Talking To Fans Undercover!!

Dolan Twins

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    We make fake fan accounts and talk to real fan accounts as undercover fake fan accounts when its really just us and the accounts are fake instead of real
    Last Week's Video -
    Ethan’s Stuff
    SNAPCHAT - EthanDolan
    Grayson’s Things
    SNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan

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    1. Hayley Barnum

      I like gray more sorry

    2. Cat Catastrophe

      10:25 that mood swing tho

    3. Tegan Johnson

      2019 anyone?

    4. Kaylah Chambers

      Grayson: it's funny how everyone is in Ethans lane but I get all the responses Me: because you are a Ethan acc

    5. Crazy Girl

      Pls do this again ❤❤💖💖

    6. Alexis Horan

      Grayson its okie I'm on your lane I love u so much, peace ✌

    7. rhianna mullins

      Awww I felt so bad for Grayson everyone picked Ethan over him but tbh I’m a bigger fan of Grayson

    8. Miss Rosie L

      It ok gray I like you better sorry Ethan

    9. Mariana Torres

      Grayson don’t worry, I’m in your lane.

    10. Sophie Johnston

      you should do that again but only tell them who you's are after you prank them and see if they believe you it would be so funny.

    11. Ilina Atanasova

      Someone rewatching their old vids? 2019?

    12. Ciara W

      *Ethan: Funny, smart, kind, athletic, and talented* *Grayson: Funny, smart, kind, athletic, and talented* _balanced, as all things should be_

    13. Ell A

      2019 anyone?

    14. Mia Simpson

      I am an oh I know what eteeweetee means!!! 😜😎🤪😏

    15. jatinderpal singh

      Dude I looked up all of these accounts on insta and there all inactive now😂😂

    16. Kenna Anderson

      I’m in graysons lane!!!

    17. Arpan Chhabra

      Grayson; not everyone is in Ethan’s lane, I am in ur lane and am def staying here😂 like if ur in Graysons lane

    18. Makeup Vids

      i have been a fan since they did vines me and brother would watch them i have watched almost every video they just get funnier and funnier grays always been my fav ( ethan’s mustache tho 😬)

    19. bitch bye

      11:30 ,,thank you for keeping this fandom such a positive community'' 2019; ethma shippers all over the place ruining the whole fandom.

    20. eva diaz

      10:53 I didn't know they like even acknowledged the lanes lmao

    21. abbie

      it made me sad that they were so vulnerable about the self promo dm

    22. Presley Frost

      HOW ARE THEY ALL ON EATENS SIDE?! lol Grayson is so much cuter. No hate on Eathen I agree with Tart Fam down below.

    23. Avery Crawford

      Anyone else notice that Graysons phone is at 100% on low power mode and charging 😂

    24. Roblox baddie

      use this as a replay button💛 9:24

    25. Naomi Meisenheimer

      As soon as he started talking about the burrito I WAS WHEEZING

    26. Me Person


    27. Paris Goss

      You guys should just go follow random people... and make a part 2 of this... who's with me? ❤️❤️❤️

    28. isabelle chavez

      i still scream at this because i see my acc that y’all followed me on lmao. although i don’t stan you guys anymore, i’m still in full support of you guys and am wishing you happiness throughout your life. thank you for making my life brighter in one of the darkest times of my life.

    29. Ameshia Jackson

      I’m in GRAYSON LANE💕🥰

    30. Hannah Traff


    31. Vera Ferreira

      makes my heart full how everyone in the fandoms are always so supportive of each other. its so beautiful

    32. Holly Robinson

      Gray don’t worry I’m in your lane and I always will be no matter what

    33. Wendi Kajah

      I love you gus

    34. Moriah & Nichole Best friends

      When are you guys going to make a part 2 of this video

    35. How Festive This Is

      We’re BAAAAAKKKKKEEE!!!!!!

    36. Mari Rainbow

      Ethan: how about grayson's breath for a user name Gray: That's so uncomfortable Ethan: Yeah, I don't think anyone will respond to that Also Ethan: (Makes the account, grayson's breath) loolololo

    37. Morgan Ford

      Omg 6:12 ethan's little "im sorry" was so cute

    38. Morgan Ford

      2:22 "if you know that means your an OG" never felt prouder

    39. Fran Dawson

      grayson is soo much cuter and i dont see cute nes in eathon as i do grayson

    40. Kiwi Grande

      1:33 😂 1:38 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣I'm str8 up dying💀

    41. SkyeGaming

      ~I know I’m very late but did y’all just notice that they were saying night when it was 9:41 AM~ ~Also did u notice too that the whole time when they were on their phones it was 9:41?~

    42. Frankie Bowie

      10:53 replay button

    43. Samantha Medina

      Grayson is getting roasted so hard but I'm personally in Graysons lane I don't hate Ethan but I just think Grayson is cuter and funnier

    44. Samantha Medina

      graysons smile kills me he's so cute

    45. Kyrie Frz

      *CAn YoU coMe IN mY lAnE?*

    46. Gabrielle Graves

      Grayson your cooler than Ethan anyways

    47. Izzy Enrica

      Gray I’m in your laaaane😂😫

    48. tiabkcilc

      those fans were lucky

    49. Solomiia Skorokhod

      Grayson don’t worry I’m im your lane

    50. Michelle Stokes

      omg the beginning