SuperM Teaches Ellen About 'Jopping'



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    SuperM's hit single is called "Jopping," so they taught Ellen what it is and how to do it. The K-pop supergroup also debated over a name for their fans, revealed whether they're single, and surprised Ellen with a generous donation to The Ellen Fund!

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    1. Kristine Dupitas

      Taeyong's "Mom!I'm on Ellen!" is the cutest😬❤

    2. Lee Zara Ali

      Did i heard pancake when Baekhyun introduced himself..... 😊😊😊😊😚😊😊😊🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. not your unnie

      "are you single?" kai: ....

    4. deny93ful1

      Im confused.... aren't they exo?

    5. Meilissa Johana Alexsaputri


    6. hinoreb sh

      Dónde se puede ver completo); ¿?

    7. Seria Mendito

      WELCOME SUPER M..........What Class!!! to Ellen's Gorilla Fund!!!.......You got my Support to being a Fan!!!.......Good Luck in your Endeavors

    8. Kim Daewoo

      Look at Kai and Taemin at 2:15. I can say that love js in the air 😂

    9. Exo5 Exo5

      Baekyhun i really love you so much 😭😭😭😭

    10. Mavis Sim Hui Mei

      Taeyong is so precious😍😍

    11. Rea Jean Ilagan

      Taeyong's intro... 🤣 Love your moms!!!

    12. JSR

      Absolutely ♡ SUPERM ♡ TAEYONG ♡

    13. JSR

      Absolutely ♡ SUPERM ♡ TEN♡

    14. JSR

      Absolutely ♡ SUPERM ♡ MARK♡

    15. JSR

      Absolutely ♡ SUPERM ♡ LUCAS ♡

    16. JSR

      Absolutely ♡ SUPERM ♡ TAEMIN ♡

    17. JSR

      Absolutely ♡ SUPERM ♡ BAEKHYUN ♡

    18. JSR

      Absolutely ♡ SUPERM ♡ KAI ♡

    19. JSR

      Absolutely ♡ SUPERM ♡

    20. JSR

      ♡♡♡♡♡ SUPERM. ♡♡♡♡

    21. Cinthia Revolorio

      Who cares?

    22. دموع الورد

      ولي على قلبي ليش المقابلة بس 5 دقايق.

    23. j a y

      “You can call me Bacon!” Me: YwyggYbygbGYbgysbygabgyBygbYAGBA CUte


      SuperM >

    25. ciudadana

      veo el bigote de Mark

    26. Maylanie Dimas

      How about Avengers for the fandom name? They could say Avengers and we could say assemble to show were here. . . Just me?😅

    27. Park Soo Ra

      I love them all really i dooo but i don’t know they aren’t likeee bts at all at all i know that they r talented so freaking much but i feel like they’re posing idk but they aren’t normal they aren’t themselves 💔

    28. shormy

      moM HE'S ON ELLEN

    29. Flawless Production

      SUPERminions that's a good one

    30. Kymoon

      Ultra sympathique, cest trop bien de les voir discuter ainsi avec ellen ! Trop sympas !! 💕

    31. Leah Nguyen


    32. keshang_littlebangtan 09

      No one: Taeyong: mom IM IN ELLEN HAHAHAHA

    33. Lyn Da

      Me encanto

    34. 감부헌

      Bts는 자연스러운 미국 진출인데 얘네들은 여기저기 다 긁어모아서 잡탕을 만들어놨네

    35. Kpop lover Jennie

      When Ellen asked if they were single Ten lucas Mark looked at kai and kai was just looking nervous naww cute baby

    36. Bts. SpellBound

      Wait a sec........ isn’t Mark from NCT?

    37. Para hinda

      I personally don’t like superm but i that i change my mind after this video😂

      1. Dee dee


    38. Beautylovebts

      I don’t fully understand what’s going on cause I wasn’t so into exo but they are quite good,wishing them a good future 🤗

    39. Tae Moon

      Ellen: are you single? Kai: yeah Kyungsoo: *bish I'm on military didn't left the world*

    40. squishy mochi

      This could be the future of everything

    41. Elric 8


    42. Elric 8

      It was very unexpected but so glad to see a donation made towards Ellen for s change :) Thank you, Super M

    43. TurboX



      You will lose

    45. Sprinkle Cake

      Sorry . THIS IS CRINGEY 🤣

    46. Lets go


    47. Sathiyan K

      me when i realized that kai and baekhyun from exo and mark from nct 127 is in su[perm me:d

    48. Elizabeth XD

      waiting for you anpanman~ WAITING FOR YOU ANPANMAN!!!

      1. Elizabeth XD

        @Procrastinator what do you mean???

      2. Procrastinator

        Don't spam.

    49. Allan M. Hanson

      How is possible that my favorite SHINee member, my favorite EXO member and my 2 favorite NCT members are in this group? Do I have a deal with the devil? 😱

    50. Taylor Sanders

      their English is amazing! so proud of them!

    51. moai 511

      얘네 Bts놀이 하네

    52. GAMER SHIV

      Fans should be named Mpire!!!isn't that good?

    53. Miharu ye

      2:16 Kai and Taemin, don't you daaarrreeeeee. I wanna sit between this. What was that touch my friend

    54. n

      what did Taemin say to Ellen after he introduced himself??

      1. Celine G

        "I'm a very big fan, Ellen"

    55. iamyojannie

      Haha I got my SuperM mini album from Target :)

    56. Reina R

      Be healthy and loved the mini album. Need to get all the versions ♡ SUPERM ♡

    57. 0709시싱

      Mark bhs inggrisnya keren

    58. hawt sauce

      2:05 kai is so sweet i love him so much :(

    59. bingeul bingeul Round

      0:20 2016:"You can call me monster" 2019:"yOu cAn cAlL mE bAcOn" XD

    60. Joonie lil Sister UwU

      This is a group with some of my biases I mean they’re all my biases exo’s Kai and Baekhyun ,NCT’s Mark,Taeyong,Ten and Lucas and Shinee’s Taemin UwU