Surprising my Friends with Ariana Grande!? (Pranking ALL my Friends) | Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera

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    These videos are SOOO fun to film!! comment your fav prank :)
    300k likes and I'll do more videos like this :)
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    1. Brent Rivera

      IM IN LOVE WITH THIS VIDEO😂😂😂 so fun to film !! 300k likes and I'll make more of these types of videos ❤️❤️

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      2. Ayesha Takachicha

        Brent u a amaizingn💞💞

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      4. Jazmin Junes

        I love you so much I’m am your biggest fan ever

      5. Peyton Milan

        Brent Rivera You guys never pick me I always have to talk to you guys never pick me

    2. Alisa Buddycat

      when andrew, ben & davey hug paige🥺

    3. linda gomez

      I love how you have your friends do that lmfao

    4. comete una cucharadabe sal akenopuebes

      Hello Bront a si you in tik tiket 😊😘hello. Lix

    5. Lauranimatic

      Ben is fangirl-ing

    6. emmi ly

      Tell her to stop copy ariana in her real life wtf

    7. jordyn nation


    8. ANNA Cuatlacuatl

      Thats Paige from tic tok

    9. Gianna Hernandez

      If Lexie was in the mope one I bet she would say to Brent “but you have no friends” lol 😂 👇pls like:(

    10. Ri Goodwin

      Your video are so gooooooooood

    11. Samantha Chansombath

      Brent that is not her

    12. Tori Scharkley

      I love aria

    13. Amanda Waltmon

      I ❤️ ARIANA GRANDE!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

    14. Ashlyn Risner

      Wow home

    15. Giselle Navarro

      Brent I liked and subscribed to your videos

    16. B Tucker

      I love both Lexie

    17. Prince Johnson

      You have good pranks

    18. Jennie bestyoutube

      I did it

    19. Jana Sullaiman

      Hi what the hell was that

      1. Jana Sullaiman


    20. And I oop Sksksks

      300k to make another video and we hit 464k 👐🙌

    21. Ruby Sanchez

      I like you guys

    22. rosdianah771

      Nice video 👌👍😊 😊👍 😁 b h Gso

    23. Erin San Miguel

      Everyone does do that prank because that is not really Ariana grande. IF YOU AGREE!!!

    24. Jade mcbride

      I liked and commeted

    25. itz infinite_naomiplayz :b kim

      that is paige iman your lucky

    26. Peter Cheese

      The reaction

    27. Tim Goodman

      Did anyone else laugh when paige did the cat laugh off of s am and cat

    28. HaiBrittanyLeft

      Ariana doesn’t talk like Cat in her everyday life this shit stupid smh

    29. Kate Merlos

      I wish I was a famous GEselsr like Brent Rivera 😋

    30. Telles Tube

      Pensei que era a Pablo Vittar

    31. Derek Wright


    32. Juder Jy

      Small face

    33. minah Nazir

      In my opinion, she doesn’t look like Ariana. Paige’s face is thicker than hers.

    34. Brown Shuga Johnson

      I love u Brent

    35. Las estrellitas de Paola

      Brent i am on a date app go to it

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      i liked and subscribe

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      I subscribed to your channel and notifications

    38. Banana Bean

      Idiots its Paige Nieman.

    39. Landon Bennett

      a g I want to see her

    40. Gillian Gorman

      So cool

    41. FirstName LastName

      the title of this video should be “surprising my friends with a total stranger”

    42. jaime del carmen Agudelo

      omgggg she looks exactly like her , like paige

    43. Kishma Andrew

      I commented

    44. Alijah Gomez

      Not racist

    45. Alijah Gomez

      Is the only person who pulled the blind fold down the black dude??

    46. Ceinwen France


    47. Ariana Lozano

      I love it

    48. motato tomato

      plz plz plz plz meeee😫

    49. evelyn ortiz

      i love this

    50. Kate Scherrman

      Paige looks so much like Ariana Grande

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    52. luisana morales

      Funny vid

    53. luisana morales


    54. Ashley Haynes

      I love these videos whoooooooooo!

      1. Ashley Haynes


    55. Ashley Kaufelt

      I love you Brent your the best you make me laugh soooooooooooooo hard 😂

    56. st. clair

      In manikin prank there is a Filipino omg😱😀 s

    57. Kelliesia Lewis

      Hi brent

    58. poop

      you are my favoite youtuber and your sister

    59. harper tucker

      honestly she needs to find who she rlly is because being someone else isn’t gunna do that much for her. and why the cat valentine laugh and voice?

      1. Abigail Miller

        you came to this video to just comment this?

    60. Nayha Tofield

      Paige Neiman looks a lot like Ariana Grande