Steelers need to get back to running the ball & L-Bell trade rumor - James Harrison | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    James Harrison joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers and Mike Tomlin. Plus, hear what Harrison had to say about Trent Williams and Le'Veon Bell trade deadline rumors.
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    Steelers need to get back to running the ball & L-Bell trade rumor - James Harrison | NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

      Will Mike Tomlin move on from the Steelers?

      1. Jacob Gonzalez

        He won’t move on and the Steelers won’t move on from him , no matter what record they finish with and they are 5-4 as of now. But tomlin has never had a losing season and it doesn’t look like it will change this year

      2. Jeffrey Johnson

        Nah, Tomlin is a great coach and a great icon of the Steelers.

      3. langerrobert52

        As a recent critic of Tomlin I have to give credit where it's due. Without Ben we could very well be in a better position had it been for unfortunate turnovers. We won with a third string qb. I believe the Steelers now that after reading for Minkah Fitzpatrick and the defense has improved that they can make the playoffs

      4. Benz Rich

        NOOOOO!...Nuff Said.

      5. steeleru7 Burgh

        No! Love Coach T💯

    2. JPS 3B

      I have so much respect for James Harrison, I wish he could have played forever. One of the top three men to ever wear the black and yellow!

    3. Noah Ballard

      James Harrison is exactly right.

    4. M Brower

      Supposedly, the Steeler players got upset with Bell because he was toying with them, saying he was coming back, then not showing,...more than once. Tweeting photos of himself having fun in the sun, etc., didn't endear him to his teammates either. He wanted the money and it was ALL about him and not the team. Well, he got SOME $, and that's all he got, lolol! Bell wanted a TON of money, which he didn't get, and was healthy for just one of the 3 yrs he was with the team.

    5. M Brower

      People forget that Mike Tomlin once said in an interview that one of the reasons he signed with the Steelers was because they had a quarterback. Washington doesn' to speak. The kid is in no way, ready to lead the Redskins.

    6. corey vire

      Am I seeing glitters in Harrisons beard?

    7. Benz Rich

      i agree with James Harrison on this one. it's still some hate from most of the Steeler players & Le'Veon Bell.

    8. Levi Owen

      Wow L-Bell already on trading block. Should of would of grass is not greener on other side

    9. Rob Gman

      Give the guy a chance I think he has potential we will see

    10. Wayne Hasch

      Rudolph's problem is that his receivers are subpar. They cannot get separation. He is forced to throw the ball into a 50-50 situation and hope that a Steeler comes down with it.

    11. jordan sheppard

      I love tomlin

    12. seanmcerini

      I think Mason is heir apparent..dude just started his career. Watch what's coming and enjoy. He will have a good year and will be ready to go when Ben retires.

    13. space boy

      Wow. People don't know a QB when they see one. Mason Rudolph is for real. What makes me say this? His release on the ball and his throwing mechanics. His feet are calm and he doesn't look panicked. His pocket awareness is good, but could certainly be better. His reads and looks are solid. People, he is Ben's replacement. I think as he grows more comfortable with the offense we are going to see the future unfold right in front of our eyes. He has the same throwing motion as Peyton Manning. You'll see.

    14. Steve Spencer

      I really don't think so. Why when you're with a storied franchise. Would you want to move to another that's been in disarray for so long.

    15. steeleru7 Burgh

      Deebo needs to be a permanent sports analyst.

    16. masmcg

      tired of hearing about the same 3 QBs. they haven't won anything. All 3 are breaking the mold for your typical QB but until they win a superbowl I don't care how great they are running around. they aren't winning what matters.

    17. Moe Fitzgerald

      I wish people would understand that just because he played for the Steelers doesn't mean he's still around the organization he doesn't know any more than them stop using him as a Steelers spokesperson

    18. Responsible Forest

      I love mason rudolph i think he should get a chance beyond this year. His mechanics are great

    19. William Harrison

      Idk what they been watching but mason has played better than four of the 5 QB's taken before him.

    20. James Buckey

      Listening to James is calming. Sports news has become a rage fest and he's a breath of fresh air.

    21. Steelers Freak

      I agree...Mason is not the answer.

    22. Tom Downey

      This guy is such a toolbag (not Harrison).

    23. Jsmes Wagner

      How many of these qbs have rings.

    24. JR

      Bell averaged 3 yards a carry with the Steelers also!

    25. Wade Matthews

      Liked this video, cause it's 92 Harrison 👍

    26. Heath N

      I miss Bell. When both Bell and AB were leaving, I wish they'd have Bell over Brown.

      1. guntryboi p

        Bell and Brown over Ben who got hurt without getting hit anyway

      2. Not Me But You


    27. Chuck Kelly

      I doubt Pgh will take Bell back. An if they did. He won't get anything near 14 Mil. But The Steelers have. Samuals an Edmonds. Both need the Work. I Disagree with Bringin Ben Back. An I Beleave in Keeping Rudolph is better than unloading him. In fact I would like to keep all 3 of their QB's Put Ben in another Capacity. QB Couch OR Even Asst OC .

    28. Steve Spears

      Mason haven't played that much Ben had Holmes &ward enough said +a running game Bettis;Rudolph is the future he going to be better than Jones before the end of the year,;Steelers could had Lamar Jackson but they passed on him so that there stupid decision its over but Rudolph to be the guy;BELL back to pit not happening to much drama with Ben Bell &Connors would take them to the AFC championship hands down;

    29. Darryl Harvey

      Harrison and cowherd are tripping mason is the future come on smh

    30. King Cadmus

      The Lev Bell analysis, while accurate, fails to account for the entire Bell decision making. Bell was doing his "personal business and how he chooses to make his career" . . . In 2018 he lost $14.5 million in guaranteed money. Now granted you could say he wanted a long term guarantee. The Steelers' last offer was: 5 years $70 million with $33 million guaranteed and $45 in the first three years. With the Jets Bell signed for 4 years $52.5 million and $35 million guaranteed. In so doing, Bell not only lost A LOT of money (not including the franchise tag year) he also has pretty much guaranteed he will never get another contract the way this team is performing and he is now "average".

    31. Ryan Kowatch

      Whats funny is, Wentz is playing no better than Rudolph this year yet everyone still praises him for being one of the best QBs in the league.

    32. jason lewis

      Is James Harrison wearing a Gordon Gartrell shirt???? WTFeezie 🤦🏽‍♂️🤯😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    33. Joe Nobody

      James Harrison or Chuck Norris 🤔

    34. Sore Loser

      Bills would of been actually a legit contender with AB 😂😂😂 he messed himself up this year

      1. Jamal Thomas

        All bad. AB was the guy mad he did that to himself

    35. Zechariah Barajas

      7:53. I don’t think they were mad that he didn’t sign the franchise tag but that he didn’t accept the big contract he was offered because he wanted even more.

    36. Brian Baer

      Here we go again, the peanut gallery, cant stand JH

    37. Purp Bezzy

      If James Harrison stayed with us before he went to the pats we would’ve been in the super bowl

    38. Kenro Saidso

      I think its rudolph him self. I think hes nervous to impress instead of just playing. Proof is what we seen in college. He never missed a wide open td. Now its over thrown or under. I seen how disappointed he gets off an incompletion compared when he did in college. His body languane says it all. Just go play and quit trying to be perfect then he have way better numbers. He missed 2 td vs miami that would of gave steelers 40+. And thats not counting other wide openrecievers he missed.

      1. TheBlazikenBro BOI

        Kenro Saidso theres a huge difference between college and nfl

      2. Kenro Saidso

        Imagine what they be saying about rudolph and the offense of the steelers if he hit these wide open recievers. More points, more big plays, more respect. I believe the steelers r right their ready to kick the door down and start putting up bigger numbers. Rudolph needs to start hitting his targets. No different between college nfl. A wide open reciever is a wide open reciever

    39. bmote48

      Pittsburgh is done with Bell I think? If he didnt leave the way he did we'd love to have Bell back..... BUT I think Pittsburgh wouldnt even answer a text from Bell.....

    40. Isaac Harvison

      Can't wait for them make the playoffs and win then win a SB yeah terrible coach but who knows anything can happen it's football

    41. Isaac Harvison

      The hate on Mike is real saying he only win with cower team get out here it's been his team over 10 years and never had losing season all of cower players retired in 2008-2009 except Harrison and ben

      1. Jsmes Wagner

        And they have been lousy since then. He won both super bowls with cowhers team.

    42. Isaac Harvison

      He playing better than most qaurter backs you going to put him underneath Baker he threw 7 int in 2 games

    43. Jk Jak

      steelers need to get jay ajayi and aj green

      1. Ryan Maliek

        Jk Jak No cap room to do that. Would be freaking great to get at least one of them though.

    44. wolfpacsyxx

      Money money money money money!!! Everyone’s got a price everyone’s gonna pay because the million dollar man always gets his way!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha

    45. jack Kerr

      Ben's not coming back

    46. littlesame

      Redskins is nba Knicks, bad front office that no one wants to play for. Feel bad for the fans

    47. matthew shuba

      Mason is better than Lamar Jackson. Better passer that is.

      1. God’s Son

        matthew shuba not true my son.

    48. TheGermanAssassin

      He said he was coming back that was the problem

    49. Anthony Hunt

      Mason is the next starting quarterback after BIG BEN retires!

    50. Flash Gordon

      James Harrison, Thank You for all you've done as a Steeler.

      1. RANS87IROCZ

        @Flash Gordon oh I agree on that too I rank it my #1 just insanity I fell to the floor in celebration during that moment! Both him and Holmes catch! Man I was worried they was about to lose it! If Holmes doesn't make that catch changes alot to, he was covered by 3 defenders and I thought bad throw for Ben to try to put over such at time but man just amazing! But Harrison interception was just insane to me, take either from happening they don't win it

      2. Flash Gordon

        @RANS87IROCZ Easily a top 3 play ever in Super Bowl history.

      3. RANS87IROCZ

        That Super Bowl pick! So thankful for that

    51. D4rk50ul-v2

      Let's be real about Rudolph. He has barely any play time, was thrown in without notice in a losing season with fans raging. He got knocked out, came back and won a game with some pretty impressive play in the second half. Sure he needs some tuning, but his core abilities are first round quality. Now we get to see him ball out since they are letting him throw. Everyone is hating on this kid, yet he has more leadership especially during media spots than any QB we have had and it shows with how the team rallies with him in.

    52. Vbat 421

      Broncos! Not Redskins

    53. The Greatest

      Jumping from the frying pan to the skillet lol 😂

    54. Frankie Brown

      I think Duck is the better QB option

    55. Michael Steele

      If the Steelers and Bell can put there differences aside and come to an understanding, I believe the Steelers can win there division and be competetive in the playoffs.

    56. john sines

      didn't address the issue would any team want L-Bell's contract cmon man do the important issues

    57. Ryan Maliek

      Actually Bell chose to NOT make the most money for his career by going to NY. The contract Pittsburgh offered him would have paid him almost 9 million more in total. Bell was a product of a system in Pittsburgh. He had EVERY advantage. A good & experienced coach, a HOF QB, a HOF receiver, a top 5 offense with great receivers that kept the defense from stacking the box, and a top 5 Oline. Without all that, he’s mediocre.

    58. Brandon Wallick

      James Harrison was amazing when he played the game and kept his mouth shut. Wait he never kept his mouth shut.

    59. oLex Kaotic

      James Harrison dislikes Pittsburgh because he got benched for TJ Watt, his takes always show a little bit of hate towards Pittsburgh

    60. stevOkanevil TM

      For an explosive and scary dude he is so calm just talking.