Twins Style Each Other For Paris Fashion Week!!

Dolan Twins

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    Soooo we got invited to go to Paris fashion week with Louis Vuitton.. I know we can't believe it either. We had no clue what we were going to wear each day because we picked each other's outfits out..
    Check out the video we did on Louis Vuitton's Channel! -
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    ( Where the socks came from ;) )
    Ethan’s Stuff
    SNAPCHAT - EthanDolan
    Grayson’s Things
    SNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan

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    1. Life of Zackiya

      -ethan- and then.. maccas ad- new juicy cheese burger i am deceased

    2. Kamryn Parham

      grayson KILLED IT

    3. Rosalija Blanchard

      round 1- ethan round 2- ethan round 3- grayson

    4. Lia Holland

      Grayson won for sure

    5. Ethan Blust

      My first and middle name names are Ethan Grant. I just found out that’s Ethan’s middle name too

    6. retardoand stupedo

      i think they're saying arange instead of orange i dont understand

    7. Brittney Stuff Show!

      10:09 has me cracked up Ethan: What can I say I’m a colorista 🤣😂

    8. Hugo Beaudry

      Dolan twins: this is the best breakfast I’ve ever had Me: Nah I just think your normal breakfast is really bad

    9. thegreenplantruler

      hey what's wrong with shorts past your knee

    10. kenia gomez

      oh myy😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    11. Ariane Plante

      no one: not a single soul: me: Did anyone see that audi r8?! Holy shit it was fucking gorgeous

    12. mariana gonzalez

      each won the first out fit because he was thinking more than you garçon

    13. Kassandra Henrriquez

      *I think I need my inhaler*

    14. Ana D

      I think grayson won 🤭 Im sorry ethan 😭

    15. Loren Moss

      Grayson won x 😂

    16. Teagan Johnson

      I saw the leopard/cheetah thing

    17. Rio Townsend

      the outfit gray picked for E is better round 1

    18. Amanda Gomez

      "Glad we're gonna grow old together so that I don't have to take care of you when you're really old, I'll just be old too."-Grayson Dolan 2019

    19. Jase Clearman

      Ethan’s outfits definitely were better

    20. Jasmine Williams

      Grayson won day 1 and 3 and Ethan won day 2

    21. dass. deeasia

      Ethan : drops wallet *hears loud drop* Me : DAMNNNN !!!!

    22. Indy D

      1.Grayson 2.Tie 3.Grayson Soooo Overall Grayson won In my opinion

    23. Riana Mark-Flavell

      Round one Grayson outfit, don't like the pants Ethan picked out


      24:25 pause it bc there camera man is really cute 😳😳😚😚

    25. Allie Stafford

      Ethan so won

    26. Avery Miller

      Round 1: Ethan

    27. Brandy Dunnyum


    28. Hannah Haidery

      17:22 what was that gesture Grayson was trying to do???

    29. I’m in The basement

      Round one- Grayson

    30. Mr. Abnormal

      I didn’t really like Gray’s first outfit so I would say Gray won that first round. I would say round 2 was a tie. Las but not least, I think Gray won the third round because I didn’t like Gray’s outfit at all. Sorry E but in my opinion Gray won this challenge

    31. Rahkana Tukuafu

      no one: lIterally no one: not even ufc fighters: Grayson: CAN YOU SEE * air slaps ethan*

    32. Sissy Dean

      Day 1: Ethan Day 2: Grayson Day 3: Ethan....but it was very very close!


      Round 1: GRAY Round 2: E Round 3: GRAY

    34. Nayxx Nay

      Grayson definitely won 🤯

    35. Jailynn Magara

      ethan won round 1

    36. Savage bowman

      1 round go's to ethan

    37. grisel pedraza

      You can see the camera man in the mirror. 21:04

    38. Hallie & Ava

      ethan ethan and then grayson !! ethan’s last outfit 😻

    39. awesome dubs

      round 2 grayson

    40. awesome dubs

      round one grayson

    41. Ella  Van Hal

      Lol thé patterns dont work togetherrrr

    42. Lauren Woolley

      i think grayson round 1

    43. Jaycey Hartle

      I think Grayson won the first

    44. Bardi Damn

      “I can rock a turtleneck,Grayson no” y’all look the same

      1. roblox kid

        Bardi Damn in my opinion

      2. roblox kid

        Bardi Damn they don’t look alike

    45. Paige -Low Key-

      the oversized khaki pants noooo but the floral suit YES

    46. Paige -Low Key-

      such wholesome idiots I love them

    47. Ayesha Babar


    48. Grace Wallace

      Day 1: Ethan Day 2: Ethan Day 3: Grayson

    49. Novia Cyr

      Grayson won round 1

    50. Paige -Low Key-

      "im a colorista " I love these buffoons