Some Good News with John Krasinski


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    John Krasinski highlights some good news from around the world, including an interview with Steve Carell to mark the 15thanniversary of THE OFFICE, as well as John’s newest hero Coco. #somegoodnews


    1. Molly McNair

      John Krasinski is the hero America needs

    2. Robin

      Here's some good news: Batman and I have officially returned to patrols! Evil beware!

    3. Fred Johnson


    4. Taco Gato

      The man we need but don’t deserve thank you! John K :D

    5. Professor El

      I love the ‘i ❤️ dad’ in the background

    6. pco00

      How about that image. Crystal clear!

    7. Butternut Squash

      🤣🤣🤣😭😭, haha awesome! I love him and do fo my kids!

    8. Becky B

      How do I submit a story to SGN if I don’t have Twitter?

    9. Wafflemasta

      Thank you. Just thank you.

    10. Paul Shryock

      This is cool. I'm down.

    11. Andrew Jones


    12. Caden Plays

      Jim: “wow that’s really hard, you think you can go all night long? Well you always left me satisfied and smiling” Micheal: “That’s what she said”

    13. Becke Strasters


    14. Michelle Denny

      Best video I’ve seen in a long time!

    15. Sadia LikesCookies


    16. Niles McMackon

      Thank you for doing this!

    17. I am your density

      Every time he turns to a new camera I swear I'm sent into another dimension 😂😂

    18. oilylioratuto

      Hey, Charles. Keep feathering brother.

    19. Fishing with Essex

      Who new that Jim Helper would be come a news reporter

    20. Yaoob Jacobs

      Thank you.

    21. Kent Kirkwood

      got a sub..... keep making them forever!

    22. Pat And Books

      I'm at work and 5 minutes in and I've stopped myself crying multiple times already. Thank you. This is much needed.

    23. LinB57

      I wish there was a "love" button!!! thank you! I so needed this today! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    24. Alexandra Hughson

      I’ve gone back to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="362">6:02</a> and paused the video… going to leave this window open and if things get rough today, I’m going to revisit their cheeky little faces...

    25. Felipe Perestrelo

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="799">13:19</a> - "What's amazing about it, is I'm doing this very silly thing of starting a good news network and a television show where we only play good news..." That's not silly, man. That's wonderful! Please keep it up! And many thanks! =*

    26. Pablo Neptuno

      medio tiranos temblad

    27. Vyshakh R

      In the next show, special correspondent should be Ryan Reynolds. 😂

    28. SarahEllie

      Yes. #somegoodnews is perrrrrefect for anytime and especially now.

    29. Mary Hoover

      Some Good News... BEST NEWS EVER!!! 😊❤

    30. Bukolina Franteszek

      Great job! Waiting for more! Greetings from Poland and UK!

    31. Homesteaders Unlimited

      This + Current Mood is vibe

    32. sweet bagger

      Love you Mr. Fantastic

    33. Rachel Holliday

      THIS is what we needed to see. Thank you, John Krasinski :')

    34. Yseye Appleton

      Love it I'm a Mexican artist, and I was wondering how can we send the good and happy that everybody it's not having rigth now, so your idea give me hope. Thanks

    35. Ben


    36. Pickle Project-Productions

      I was waiting for krasinski to say that’s what she said after Steve said “that was a hard one”

    37. Thomas DuVally

      This made me cry. The saddest thing: that POOR typewriter behind John. That little guys needs some love. I could totally fix that! Also, plenty of shops all over still do it.

    38. Rebecca Cowan

      Please have more guest aha

    39. MarkShiftyMeadeTV

      this is the perfect channel, at the perfect time, with the perfect host, GG man!

    40. Fabrizio Catalano

      A big thank you to John Krasinski for being John Krasinski

    41. Barbara Gryczon

      omg I cried for 15 min

    42. skatertab

      Why is there not a robot statue of you yet John?

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    44. Alan Mitchell

      Still not more views than Mr. Beast

    45. mursalat

      i needed this

    46. Keith Sanchez

      Can't wait foe the next episode!

    47. James Robben

      Might as well change the name now to Happy Cry Network (HCN)

    48. King Felidae

      This guy could be revealed as a serial killer and no one would hate him.

    49. ITSOJAG

      Thank you John! This is fantastic.

    50. Travis Gilbert

      Is it ok that I teared up much more to this video than any of the "real" news out there? Loving this keep it going!

    51. Giorgina Maria

      how do people find a reason to dislike this

    52. InappropriateVideos

      Thank you, today was a hard day for me. The company I work for just cut pay and fired 40 people (about 20% of employees). One of those people introduced me to the office. He's a good friend. This made me laugh/cry. I needed this. Keep it up.

    53. K Su

      This video and this channel is so touching❤️ Thank you for starting this, everyone needs some good news in their life

    54. s o p h i e

      this made me cryyyy omg

    55. Zamir

      Best show ever

    56. Brad Sudmann

      Who thumbs down this? The same people not practicing social distancing I'm guessing

    57. Tracey Donovan

      Thank you.

    58. Sheila Ernest

      This is awesome!!!!

    59. Sherri Gulbranson

      Thank you John - I would rather watch this all day than any news out there.

    60. Martha Mason

      Thank you. Just, thank you!!!

    61. Basha Flores

      Thanks John for doing this!!! We healthcare workers need alot of positivity right now!

    62. Painkiller Jones

      Too sickeningly sweet!!!! I must now sacrifice the lot of you to our dark lord Pelosi!!!

    63. Autumn

      we stan good news and John! Thanks 💛

    64. Дарья Горелова

      Fantastic idea!! And I loved seeing Steve Carell there!

    65. Matt Lewis

      John you bastard. Its 730 am, im getting ready to go climb cell phone towers and im crying. Not cool man.

    66. Trixie

      this dude is really Old... bordering on senior citizen

    67. Ty Cook

      Anybody who gives this a thumbs down I will personally kick off this planet if I meet them.

    68. DXM Parkour

      If you’re stuck at home during the quarantine and want some advanced bodyweight workouts then check out my recent videos, thanks 🙌🏼

    69. Katia Brewington

      Didn't think this would lift up my spirits so much but it did 😊. Thank you!

    70. Bobby Milleville

      I love this


      I remember Jams!!!

    72. Lone Baller

      the fuck niggas hating this for?? ppl be weird man

    73. StylinRed

      I think ppl are taking quarantine too seriously... It's not bad at all, y'all acting like it's the end of the world to stay home, we strive everyday just to go home

    74. Jeremy Nichols

      Thank you so much for doing this! Tears of joy this morning.

    75. Hannah McLellan


    76. Kami Warszawska

      oh John! this is what i need it! i'm crying so much, but in the good way. thanks!

    77. Noah Thibert

      Keep going this is amazing, A great way to show the good in the world when most media coverage wants to just cover coronavirus

    78. Peter Harris

      a required quite place is in order and the adjustment bureau is on the shorty list... and I wanted the sony 10" screen when they first introduced it

    79. R. Brian Phillips

      Oh, man. That was great. Bring us more!

    80. Geralgi Amsi

      Protect John at all cost!