Surprising Fans At Their Houses!!

Dolan Twins

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    We flew around the country for a few days and invited ourselves into some fans houses lol we gave them merch tho so its fine...
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    1. Larbi Larbi

      I'm frking jealous rn :'(( , anyways i'm way far from them so it would never happen....

    2. Lala

      Bro... all these girls looking cute as hell on Christmas and are so freaking calm while I would be over here in matching pajamas with my siblings, messy bun, no makeup and ugly crying when I open the door and find out that my two favorite people are singing to me 😭😭

    3. Katelyn Dealy

      All those dislikes are from people who wish the Dolan twins were at their doorstep

    4. Lyla Gallagher

      I Love how in every video Ethan looks around like everywhere😂🤣


      I would have passed out completely in there arm's

    6. Chloe Zou

      Awww I love the first girl

    7. Kate Dmuchowski

      Use this like button as I wish they came to my house button! 👎🏼

    8. moonlight dreams

      this wouldn’t work for me because i don’t answer the door

    9. Melinda Smith

      Am I the only one that can actually tell them apart

    10. Lily Ann

      How could anyone not like you Guys , you guys are such good people !

    11. angela noun

      I am heaps jealous of these fans that have met the dolan twins 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 btw I love yous 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


      I was dying when they were practicing 😂😂😂😂

    13. Mia Simpson

      When u guys were in Ohio you were in the state right beside me!!!! 🤪🙂🙃😋 btw I live in Indiana

    14. Esther Janvier

      I don't know why but I love Grayson's hair in this video

    15. Sean Clark

      omg the last house!!! The mess!!!

    16. Mia Elise

      Can they do this in 2019 because I really want to meet them

    17. Roblox Bomber


    18. Ximena Ortiz


    19. Queen Ciara

      can you suprise me next xmas??

    20. lina khalil

      honestly if they came to my house i would've cried and passed out and then woke up cried again hugged them and cried again

    21. Aja Foxx


    22. Abby Jacobsen

      Omg that would have been the best day of my life you guys are the best!!!

    23. Suvekshya Pokhrel

      Everyone had the same sofa

    24. Greenalienpotato Dup

      When they were singing for practice i kept saying shiny nose like Elton did when staying overnight in the bowling alley on tfil

    25. Madi Gardner

      I wish y’all could see me I live in Texas It would be my biggest dream to see y’all😕😕

    26. sydney s

      how is gray not dying from the dog??

    27. sydney s

      my name is sydney and when he said that it scared me

    28. Ava Edits

      11:23 is it only me or Ethan had a afro.

    29. Mariana Pulido

      This is too sweet!!

    30. kitty Whore

      This video is so cozy

    31. Gamboa_mer08

      You guys should do this again and surprise me :)

    32. Baby Girl

      well that was awkward

    33. Lucy Magwa

      Major crush on Ethan. I just can’t

    34. tatum buchen

      grayson's little smile at 1:08 ahhhhhh

    35. Angelica Amorim シ

      All the girls were so calm, I would of been crying so much 😂❤️

    36. Tara Joy

      how are they so calm wtf

    37. Taniya Laim

      Grayson looks so cute in the intro

    38. adrianna lach

      aww you guys are so sweet

    39. Talise Noble

      I REALLY want to meet the Dolan twins. They are the only people that can make me really happy. I hope they do this again this year because that’s the only wish i want 💖💖💖

    40. Brayden Young

      The Dolan Twins are literally awesome. 🖤😂🙏🏽

    41. Jessica Galarza

      I wish this year they could visit my house on December!

    42. Tara Snider

      to meet y'all would be my number one wish

    43. Kool_Aid101 H

      They're so kindddd i love it ☺💜

    44. Reina Lie

      This is the most wholesome video ❤️

    45. Lia P

      I would literally freak out if I met Ethan and Grayson. I’m a new subscriber but I literally love them already❤️❤️

    46. why are you wasting time reading me name

      i feel like these people would be way happier if their family wasn’t watching them :/

    47. Paris Charles

      Imagine the Dolan twins in your house. On your couch.

    48. emma

      guys,. they are officially salmon 2:34

    49. Lilly Panek

      but why does the second girls house look like the neighborhood i used to live in??? 😣😣😂

    50. Lilly Panek

      i'm thinking "this will never happen to me" and it makes me so sad :(( but the people who they did meet are so luckyyy 😂😭💞