Spray Tan Challenge

Dolan Twins

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    We give each other really bad spray tans
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    1. Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs?

      "one million hot" SKSKSKJSJKSS

    2. Myself Yourself

      why is nobody talking about this 6:27😂

    3. Hayley Sloggett

      E- Grayson. Grayson ITS GETTING DARKER E- look at it, Grayson look at it. G- I know I know. Shhh- E- LOOK AT IT!!!!

    4. Isela Herrera

      😂😂😂😂great video

    5. Hajra Asif

      "you look great,keep your head up bro"😩❤️

    6. Suze van Leeuwen

      “Suck it” *WHEEZE*

    7. brittany burney

      Omg I couldn’t stop laughing

    8. Madison Smith

      They looked like Zombies in the end

    9. Madison Smith

      Yo Ethan looked like A BURNT CHICKEN NUGGET!!!

    10. AubreyJamesMusic

      U.mmm blackface.. Ethan LMAO

    11. Alex Rodriguez

      Who else feels like we are in 2015

    12. Kendall White

      I don’t know why, but I watch this video so kuch

    13. Maya M

      I choked on water while watching this 🤣🤮 Edit: i did a vomit emoji because I vomited the water.

    14. Olivia Rules

      I'm just exited to look like an idiot - Ethan dolan 2017

    15. Ana Loraine Ortiz

      I really love how the Dolan twins don’t have long videos and super funny

    16. MEME _ LOVE

      I love you so much you guys. I'm very upset because I will never meet you guys, you mean the world to me I love you so much and I feel very sad, please come to Dubai because I am from Dubai💔😔 I love you so much guys .....💚💙

    17. Yo Mama

      Ethan did so much more each turn

    18. yamaris Ortiz

      Hi i am in love with both of you guys can we be friends forever you two

    19. Jaf Jaf

      When I started watching in 2017 I thought they were a couple then a few videos in I saw there channel name andddd.... yeah

    20. Talia San Nicolas

      8:01 to 8:08 Grayson was getting skunked by Ethan. Oh mi gosh I couldn't stop laughing🤣😂😁😀😆😉😃😄😅😊😋☺😧😩😂🤣😃🤣😂😁😀😆😄😅😋😊😉😋🤣😂😀

    21. lillykate freeman

      5:36 when grayson got stuck coming out of the womb

      1. Isabella D’Egidio Barrios

        lillykate freeman you could even here the crack

    22. VGamerOfGamesYT

      If you pause it on 9:10 Ethan's face looks so funny I'm actually DYING of laughter right now XDD

    23. Amber Adkins

      Why does Grayson look like a doll with the spray tan

    24. Zavia Salas

      7:50 grayson scratched is butt 😂

    25. Spill Central

      pause the video at 7:56 and grayson is trapped by a gremlin (ethan)

    26. Hailie Mills

      They actually still look good

    27. Kerr Family

      7:50 Grayson ya itchy?

    28. Rosé

      Who's watching in 2019 Like if you are

    29. Stephanie Zindler

      0:03 me when i haven't seen my best friend after two weeks apart 😂😂😂

    30. Yuh Yuh

      They both look like they got flipped over in a portapotty 😂

    31. Sonny Aguila

      Really um...pale boys

    32. Lexi Land


    33. Iza BONAR

      * Emma has entered the chat *

    34. Maddie Auld

      where’s ethan’s tongue piercing

    35. Taylor Cherry

      i can literally smell it

    36. Lola Soto


    37. Zareya Byirt

      2:11 Ethan's knees look like his head, his jawline more so. xD

    38. Featured ASMR

      1:06 Grayson: Ethan’s going first bc he’s my b**** Ethan: lmao 😂😂

    39. Katelyn SLOUGH

      Omg lol pause at 6:28 and see what im talking about

    40. Roselyn Romero

      Ethan looks like a burnt marshmallow🤣🤣❤️

    41. Beatrice Reilly

      Does anybody else think that Ethan doesn't look like Ethan after the face

    42. Hunter Gillies


    43. DIYS forlife

      4:06 grayy........

    44. Lulicorn Lulicorn


    45. Lulicorn Lulicorn


    46. karrlie emerson

      I’m I the only one who misses their old outro? 2019???

    47. iakxoxo

      two cute adorable idiots 😂

    48. Ashley Vlog

      2:57 Grayson the Windex bottle

    49. Jasmine Schallhorn

      Why is Grayson at the end oddly attractive

    50. haley carlton

      Anyone in June 2019?????