Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

Dolan Twins

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    We switched lives with Jeffree Star.... We live complete opposite lifestyles
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    1. Javiii

      Why the giving me white chicks vibes 🤣

    2. Maya Jackson

      I’m sorry but all those bags look the same

    3. Ryan Conner

      Why do they look like Queen Latifah

    4. Luis Hernandez

      Fucking fagits

    5. CEDL4072

      I'd still tap that 😎

    6. Strangula

      I love both of the videos. I'm living for another collab between you 3.

    7. Michelle Tanner

      Now I can’t tell who’s Ethan or Grayson. Only by voice

    8. Michy Rodriguez

      I cant tell them apart im scared 😂❤️

    9. Ashley Blackwood

      one of those bags could pay for my college tuition

    10. desiree vargas

      Omg the twins look fucking gorgeous wtf

    11. Natasha Solorio

      “It’s really loud”- Ethan quote I will never forget

    12. Shane Dunner

      Why tf is every body just switching to be gay like what the fuck?!


      I like my plain cheap normal life .

    14. Valeria Ricardez

      Omg they look awesome

    15. TIffany De Alwis

      This is white chicks remade

    16. Katie Dutton

      Why does Ethan look like thanos at 11:47

    17. César Charles

      I hate that they pretend they are poor

    18. Taylor Simone

      Shook that they didn't start the video with *"What's up guys? We're back!"*

    19. Jessica J.

      Wow they look fucking beautiful 🤣 no joke!!!

    20. zoe d

      lmao the moans when they were taking off the makeup... they're asking for the edits

    21. Qυҽҽɳ B

      I legit couldn’t tell which twin was which sometimes during this vid 😂

    22. Francisco Castillo

      OMG getting dressed and makeup on is all fun and stuff, but once you take that make up off BEST FEELING EVER!

    23. Eleni Salas

      8:31 mood

    24. Victoria Plays

      what happend to you guys and james :(

    25. Donovan

      They looked exhausted at the end

    26. Nayeli&0 K

      On the road to 10 subs any help would be appreciated Lol

    27. Michelle Cano

      I cant believe jeffree made me watch a dolan twins video.....

    28. Keira Lydon

      Dude wtf why are the Dolan Twins hotter than me as girls? I want a refund lol

    29. Becky Acosta

      Sister squad stocks dropped to zero

    30. Grace 3

      Ur kidding he just spent my college tuition casually

    31. • daiii •

      9:24 I keep staring at how Jeffrees trying to push back his hair

    32. Kiara Ward

      Normal Dude Hair 😂

    33. Sylvia Garcia

      That was cute... Loved it..

    34. Grace Boucher

      Well of course he had to transform into jeffree. You think he’s just gonna show you his true alien form out of the gate?

    35. Elena O

      That body though. 😍

    36. Toby Zheng

      Mom: omg that’s amazing. Dolan Twins: You have triplets now! Mom: what

    37. Cedeno Breanna

      Who else misses the sister squad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    38. Zo- Landdd

      Y’all gay

    39. Julia Sandoval

      No one: Kris Jenner: 27:15

    40. Vrinda Gagat

      #2ontrending The power of dolan twins😎

    41. TOASTY BOi

      When they did the revel I was actually scared....3 Jeffree Stars is nightmare fuel for me XD I don't know why but it is.

    42. Lohit Nambiar

      The sister squad who?????! I only the STAR SQUAD!!!!!

    43. Rajasree C

      Ethan fixing his hair is a mood

    44. Besabeauty

      Am I the only one who sees Ricky Dillon in the back?

    45. Samantha Beugen

      Nate’s reaction is iconic

    46. Erika morata

      4:36 bitch what the fuck! lmao that meme is so me right now hahahahahaa

    47. Leeanne Loewer

      Did his chain that got blurred say cunt?😂😂😂

    48. Addison Malone

      Omg I could not tell the difference between the Dolan Twins when they were Jeffery star

    49. Maria Jose

      jefree: using metal straws saving the planet also jefree: leaving them home and using plastic straws at taco bell


      What about James

    51. César Charles

      Jefree is so gentle , you can see it

    52. Carebear Stone

      When they’re all prettier girls than I am

    53. Lorrie Blanks

      You guys are so pretty 😍

    54. Natasha Doubnova

      why tf yall look like jojo characters with the gowns I-

    55. Junie A

      Jeffree eats candy all day! 🤣🤣🤣

    56. DJ Dal

      ok I love you guys

    57. Brooke McDowell

      I couldn’t tell who was Ethan and who was Grayson in this video 😂 I could only tell by there voices

    58. Olivia Hutchison

      Okay white chicks work

    59. Rachel Miller

      LMFAOOOO the kid dancing in the window went to my high school 😂😂

    60. ItsDeja

      Ummm White Chicks who💀💀