Sky: CotL All Cosmetics + Misc. Items (Season of Gratitude - Season of Belonging)


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    Hiya everyone! This is a video showcasing every cosmetic in sky, and which spirit you can find them from. I have some items from Winter Season but not all so I’ve decided to title this one Gratitude - Belonging. I also have all purchasable cosmetics so you can view those as well!
    The items from the old season are currently unavailable
    Here is how to get the Elder Hairstyles:
    Sky: CotL All Elder Spirit Hairstyles - How to Get / Final Elder Spirit Cutscenes
    Here is how all of the Instruments + Misc. sound and look:
    Sky: CotL All Instruments + Misc. Items (Winter Season - Season of Belonging)
    Thanks so much for watching!
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    1. كۣۗہلَآوۣجۣۗہيۣۗہ وۣآفۣۗہتۣۗہخۣۗہر

      How do I complete the last stage without losing the stars of the wings?

      1. jadiieee151

        you can't. you have to die at the end no matter what. the game is designed that way. after you are reborn, you go to collect them again and go back to eden again to save the children and get ascended candles because it resets every sunday :)

    2. Meow meow

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="770">12:50</a> which spirit was needed to get that cape? Imma try and save candles for when it comes back as a travelling spirit

      1. Meow meow

        @Soph Ono thank you for the help! I'll look at some more info

      2. Soph Ono

        That cape is from the piggyback spirit from Season of Lightseekers. For more info the prices and such, you can look on the wiki or a google presentation:

    3. Rose Loto

      I Want to have the umbrella

    4. ghala Oni

      And we have to pay money to get these 🥺🥺🥺🥺

      1. Toleen Khaled

        Not all of them tho-

    5. Kid Robin

      How much the blue one on top of black cape?

    6. Zhen

      Anyone know if that light blue cape offered by the current spirit is able to go into the office?

      1. Patricia Soto

        It doesn't you have to get in the office and buy the blue cape for 30 dollars

    7. tetra1219

      I have a feeling that the Season of Gratitude cosmetics were inspired from traditional Chinese clothes, while specifically the masks from that season look a bit like Peking opera masks. The Season of Lightseekers looked inspired from traditional Japanese clothes, and Season of Belonging probably somewhere in Europe. Really cool that the game company incorporated all these cool designs ^^

    8. Mc Benji

      What is da cost of the blue cape in forest constellations by angry woman spirit?

      1. •#oceanbluu#• •

        Mc Benji The blue cape costs 20 hearts ♥️

    9. The Fat Goat

      I beat eye of eden for the first time, and im saving up for the chibi mask. Can anyone help me? I have discord

    10. JeonJungkookシ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="328">5:28</a> can someone tell me where i can find this hair?

      1. Izuku Midoriya

        You'll have to get/unlock the telekinesis emote (from the vault of knowledge) and buy it from her (im not sure how many hearts though since im currently also trying to get that spirit)

    11. Nicole Low

      I’m abit new to the game and I was wondering if the seasons come back in the future or I really missed out on all these things forever 🥺

      1. Nicole Low

        ah I see I still have a small chance . Thank you so much ☺️☺️☺️ ur channel really helps me out a lot honestly I think u deserve so much more followers cause ur explanations are always so detailed 💯

      2. Nastymold

        They do not but there are travelling spirits who come to trade old seasonal items!

    12. Jeansbeans

      I have a friend that has a swing set. I was wondering where that's from~

      1. Soph Ono

        As far as I know, that was a spell during a past event

    13. lucia snowsky

      Wow ty for this

    14. Chiara Mariani

      Will the season of Gratitude come back? q-q

      1. Toleen Khaled

        No season is coming back, maybe some spirits from this season will come as a traveling spirit!

    15. Destiny Wolfie

      Umm...when you said “Valley white stance” or was it Valley Why Stance? WHAT DID YOU SAY

      1. Nastymold

        Probably wide

    16. Kid Robin

      Hey, where can i unlock Naruto's run ? Haha

      1. Kid Robin

        @i_breathe _oxyjin oh shit i don't like chibi mask

      2. i_breathe _oxyjin

        Kid Robin It’s the chibi mask from the hide and seek spirit from the hidden forest, it’ll cost you 3 ascended candles too btw and it costs 20 hearts

    17. Blind Andy

      They should make old season cosmetics purchasable

    18. Chaloupka na Vršku

      I admire that u have everything

    19. Ariadna Hernández

      Me gusta esa arpa en forma de redonda, no la normal sino la que es circular :)

    20. Tae V

      What is season of belonging? Where can i play in tht

      1. Soph Ono

        Seasons are 2 month long events. Many have already passed but some spirits can come back via travelling spirits (every 2 weeks during a season, and every week during an off-season)

    21. 이니

      목소리 예쁘시네요

    22. Ahsen A.

      I want those seasons to return :(((( damn i just started playing it recently and everyone is flexing on me :((( And those travelling spirits carry items that are too expensive for me....

      1. Soph Ono

        ​@• Stxrry Blxssxm • Just gotta learn good routes for candle runs and save up

      2. • Stxrry Blxssxm •

        Same. I only started playing it a few days ago qnq

    23. PixelsPixels

      I hope they'll add colored versions of the tunic!!

    24. Tori Chic TC

      The valley arms cross spirit, the no mask? How much is it, because I’ve been trying to get it forever and I need to be prepared

      1. Nastymold

        30 hearts

    25. Sebastian Delio

      I’m depressed that I missed season of light seekers because I love the ultimate reward

      1. Fallen Stars

        Sebastian Delio same I wanted most of these things!

    26. shoka

      How do you record internal sounds?

    27. Elisha V

      When you make an updated video of this, please don't wear the chibi mask. It's better to show the full sized version of each costume. Also, it might be better to go to a less populated costume changing area like in Valley of Triumph. Plus, the background would be white.

      1. fakejoji

        She is not wearing chibi mask.

    28. Hani Jung

      Im sorry Im late but can I know how much heart needed for the pants valley wide stance?

      1. Soph Ono

        5 hearts

    29. SocPsyc

      Ooo..remember to show the “headphones” that show up when you play the game and are listening to music at the same time (love your channel Nasty) :-)

    30. Elvrin Toram

      Awe the beta cape is my favorite 😭 I want it but I can't 😭 teal cape will do then 🙂 and the white one is so glowly I want that but I don't have enough hearts to get either one 😭

    31. Thiên Bảo

      Your voice so cute

    32. Almighty_Pizza_Cat

      Your voice is so satisfying

    33. Maryjose Lazaro.D

      Aww ur voice is so cute

    34. ghassan nasser

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="444">7:24</a> looks like hijab

    35. Kidneys

      Wow How much time did you spend on sky? I'm very very impressed you got all the collectibles in it!

    36. Ostania whestalis

      I just want the umbrella

    37. Kiyo Chan

      how can i find the hair in the forest pry, because I want that hair.. pls answer

    38. Luna

      The pants of season of belonging is my favorite but i miss the season (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

      1. stormiskiies

        @daishana louisse yeah that's so unfair 😭

      2. daishana louisse

        same, the game wasnt even out for android til like 2 weeks ago maybe or 3 i forgot

    39. Sour Lemonade

      How do you get wing-buffs? (Or the double-layered stars as i call them)

      1. Zushikikato

        You trade the ascended candles with the spirits, I believe.

    40. Đông Võ

      Naruto run :)

    41. Ross s

      Why i cant unlock the pray emote spirit?

      1. Aletha

        You have to unlock telekinesis first

    42. Protozoa

      You're voice is pleasant to hear, its calm and soothing.

    43. Sudoku Nagamine

      How many hearts are each cape that you can unlock? Not including the seasonal capes

    44. Alli Rae

      So I can ok only get in the office with the beta cape? 😫😔

      1. Soph Ono

        either beta or the founders cape, which you have to buy while in the office. So, i would suggest joining the sky discord and getting an uber to the office

    45. PHO QUANG Music

      Does anyone sale account have all those ?

    46. nazlı üngör

      Is there enough heart in the game to get them all???? (°▽°)

      1. David Huerta

        nazlı üngör Thank you, also no problem and enjoy the game

      2. nazlı üngör

        David Huerta You’re a great help, i must say

      3. David Huerta

        You get about 34 hearts from the ingame permanent spirits, and you get more from friends

    47. Claresta Widodo

      0 dislike for this video!! Good job 😂

    48. Etha

      I’m so sad, I want the umbrella but I’m pretty sure I can’t get it anymore. :( My whole character I want to make involves the umbrella, sun hat, the season of belonging pants, that black face mask, and the blue cape with the cool shaped ends.

      1. Etha

        Nastymold good to know. Thanks

      2. Nastymold

        Most of these cosmetics will come back as travelling spirits at some point :) they’ll just cost quite a bit of candles instead of real money 😅

    49. Flux’s sky journey

      How to get them?

    50. Royale Sky’s

      Wait nasty isnt there a light seekers mask which has the pendant design on it?

      1. Nastymold

        There was one that the quest giver for Lightseekers had but they didn’t make it available for some reason! I think it may have been available in the Chinese version of the game, but I can’t confirm that

    51. Ser Al Han

      Wow. The game just released for mexico like 3 days ago 😅🙈

    52. ICan’tThink0fAName ;—;

      How many hearts do you need to get the dark blue cape? Mine says two but I have more than two and it’s not working. I think it might be in the 20’s but I can’t see the full thing.

      1. ICan’tThink0fAName ;—;

        Nastymold Thank you! I was really confused when it wasn’t working.

      2. Nastymold

        I believe it’s 25!

    53. Jay Night

      Hi NastyMold where do I get the royal cape??

    54. Soldier the Cat

      I hope they make the feast hat available every christmas

    55. RiRi

      Where you get the purple cape from

      1. RiRi

        PAERL ! Thank youu

      2. PAERL !

        RiRi the purple cape comes from the Shock spirit from Hidden forest

    56. Jeff Clemeña

      Where to find the white cape?

    57. Tea

      I’m honestly impressed she knew the level, spirit, and emote/stance/call behind every cosmetic

      1. ᄍzumi

        i think she recorded her voice over the video

      2. Timonas 11

        Alex M. I passed thrugh eden like 10 TIMES AND IDK THE EMOTES OF ALL THE COSMETICS ;-;

      3. Lily Vuong

        You can easily find them on the wiki and it should tell you where each one is from! ✨

      4. Dany B

        @Alex M. i feel you 🤣

      5. Alex M.

        I've passed through the eye of eden twice and I still cant remember where every star is lol

    58. Silvano Salvador

      How long you play Sky?

    59. N e l l

      Omg I love light seekers. I wish I didn’t miss it :< I was a noobie

      1. Stella Yu

        noob here too

      2. RiRi

        N e l l i missed it too.

      3. violett c:

        i missed it as well! i only got a mask and two emotes because i was a moth 🥺

    60. Eve Sama :]

      is it normal to have the same spirit as last week? (the cat/fox mask) is three anyway to change the spirits?

    61. Snapii XOXO

      Hi nastymold i need help so i dont know when lightseekers is coming out 😭

      1. Nastymold

        Hiya! The season of lightseekers has ended. There’s been no announcement for if they will ever repeat seasons again!

    62. sugar belle

      Hi nasty mold can you tell me the 8 spirit in the forest :3

    63. the shoot

      Can u halp me i buy pass and where gift? I read all pass owner gift this this this and where gift i no idea(

    64. Adrian Gonzalez

      Season pass is so expensive :(

      1. Petra Fulierová

        @stormiskiies wAiT do you mean the friend gift pass

      2. stormiskiies

        @Petra Fulierová xD for me it's 20€

      3. HJ

        It’s not expensive it is just excessive

      4. Petra Fulierová

        Adrian Gonzalez bro it’s just 11€

    65. Yanna Lua

      This may be random, but does going to Eden change your height? :o

      1. Petra Fulierová

        Yep it does randomize your height

      2. Nastymold

        Nope! The only was is through resize potions or the chibi mask as seen here:

    66. Sky Helper

      I have ALL spirits in season of belonging

      1. Sky Helper

        I really didn’t get anything of the light seekers

      2. LoopCraft

        Micayla Bush good for you buddy!

    67. Bittles The cookie aka Cait Cat Skull

      To be honest I would be hyped if they are also going to do gratitude I just hope it would happen

      1. HJ

        No never again sorry

    68. Jelly Nelle

      Stop flexing on me Nasty😭😭

    69. Lynn Avila

      I’m just so impressed that you’ve unlocked all those when I’m struggling to reach 20 hearts 😂 Edit: I’ve managed to make a lot more friends in the game and I have about 5 people who will send me a heart daily after I send one to them. It’s helped me sooo much! 💕🥺

      1. Tori Chic TC

        Lynn Avila yeahhhh!

      2. That One Sky Child!

        Klorin the Banan huvud all you need are friends that are nice and a not lazy spirit XD I managed to get it in 5 days

      3. Lynn Avila

        Jayda Iordanidis we can be friends!! :’) I’ll do my best to send you hearts

      4. грибной малыш

        My friend hadn't known how to get hearts at first, but she had a ton of spirits already so when i showed her she collected all the hearts from the spirits in two days, just enough to get the shrinking mask, where as i spend all my hearts :'( im saving up tho lol

      5. Jayda Iordanidis

        Bruh I want those 5 friends

    70. Beanos Dias

      Happy holidays!!

      1. Nastymold

        Merry Christmas!!!!! 💕

    71. Sheyla 2.0

      Is the season of gratitude coming back?

    72. nicole nino

      Thanks for your hardworkk and enjoyy ur holidaysss!! 🎉🎄

    73. Chocolate Heart

      I really wanted the parasol from light seekers but I couldn’t get it in time! Is there a way to get it still?

      1. just an ordinary Idiot

        Chocolate Heart you probably know this by now, but previous seasonal spirits now come back for limited times as “Traveling Spirits” so you should be able to get it once it comes around

      2. Chocolate Heart

        luci damn bummer

      3. starlord

        Chocolate Heart no, the cosmetics from previous seasons are limited time only. Unfortunately seasons only happen once, and you won’t be able to get it. Hopefully they add a free umbrella in-game for non-pass players who missed their chance to buy/earn it.

    74. ausflybaby


      1. Nastymold

        Merry Christmas!!! :^)

    75. Mortar - SheWrote

      Now I know which spirits to spend my candles/hearts on first. Very helpful, thank you!! Loved seeing all the items in the game even if I can't get them anymore

    76. Cassava

      Do you think they will redo the other seasons?

      1. U U


      2. HJ

        I hope not

      3. blubby dragon

        o no It’ll probably come back in a traveling spirit though

      4. symatra carful e

        blubby dragon aww, I really wanted the red/gold wings from belonging :(

      5. K u m i K a m i i

        blubby dragon there are the traveling spirits this season so i suppose that helps

    77. Luka

      wait so you cant get the fox mask now? ;-;

      1. Petra Fulierová

        It was on the rhythm season a week ago i think

      2. Nastymold

        It could come back! But right now it’s unavailable.

    78. Menkir Dennis

      i feel so lazy to play since i can't get the pants without the season pass, although i still want that mandolin/ukelele

    79. Cristian Grajales

      Merry Christmas Mold, much love, God bless

      1. Nastymold

        Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful holiday :-)

    80. mystq

      Yay I really need to step up my game and get some items lol