Dolan Twins

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    I surprised Ethan with something he's wanted his whole life. HE CRIED (EMOTIONAL) (CRYING) (BOY) (SINGING) (HYPERVENTILATING)
    Last Week's Video -
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    SNAPCHAT - EthanDolan
    Grayson’s Things
    SNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan

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    1. Manu Rodriguez

      this is one of my favorite videos, i always come here to watch it, it’s so cute

    2. Haneesa

      Ethan was so cute when he got his gift I'm literally crying

    3. Sukhwinder Dhillon

      My FAVOURITE twins❤️❤️

    4. Amber Hollingsworth

      Why. Are. You. Blonde

      1. Electrified !

        ethan made him do it, it was for a vid

    5. Roxanne Brown

      Grayson should never dye his hair blonde

      1. Electrified !

        ethan made him and grayson looks great stfu

    6. Katie Deel

      Ethan’s voice is so cute this omg ❤️

    7. Ashley Cannon

      This just might be my favorite ever.

    8. Tilea _Vibess

      Omg that was soooomsweet❤️

    9. LLT Vids

      My brother had those shoes

    10. person person


    11. person person

      Jack frost?😂😂

    12. Mandy Gates

      And now Ethan isn't riding bikes anymore because of that accident in 2018... 😳

    13. Balaji Santhan

      when ethan said "it's mine?" aww

    14. Animals4lif

      I wish my sister acted like Grayson

    15. Crystal Ram

      love this for you e

    16. DeeDee Girl

      Grayson looks like Jake Paul

    17. Kassandra Haines

      What kind of weirdo dislikes a video like this? 😕

    18. Warlock Legacy

      Feeding off the love of humans is sooooo... Delectable 😊😊😊😋❤💓💓❤💓💓💗💗

    19. Lona Nyusou

      They are so adorable

    20. Alice Malakhov

      throwback to Grayson’s blond hair

    21. Nie Wiem

      Omg Gray is the best brother i've ever seen.. Be mine.

    22. Marie Yt

      *Anyone 2019? Anyone?*

    23. Mariem Boukhris

      2019 any one What was that hair

    24. Tulasha's gaming channel chnnel

      I diddnt know grayson had blone hair omfg

    25. Mollie Murphy

      What's up with his hair ........ 2019

    26. Cadence Scoresby

      This is one my favorite videos ❤️

    27. John Arnett

      That was so inspiring and thoughtful

    28. Avery LeJeune

      Peep Grayson’s nutcracker collection!!😂😂😂🤩🥰

    29. Mini-¿al

      When u do Dolan marathon and realise how similar they are Reaction when Ethan surprised Grayson with his dream car Reaction when Grayson surprised Ethan with this bike What a twin and they said they are different from the inside 😂

    30. kaitlyn tombari

      this is the cutest thing ever

    31. Riri Gummi

      Grayson: there's one more thing I have to give you Ethan: ... Shut up It's sooooo cute!!!!

    32. Emily the Eagles fan

      Me watching this after my tonsilectomy😂 (or however you spell it😂)

    33. Mad

      Watching blonde Grayson is my new addiction

    34. Yendi Garcia

      I also got my tonsil removed today

    35. Pheobe Zanatta

      Omg your hair

    36. Dominique Castillo

      his voice from 6:18 to 6:22 aww lol😍💀

    37. gunner gun

      3:29 me talking to my friend at 3 am laying in my bed

    38. Abbie Dukes

      This made my heart Happy 😂♥️

    39. Rainee Hewett

      Poor eteeweeteeeeeee!!!!

    40. Brenalia Campbell

      OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SOOO CUTE

    41. sydney tabor

      @grayson ive always wanted those shoes too :) this is so sweet

    42. Esther

      ok wait i was just going on a dolan marathon but i started crying when grayson said "i love you" to ethan omg wtf 🤧

    43. Person 123

      And right here we have an albino Grayson

    44. S outhie

      Blonde Grayson OWNS MEEEE

    45. Aundrianna Fields

      Grayson looks like charle puth

    46. xXFallen _StarXx

      The 1k that disliked were watching upside down

    47. Abigail Campos

      Why does he sound like he just got his wisdom teeth out

    48. josie carter

      ethans voice is so cute like that

    49. Karlee Cornell


    50. Hailie Mills

      I love this. You guys are so cute.