SuperM Teaches Ellen About 'Jopping'



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    SuperM's hit single is called "Jopping," so they taught Ellen what it is and how to do it. The K-pop supergroup also debated over a name for their fans, revealed whether they're single, and surprised Ellen with a generous donation to The Ellen Fund!

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    1. Corey Myat

      Taeyong is such a softie ekkkk XD

    2. Zico Leo


    3. lyhyunjin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="237">3:57</a> did you notice that ten peeked at Kai? lol

    4. sanyeong choi

      taeyeong was puzzled thinking about redvelvet yerin.

    5. Maharani Delarosa

      I’m watching this cause i see mark☺️

    6. jacob wook

      Ten and Kai I liked them

    7. Isay Landicho

      Kai's visual is killing me 😳

    8. 이스테이시

      When it comes to Taemin its just so soffttt

    9. CS.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> this kai x taemin interaction has me living, the cutest besties🤧

    10. Xantia Logrono

      "Are you all single?" Taemin: I'm actually already married❤️

    11. K-POP CIRCLE

      I want Nct 127 on ellen

      1. Yorubani

        Omg yesss

    12. Karyn Lie

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="232">3:52</a>

    13. Hssh Haah

      طبعا بتس ممهدي الطريق حبايبي الي مهدو الطريق لهم🥵

    14. Sadiyah Hossain

      I thought jopping meant “Jumping and Bopping”

    15. Chewy Cassie

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="234">3:54</a> ummm look suspicious kai🤣

    16. Amma Calhoun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> my fav part

    17. Leila Daguman

      Jongin said the show was boring LOOOL

    18. Any Gallegos

      KAI 😍😍

    19. Jacy Jacy

      I thought mark was from nct127

      1. bangtxt

        All of em are from either nct or exo it's just like a collab kinda group

    20. Reign Gulang

      Ellen: Are you all single? Kai: *PANICS IN SOLO*

    21. 윤채은

      Wow, I really like the Avengers idea though! 💖

    22. Ali Wata

      omg the innocent look on taeyongs face when ellen asks if theyre all single... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="231">3:51</a> lol

    23. Treasurez Bbh

      I always come back to think to feel happy for mark Calling her for asking "are you single." 👏

    24. Immigrant Chicken

      I didn't know I needed to see Taemin jopping on a couch until I saw Taemin jopping on the couch

    25. Jayleen Garnica

      Mark your my life right now on Ellen he’s more cute and your so happy their and that’s what i love about you

    26. Fa Tto

      Im not a Fan and know much about them, but aren’t they actually called EXO I’m confused ?!

      1. Fa Tto

        Nadia Drelia so they aren’t called exo anymore ?

      2. Nadia Drelia

        It's actually a group the company created with members that had already debuted. So there are 2 EXO members, 4 NCT members and 1 SHINee member.

    27. pVrple

      TAEMIN 🥰

    28. IU IU

      TF Mark's English 😳😳😳 soooo good

    29. velma charista

      “Mom im on ellen !!!”

    30. Arushi Whoop whoop

      Taeyong is the most adorable little baby and you can't convince me otherwise

    31. AlwaysAlam

      Someone tell me if I’m tripping or if at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="59">0:59</a> Kai Flashed the “L” sign

    32. Andy D. 2

      Ellen: “how abt you ask the fans what their name should be?” Fans: *remembers twitter* NOOOOOO🙅😳

    33. sunflower

      bruh did we even learn anything from this interview

    34. Kazu *

      Loser M

    35. Wadaq Orentia

      Love super m we need other Mv

    36. Chem Chem

      I am new to this and i wanna ask how mark is with them?

    37. Binu G

      Kai is from exo right???

      1. Daisy Davis

        I think all.the members are from different sm groups (nct, exo, shinee) and they are like the avengers of kpop

      2. Binu G

        @Daisy Davis then y they tell super m

      3. Daisy Davis

        Yes, so is baekhyun

    38. Chaimae Chouchitta

      Ohmy God i love teamin so much 💖💝💕💗💞❤🌙️🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

    39. Ramly Slyman

      taemin is married😏

    40. Ririn suharnita

      They areee amazing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    41. Cantika Larasati

      At that time Jennie Blackpink with Kai exo right?

      1. Cantika Larasati

        @arab exol I ship them. I hope they still

      2. arab exol

        maybe yes or maybe no , we have no idea if they still dating secretly or not

    42. Farah Amanda


    43. Lencie Louise

      Jupiter’s ?

    44. Sneha Rudra

      Maybe she didn't quite like the fact that someone takes bts's place as a kpop group in her show😂😂

    45. hope

      Ellen: Are all of you single? Kai: *TrIgGeReD*

    46. Sri Dewi Ratna Sari

      I think this exo

      1. arab exol

        baekhyun and kai from EXO and this is just a subgroub from EXO , WAVY , NCT , SHINEE

    47. •K-pop • Girl•

      I hate those fan girls in the crowd. You can’t even understand what SuperM are saying. What kind of fans are those

    48. Fellah Yahia

      omg Exo 💗💗💗💗💗💗kai and baekhyun

    49. ykuffs


    50. tokyomilk


    51. NoemRam

      Kai!! BaekHyunie!, EXO

    52. Anya Alvamor

      Kai, No creo que ande con jennie yo igual pense eso.. creo que anda con alguien más vean su Instagram y el de seulgi


      Guys i don't know please tell me there not exo ???!! Bcs i know exo members pki and kai??!!! Please what 's going on !!

    54. hanen tv

      Guys super m Same exo?

      1. arab exol

        baekhyun and kai from EXO and this is just a subgroub from EXO , WAVY , NCT , SHINEE

      2. arab exol


    55. dontcry

      Props for mark for diverting ellen’s question about them being single... That was clever

    56. Reyhanehda 1485


    57. arab exol


    58. arab exol

      KAI looks super HOT as always

    59. arab exol

      STOP mentioning OTHER groups or idols !!!!! them that's so RUDE and disrespectful

    60. Krypton853

      She did the same thing to BTS she ask if they were dating. Doesn't Ellen know what ppl do to kpop Idols if they answer what she ask.

    61. Nathan Coleman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a> Kai being his extra self

    62. Wolf Girl

      I miss exo :-(

    63. Mochi Minnie


    64. Shrushti Jadhav

      M Joppers. Moppers.

    65. Fz Iguenfer

      Fandom name ehmmmm... SuperfaM

    66. Nurul Hajijah

      so proud 😌❤️

    67. Valentina Alexandra

      Kai so sexy and beautiful as always but his hairstyle here looks perfect, I love it !!

    68. Maritza Parra

      SuperM: Known for pulling one of Ellen’s muscles 🥴😭

    69. Shawn C.

      They remind me of bts

    70. woah there

      IM CRYING... they all looked at kai

    71. Leslie Isabella

      okay people, pls enlighten, what is superM?? like hey Im not used to seeing kai and baekhyun grouped with other guys??? Hahaha

    72. Bubbly Helen

      I know this is so random and that BTS has absolutely nothing to do with this video but everyone sitting in their places have similar characteristics to BTS who were sitting in that exact spot. Mark plays RM as the speaker and they both know how to get away from Ellen's question about 'hook up' and 'are y'all single'. Baekhyun is sitting in Taehyung's spot and to me I feel lyke their very similar in a sweet and adorable way. Hmmmm Taemin is sitting in J-Hope's spot but seems to have Suga vibes and then Kai on the other side who is sitting in Suga's spot gives J-Hope vibes and it's so funny. Ten is sitting on Jungkook's spot and they both just seem pretty chill and smile along. Lucas is sitting on Jin's spot and funny cos they have something in common... they both either don't have much screen time or much lines. Last but not least Taeyong is sitting in Jimin's spot and they both know how to make their fans scream their lungs out, when Jimin made a heart and the whole crowd went wild and when Taeyong yelled "MUM I'M ON ELLEN!!!!" these 14 boys are all special and I'm not trying to declare war between any group but I admire their similarities, it's adorable and I will FOREVER & ALWAYS continue to stan both AMAZINGLY TALENTED GROUPS!!!!!

    73. Miranda May

      Chanyeol in Korea: welcome home cheater

    74. Sarah Alahmari

      Taeyong ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    75. I like bread

      We call baekhyun bacon cuz he a snacc

    76. dontcry

      i cant wait for the time ellen shuts her trap and stops invading into other people’s personal and private lives.

    77. Shireen Thapa

      Ellen : what's jopping Taemin : demonstrates shyly while jopping on the sofa

    78. Ely Kanyinda


    79. Diligent guy

      I came here to see people commenting BTS. But I didn't go find one (top 30 I guess ). So I commented .

    80. Scarlattè Snotty

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="137">2:17</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a> Kai and Taemin touched each others thighs