Sky: CotL FULL Season of Rhythm Guide



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    Hi everyone! The Season of Rhythm is upon us! Try and get the ultimate prizes: the coveted glowing eye mask and owl hair!
    In this video I will be showing you what the season of rhythm is, the seasonal accessory which allows you to unlock more items, gives you twice the daily quests, gives you one daily candle for free and 20 bonus candles once you purchase it.
    Remember that you can find 5 candles per day, and 6 with the accessory
    Seasonal coverage:
    Isle of Dawn coverage:
    Daylight Prairie coverage:
    Hidden Forest coverage:
    Valley of Triumph coverage:
    Golden Wasteland coverage:
    Vault of Knowledge coverage:
    A look at the constellations/emote recap:
    Thank you so much for watching! Let me know if this helped you!!
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    1. KingDog

      My friends are long inactive so I can’t get the one in the Library.

    2. MillyEngel

      I wish I had the gamepass if my mom won't be mad. :c

    3. امل - Play

      i liveu somig

    4. SirNoSir

      DUDE i thought i was supposed to fly to guide the spirit in golden wasteland! I didn’t know darkness was supposed to be there- There were never darkness in that part everytime i enter the map.. damn 😭

    5. Syarikha Nawwar Rafif

      after i burn the spirit stone and the orange light thingy went up to the sky the game stopped, i had no idea what to do so i close the app and restarted it but then when i came back the spirit is gone and the emote on my inventory turned grey have i made myself lost the spirit that was so hard for me to play because im so scared of the krills? 😭😭😭

    6. Jasmine Garcia

      Dude I was so scared in the golden wasteland but after three days of losing lights I finally got the spirit and I’m so glad I never have to go back but I needed to get the se spirits fast because there is only 20 days left of the season and thank you so much for your help I felt like I was going to have a heart attack from those monsters they were so scary 🙁🙁

    7. Avilos

      Can we see more of the free pants? Do they have an official name?

    8. Kerime Kurt

      does anyone know exactly how many event candles are needed to buy everything the seasonal spirits are selling?

    9. Nerø

      This actually helped me thank you

    10. Christmas Tree

      i can’t seem to pick up carry spirits. any tips?

    11. Kaleidoscope Angel

      I know I’m late but funny thing: While I was doing the spirit in the Golden Wastelands, the darkness were not there, they were all burned away already. This might be a glitch, I dunno. For those who encounters this bug, there is a way to complete it, as I have done, however, it is quite tricky since it wasn’t what the devs intended. I would recommend resetting the area first before attempting. So what I did was I had to go around the base of the tower/tree thing. Be mindful that the orb/flame remains following you during the process. There will be a part at the base where the slope goes outwards more, almost right under where the frozen spirit is. You will have to climb this slope very carefully not bc of the Krill since it does not pass there, but of the end bit. As you reach the bit of perch where the seasonal spirit is, the slope will become very steep, rendering it impossible to climb normally any further. What you’d want to do from this bit is climb/walk up as far as possible, give just one flap straight upwards then quickly land on the very edge of the perch where the spirit should be found. Landing on the very edge will ensure that you can recover the orb very quickly on the off chance it might fall down, and the orb will only follow if you flap once, twice is really pushing it. Edit: wording

    12. xMiyokox

      God the GW are impossible, especially the carry ones

    13. Tea

      It’s sad the season’s almost over. Buttt! I gotta save up all of my cash so I can buy the adventure pass again. Bought it once and got HOOKED on it 😂

    14. CocoN

      Question, where did people get the dancing emote where it changes Dance every note? It’s like they play music but they dance to it and do the splits.

      1. CocoN

        Nastymold oh! Thank you!! I really wanted it but couldn’t find it anywhere

      2. Nastymold

        That’s the upgraded version of the dance from this season, level 3 and 4

    15. Missing In Nevada

      The hardest part of that Wasteland spirit was the stupid part where you had to fly up to the next platform. I kept falling because someone burnt the staircase and I lost like 4 stars. It was so infuriating, but it was worth it for the grind.

    16. Lameweeb

      this game is such an amazing gameeeee. i can’t believe it’s free.

    17. John MC

      It’s beautiful but you should record at 60fps 💕

    18. namphuong Le

      cho minh tài khoản game đó đi

    19. Ollie Abstract

      how do you get seasonal hearts??

      1. Ollie Abstract

        Nastymold ok!! thanks :3

      2. Nastymold

        They’re at the very top of every upgraded spirit! There’s one per spirit so only 6

    20. Unplugged Edits

      Am I wrong or they took out the mechanic where you have to worship at the temple to get the seasonal spirit in your constellation? That would be a blessing. I wouldn’t have to go all the way to the end of the Wasteland 😭

      1. Nastymold

        They did thankfully !

    21. Juju Vidrio

      Nasty mold what’s your discord?

      1. Nastymold

        Discord link is always in the description ☺️

    22. Adrien

      how do u get the beta

      1. Tea

        Adrien It’s not being given out ever again.

    23. Fan

      في عرب

      1. عبدالرحمن

        Fan قليل الي الحين لاقي بس ثنين 😂

    24. Leyla owo

      Im probably going to buy an apple store thingy when the next season is starting!

      1. Nastymold

        Oooh exciting! Can’t wait to see what the next season has 👀!

    25. Mob Gaming

      I can't wait 😍

    26. Nanachesee

      Thank you so much for the guide❤️❤️

    27. Rugrat

      Most of these I accidentally gotten not realising 😂

    28. Neoyosh

      This is a super calming video, though Ive never seen this game before, is it just called Sky?

      1. Happy Ayala

        Neoyosh Sky: Children of the Light. The name is pretty long.

    29. 【C e k y o】

      Does anyone know how long it takes for the darkness (the mushroom things) to respawn? It’s because of the Golden wasteland spirit, someone already burned the darkness And I really need help ^^

      1. Nastymold

        You’ll just have to go to that area again. It it can always be burnt down again if you join another session though!

    30. A. Black

      How do you have everything

    31. A. Black

      Whats the twirl emote of like from which season

    32. Bardamos Zecron Starog

      How can u mute music and just let the sound effects play? I don’t want music playing in the background. But I don’t find anything related to audio in the settings. Any tips pls

      1. Happy Ayala

        Bardamos Zecron Starog That’s the only way I know to turn the volume on and off.

      2. Bardamos Zecron Starog

        Happy Ayala That just switches off all audio. I just want background music to shut down not the sound effects

      3. Happy Ayala

        Bardamos Zecron Starog Turn your phone on Silent Mode.

    33. kim taehyung 태형

      the krills in the golden wasteland are so scary istg

      1. xMiyokox


      2. 【stacy qwp】

        seungwon승원 kim Did you go through eden yet? eWe

      3. kim taehyung 태형

        o no yeah ik but I don't have the damn courage to even go through them w out my friends hA

      4. symatra carful e

        As you play more they become easier to avoid, until they aren’t really a burden anymore.

      5. kanyej

        seungwon승원 kim rightt thats the last one I need too but I just hate the krills 😭

    34. fanana

      do you think the straw hat will return?

    35. Solemn Arts

      The golden wasteland one is so aggravating, people burned the darkness already and I got all the way done but dropped it right at the end while attempting to fly over

      1. Crappy Gacha Shows

        Oh. My. God. I had a default that I had to do the spirit for. I was wearing the duck mask so they thought “oh yeah this girl got this in the bag” and they waited at the top for me. The darkness was gone aaannnd....I DROPPED IT. I had to carry it up the cliff vertically. It took all 2 of my recharge potions and a quick recharge spell. It literally took 30 minutes. I didn’t even get a thank you or a bow. So mad

    36. Rixxq minivan

      oh MY God Her VoIcE is tOo WhoLESOmE!!!

    37. Stephany Rabadan

      Where do you get the telekinesis emote from

    38. Kate Kim

      In golden wasteland, someone destroyed all the mushrooms so I dropped the light and,...

      1. 【stacy qwp】

        m u s h r o o m s

      2. 【C e k y o】

        Kate Kim I have the same problem 😩

    39. Sky Helper

      Nastymold is a pro

    40. Don Farron

      I cant get telekinesis. No one shows up for the spirit. Sigh. The struggle is real in this game flaw.

      1. Alastair Thornell

        Don Farron I mean there's the daily quest rotation thing, so I thought I'd just wait till it's there tomorrow and then people are gonna go there again.

    41. sᴏs

      I have all the emotes, do I have to purchase the Adventure Pass now?

      1. Nastymold

        sᴏs to get the ultimate gift you need to have the adventure pass and also upgrade every single spirit fully so there’s still a lot of work!

      2. sᴏs

        @Nastymold I mean for the "Ultimate Gift"

      3. Nastymold

        You don’t have to. Only if you want the exclusive items, you can get free items as well

    42. brain freeze

      Omg I didn't know they are all available and I was waiting for next week

    43. A. H.


    44. OxyAcid

      i have a question regarding the guide, i really want the chibi mask is it still available in the shop?

      1. Nastymold

        The chibi mask will always be available! It’s the top upgrade from the hide and seek spirit in the forest

    45. Virro

      Is it still possible to get the actions from the Season of Belonging?

      1. Nastymold

        Not at the moment but there will be travelling spirits coming to the game every weekend starting this week. The gratitude spirits will be coming first I think! The trade value to them will be quite high though because people paid for the content originally... but they will be normal candles and normal hearts

    46. ༒•ΔβΨSS•༒ Panda

      I’m scared of the krills:/

    47. Meloetta 333

      I keep seeing people doing spins on the ice at the Home- do you know how they’re doing that??? ;-;

      1. Blooses

        Meloetta 333 unless you’re talking about the emote, all you do is just skate from a ramp type object like the pile of snow and they’ll do spins and flips by themselves.

      2. Narey

        Meloetta 333 they use an emote from i think it was season of lightseekers? it might become a traveling spirit so maybe stay on the lookout

    48. Fathimath Zahura

      Some idiot had removed all the darkness in wasteland when i went there so i was struggling so hard to drag the spirit

      1. Sour Lemonade


      2. Kerime Kurt

        they sometimes burn on their own, especially if you’re the only one in the server

      3. Radiance

        I guess I’m pretty lucky back then, there are still darkness on the path which is why I succeeded guiding the spirits for the first time. If you have many wings you can just fly slowly while dragging the spirits on the edge.

      4. Kyrenix

        Fathimath Zahura theres supposed to be darknes there?? I had to do it like 3 times cuz I had to fly xd

      5. Family McKenzie

        You can fly up there slowly by going one flight power at a time while moving slow.

    49. Honey Beetle

      Still waiting for it to come to android rip

    50. Kacper Wiśniowski

      I want this game on switch and pc so much ;(

      1. Nastymold

        That’s the eventual plan I think! They’re working on it for android at the moment

    51. Dimaaa Bazzi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1539">25:39</a> Heey after we found all the spirits there is one more in the middle how do we get it ??

      1. Dimaaa Bazzi

        Nastymold ooh thanks! too bad I can’t have it

      2. Nastymold

        That’s to watch the end of season cutscene. To unlock that you need to have unlocked every single upgrade from all of the spirits, you’ll need an adventure pass for that

    52. Elizabrine Channel

      Tysm this is so helpful for me also I had a question out of all the worlds which one is everybody’s favorite mine is the daylight prairie

    53. Alexis Bledsoe

      Buying an App Store thing tomorrow so I can get the pass and can’t wait!

    54. The One Happy Sylveon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1540">25:40</a>

    55. Haroo Cake

      Ahh no one is helping to open the door in the vault of knowledge 😂 I’ve waiting for an hour and no one is willing to help ;-; my friends aren’t online that often either

      1. MillyEngel

        @Alastair Thornell sure, i sent you an request.

      2. Alastair Thornell

        MillyEngel Yeah

      3. MillyEngel

        @Alastair Thornell Do you have Instagram

      4. MillyEngel

        @Alastair Thornell It's not easy to explain, I can show it to you if u want?

      5. Alastair Thornell

        MillyEngel How do you do it?

    56. tamar cixistavi

      The one dislike is the krill that didnt catch you in the golden wasteland ;p

      1. 【stacy qwp】

        Its 6 friends are angry too

      2. Sky Helper

        RIGHT!!! Lol 😂

    57. Michael Carmona

      The part where you are supposed to jump up on the mushrooms is so annoying without them being there

    58. hasan balkash

      feels bad to not get the pass, so bad :(

    59. Zanny Zakura

      Her: this is my fav spirit of this season Me: oh no, I think I’m catching feelings

    60. Sisah Htoo

      ᑭᒪEᗩᔕE ᑕOᗰE Oᑎ ᗩᗪᗪ ᗰE ᗩᑎᗪ I ᗯIᒪᒪ ᗷE YOᑌᖇ GOOᗪ ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪ ᖴOᖇEᐯEᖇ. I ᗩᗰ GOOᗪ GᑌY 😊

    61. MikeOxlong

      Wats the ultimate gift tho?

    62. Debora Vizcarra Guevara

      Is there another way to finish the spirit in the Wasteland if someone burned the darkness plants?

      1. Debora Vizcarra Guevara

        @Nastymold Thank you, I managed to get it with the help of another player

      2. Nastymold

        Debora Vizcarra Guevara you should be able to carefully fly across, you’ll want to go very slow so you don’t drop the light accidentally

    63. SpacePhoenix528

      Krill things are tearing me apart in golden wasteland

      1. tamar cixistavi

        SpacePhoenix528 i got hit twice to get that emote ;0;00;

    64. Phương Dung Phạm

      I got all the spirits :D

    65. Neon - Blue


      1. Neon - Blue

        Juggle is my favorite

    66. sanius

      What does the thinking emote cape cost?

      1. Tea

        sanius It’s an adventure pass cape, but if you’ve upgraded to the blessing it gives you, its 22 candles. Basically if you’ve bought the blessing you won’t get the cape w/o the adventure pass

    67. علي ستار

      Thank u

    68. Himi

      The music of forest speeded up tho 🤣

    69. Bakk54

      How can i get the Ultimate Gift of the season ? I found all the 6 spirits

      1. Bakk54

        Nastymold off this is difficult for me :( I don’t play too much

      2. Nastymold

        Yup! Unlock every item from every spirit. You’ll also need the adventure pass

      3. Nine Lakes

        Bakk54 Complete the tree for every spirit

    70. •Fluffy Kat•

      Thank you so much!

    71. cryy

      Not to be dramatic or anything...but I would die for NastyMold

    72. Divinity -

      Ah! You didn’t mention how to get heart xc

      1. Divinity -

        Spunch Chunch thank you!

      2. Spunch Chunch

        Divinity - I found out you have to complete a seasonal constellation tree to get them!

    73. uwu wholesome vibes

      Thanks so much! But here’s the thing, for the pass i didn’t get the 20 candles. What should I do?

    74. Giorgia Paveggio


    75. Ginger Snap

      Thank you!😊❤️

    76. Kyle Padayao

      how come the spirit at home is not there?

      1. Kyle Padayao

        @Nastymold ohhh thanks XD

      2. Nastymold

        The travelling spirit? They will only be coming on Friday-Sunday starting next weekend 😁

    77. エスパー -Chan

      hiii can we be friends on sky?

    78. Kylee Grace

      For some reason I can’t see the traveling spirits, I have all the emotes but do I need adventure pass too?. I’m so confused as why it’s doing this. Sorry for the burden but I really am confused 🤷‍♀️

      1. Lovely Artist

        Nastymold it’s there but it won’t move? I pressed the little button that popped up, it had the emote. It didn’t do anything?

      2. cryy

        They’ll come in the 31st :3

      3. Nastymold

        Yes! They’ll be coming on the weekends Friday-Sunday starting next week 😋

      4. Nazzy Skies

        Kylee Grace on the patch note it says that it’s available on 31st January

    79. Heidi The YEET

      Thanks Nasty! Love your guides it really helps!

    80. Anna Millere

      I have a problem. It keeps saying that i have a server issue and don’t know what to do. I already bought the season pass and when i returned to game it wouldn’t let me because of the server issue. Please help somebody 😩

      1. Anna Millere

        Nastymold okay thanks! They fixed it :)

      2. Nastymold

        This is an issue some people are having! Go into the setting and contact support, they should be able to sort it out and they’ll get back to you!