Spilling Tea About Each Other!!

Dolan Twins

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    We spill TEA about each other hahaha.
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    Ethan actually did talk in a baby voice to a girl I saw It with my own two ears

    გამოქვეყნდა წლის წინ


    1. eva diaz

      the twins in dr martens is *_-hOt-_*

    2. The Gex&Gen show

      I just came here to see if the spilled tea about ETHMA did you

    3. Emily

      imagine getting responded by your stan

    4. Pengueny Worshipers

      Why do I just want them to try and look like each other for a video Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    5. Chloe Louise

      I’m on the London eye watching this now😂😂

    6. Chloe Louise

      I’m on the London eye watching this now😂😂

    7. Chloe Sideridis

      ethans crush ayyy? HMMMMMM... Emmaaaa

    8. Chloe Sideridis

      for the girl who thought she had Ethan as a date, get your twins right.

    9. Xx.dolanfan.12xX 1234

      I wonder why E has a crush on Nicki Minaj

    10. Pretty little Girl


    11. Janell Martinez

      June 2019 anyone with me 😁

    12. Fluff Flaff

      Grayson might have confirmed Ethmaaaaaaa eeee!!

      1. shishtar shook


    13. Taylor Rose

      props to the dolan twins for NEVER doing clickbait

    14. Angelise DaSweat

      Grayson in this video 🥰😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    15. Bryce G.

      Ears cant see

    16. Jaxon Rochazz

      E’s British accent?😍 btw Im British and it was good for an American😂

    17. Shenel Queen

      Grays giving me George Michael vibes in this vid😭😍

    18. Millie Seymour

      I am personally offended about that tea pun

    19. Hi Bye

      How scared Ethan was when he realized how high they were😂😂 he was looking everywhere the whole rest of the video....Dolan twins marathon anyone???

    20. tasfia begum


    21. **cough cough** *

      Dammmmmmmmmn gray... looking good

    22. Toy Show


    23. Nina Thurnell

      here’s **click click** the mother fucking **click click** tea ☕️

    24. Shalom Alem

      I love how every time Ethan complain about Grayson not doing something Grayson just ignored him

    25. Selena Lopez11

      2019 anyone? 🤪🐶

    26. nicola kovaci

      “we’re high up” no shit your on the london eye 😂😂

    27. Ruby Marshall

      Wait OMG u came to England? 😭😭😭😫😫😯❤️ I didn’t even know I’m upset :(

    28. random me

      Ha ha funny. Grayson is so hot,sexy in this video just everyday sexy.ill date him but he wouldn't nosiest me. Go look at my channl or my Facebook its erin wilcox, I'm from lodi ca. If not its cool

    29. Max Leong

      haha does anyone realise that their "tea" emoticon are actually coffee? xD

    30. Mel T

      Ethan did talk to Emma with baby voice in the Christmas video🤩

      1. Mel T

        Zoe Aguirre yay!

      2. Zoe Aguirre

        Mel x my same exact thought!

    31. Norah Ruth

      2019... Anyone ?

    32. Dakota Rose

      What if Grayson was dm emma

    33. Katie Mitrakis

      Im wearing the same sweatshirt as Ethan rn

    34. P U

      The sister squad was perfect 👌 One gay Twins One down to earn girl , but one of the members is gone 😭ruined.... sister squad = 💔💔💔

    35. Rylee Halpin

      3:30 Ethma confirmed

    36. Emilie Amelia

      you made a 6-7 minute video on a 30 minute ride around the Eye..... i want to know what happened in the other time. also did you guys seriously just make a video? there is some amazing views from up there.

    37. Mian Zafar

      *i have never click on a video so fast*

    38. Sparshita Sahu

      The twins call confuse me so much 😂😂 Ethan is the more laid back and gentleman looking twin and Grayson is the hot sexy looking twin but then we have Grayson all so homewarmy types and Ethan is party all night!! Reason number 7383920010 why I love them!!!!❤️

    39. Olivia Crane

      ethan: I don't talk in a baby voice to girls also ethan: tHaNk U sO mUcHhHhH

    40. Craziestgamesandmore

      Do another one of these and Grayson spill the tea on Ethan and Emma

    41. S. Rose

      “Spilling tea about each other, tea cause London” 😂

    42. Tegan Brogan

      the funny thing is in the giving eachother gifts video he talked to emma in a baby voice

    43. billie eilishz

      well... aye

    44. Madhumita Chowdhury

      There is a picture of a camera in the bottom right corner..I don’t think they realized that they’re basically spilling 5heir tea to everyone who is watching that footage of them

    45. MIKA'S place


    46. Saschyy Rogers

      2020 anyone?!

    47. Lucy Branson

      STOP getting tattoos PLZ!!!!!!

    48. Aida Blazquez

      Grayson looks sooooo good in this video 😍😍 here in 2019 still love them so much ❤️

    49. BelleVolleyball

      Dolan twins: spilling tea People watching the security camera:😂😂😂 wtf

    50. Me Person

      aww its okayy ethan ill go on a date with youuuu