So I Stole An Entire Beacon In Minecraft... | Minecraft Theives Guild E2



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    1. Captainsushi

      Don’t join the server guys

    2. World war 2 soldier

      I might make a slave shop

    3. Orbital

      You should make a replica of the Ragged Flagon from Skyrim.

    4. Cam the can man

      If people are put in the cell and have to mine they can just mine out

    5. EmuDudesEdits

      Uuuuuuuuuuu (((;

    6. Potato YT

      I’m new to yo server and this is the life I chose on it

    7. Josh Hanequiez

      Robbinhood was the first communist

    8. Xalerty

      0:53 communism at its best!🥰

    9. Josh Hanequiez


    10. Red Pikmin

      you stole a ENTIRE beacon. with the help of the owner. N I C E

    11. Andrew Le

      what mods are on this server?

    12. Max Zhang

      RASIST IM CHINESES BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. John Doe


    14. Ava Altstein

      cool pink tank top

    15. Challe135

      do u have some sort of discord for the theives guild

    16. Mohamed Fazeel

      Can i join thieves guild

    17. Littleohiobuckeye Epic

      I like Turtles and buts

    18. Grenks

      0:16 the random universe notification sound in the background

    19. Afterjupiter 713

      15:18 Too late! I'm 12

    20. Boter

      IM commenting so he will like my comment loll Edit: Thx lol

    21. Spike Fan

      What’s this server called

    22. Awc Dino

      Lover what's the server you are one rightnow and is it ja va or windows

    23. Daniel Mills

      Post more do you lean videos

    24. Taylor Turner

      It's not the first time I have been here for this exact reason it is a SKYRIM reference

    25. Maxwell Minter

      2020 peeps whooo

    26. Bolted Jolteon

      It really isnt funny stealing from kids

    27. Ethan Moss

      What is loverfella wearing on cam

    28. Brandon Jacobs

      Loverfella: steal from the rich, give to the poor Also Loverfella: puts the poor in debt and enslaves them to mine

    29. TinLeaf Yt


    30. Yeeted Productions

      Petition for loverfella to start a skyrim playthrough 10/10 would watch I’m not begging it’s my fav game 👇🏼

    31. Jacob Brown

      You have to be 13 too bwdmi am 11

    32. Seandale Francis

      I play on phone

    33. Seandale Francis

      How do I join

    34. Ian Hastie

      how do u get on this server

    35. FPL EFish

      I’m 8

    36. Tate Gilman

      Do more thieves guild


      I found you on tiktok and now I’m binge watching.

    38. Tyler James


    39. Kemm R

      Loverfella How do you join those servers

    40. noah gamer

      I like how he spelt theives

    41. Nadia Ali

      I love this video I bet ever half of the server will join

    42. Zunaira Fatima Baig

      What if another the thieves guilt are away and the whole guilt team rob the stuff and runaway

    43. Jerome Sloth

      For some reason when the people were on the wall it reminded me of attack on titan

    44. Brendan Furtaw

      Comment on loverfella video:1.45 million likes loverfella subscribers: he has 791 k subscribers

    45. Happynes Cheat

      Im 12

    46. Owen Miller

      What is that server cald

    47. Susan Thomas

      im 10 today

    48. I love Dogs

      Omg ur vids are so funny I love them

    49. merioplays

      Why do u always try to be the richest on ur own server ?

    50. Tyronegamer mlg


    51. Sieb Edo Klein

      I went to that base

    52. Rhys Jenkins

      Can I get on his server

    53. Dragons Play Too DPT

      LoverFella: builds with iron and diamond blocks Grian: enraged noises

    54. TSB_DuckyFires

      Can I join

    55. frogee 10

      i am 12 years old :(

    56. Cameron A Person You May Know

      I love this series 👍

    57. Daniel Skylee

      Another episode yay

    58. Dragon Dude1

      What shader pack is he using?

    59. Wyatt Altes

      play ark again

    60. Keira G

      What is his server ip?