (im actually serious)

    51. big pikachu small Pikachu

      If I was in the situation at the beginning I would get off at the same time as the aisle guy so that's the other other other hand

    52. Joge luis :v Jusaino Garcia

      in my country there are only trucks with two seats xD

    53. Sibbie

      James what are u saying in Ireland u can start a conversation [click] thats how long it takes to start a coversation in Ireland

    54. Raven Reaper

      James em and ems made a chocolate bar

    55. matni Fart

      This is how many times james said *_s t r a n g e r_* 👇

    56. Jake White

      2:38 Isn’t this the guy who told us not to judge people by their clothing? 😆

    57. Eric COBERLY

      I just noticed that he's naked

    58. Luna random channel

      Omg i got your brand new book!!!!!!!!

    59. Mariogaming 923940

      Who watch this. Video in the car

    60. MagnaDragon

      i love the duck song :3 ♥

    61. Cassie B

      Hey theodd1sout you probably wont see this comment, but if you do I have an idea for a future video of yours, it's ok if you dont want to do it but it would be fun to see your opinion of gacha life videos on GEsels, it's a type of animation and there is a whole community of it! I think people including myself would be happy to see it:)

    62. Melon Gaming

      Upload more like everyday This Is like a The most useless comment

    63. Claudia Macias

      I got your book my mum sid but I said I'll pay for it and that I would actually read im almost half ways through the book

    64. Nolan Cockrum

      I love that James made the reference to Morgz about stealing Mr.Beasts content

    65. TobyTheTinyCat08

      I 💖 your youtube channel

    66. TheCoalMinecart // RickTCM

      Do a video about eating food #Genious.


      0:15 the tooth brush in his ear lol

    68. Littlesquad Gaming

      Hello my name is John Doe Who notices that from roblox

    69. Game Player 30

      O shit I got a book signed by my self

    70. Moxie Miscellany

      So, in the bus situation, it's perfectly acceptable to move to the outer seat to give yourself & the other person more room. It's actually more considerate than not moving (unless there's someone about to sit in the seat, of course). Because bubbles of personal space are important.

    71. RandomArtist - DoesArts

      YOU STILL PLAY MAGIC? Wanna have a duel?

    72. Elliott Iwaki

      nintendo made a game about the dark crystal

    73. Paula Symantec

      i bought ur book, hope ur happy :)

    74. Aaliyah Ali

      And I oop

    75. Rarity Pie

      Hello potential friends!

    76. Apple Song

      What if you're the stranger in the fursuit sitting next to someone on the bus. Do you not interact with someone

    77. Mr. Brightside

      James is awesome and totally deserves a spot at vidcon

    78. Super mine master Danny Siefman

      Hey jame I got a question are you dating jaiden

    79. aden curwood

      I have trouble talking to strangers and socialising

    80. Ginny Potter

      Never Watched this before but I love it!

    81. aden curwood

      Hi James I’m Aden and I’m autistic you mentioned it in one video and I wanted to ask if you could make a vid on it please and mention me

    82. Maksuda shovona

      james you fucking guy i hate you

    83. Erin Maegerle

      This is a new level of over thinking 😂😂

    84. Can we get 1,000 subs with no videos ?


    85. Blue fox

      i have this same issue i avoid talking with people but then i scream in the middle of a store for no reason and make weird noises.

    86. Ryan Reese

      hi james im akward too. k bye thzx

    87. gamerslayer89YT boi

      6:09 yandev has liked the vid

    88. STONE TETS

      Hellow mr james ive been expecting you jk i havnt watched u in a long time and i know how u got big youtuber your a great entertainer and very funny love your videos and good to see you doing so good👍

    89. Soso HD

      “Then he waddled away” HEBDDUDHDH

    90. AbbiVibes

      The Unlikely Candidates uploaded a new song:

    91. Rolav Gaming

      Hey jamesssssss.Sell Your Book with 0$ one day please.I need to be Cooler.

    92. a dam of animation


    93. Nic XO gang

      Some one is coping you

    94. Zeltic4G


    95. Dwog The Log

      Interviewer:Do you want to have social anxiety or have hate for almost everybody? James:Yes

    96. Tijana Novakovic

      Did you finally run out of life to talk about

    97. ian vlog and gaming

      You couldn't even get 1 point in F.B.E

    98. Pieman 21

      Have you done anything with that money from mr.beast’s youtuber Royale?

    99. Soaking in bleach

      That’s why I have no friends *looks at anime shirts*