Sky: Children of the Light: Blessings and Spells (including Resize Spell)

Tara's Sky Journey

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    Sky Children of the Light Videos. A demo of the various blessings/spells that can be found in the game, including the resize spell that lets you change your character's size. (The chibi mask, available in the hide and seek emote, makes you the smallest size of all).
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    1. Jacky - BrawlStars

      Every spirit has a random spell right?

    2. Playana Kobi

      The first I used glow was in Eden. I thought I was helping hahaha

    3. meeka %

      my first try with resize potion makes me almost as small as chibi. the second time, which is yesterday, i become a giant! ≧∇≦ im taller than teh rest of my sky tesm

    4. Little_Cookie

      How do I fix my resize potion I don’t want to be tall :(

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        Another resize potion. However, you may want to wait and see what the final Light in Ark has in store for us. It will be available to finish on June 8.

    5. KapalShiuu

      How do i get resize spell if i already get all of the spirits' blessings and none of em gives it. I used it once to become taller but i'm shorter instead :'(

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        there will be a way to buy more coming soon.

    6. lwaurenx

      the discord link has been expired 😔 (also your video is really helpful ÒwÓ✨)

    7. Denise Lisboa

      I wanted to be a bit taller.. got GIANT lol

    8. Una Pelotuda

      someone tell me that god gives you the chibi potion?

    9. Flor Ramirez

      The time I used the glow spell was surely one to remember. Too bad I didn’t know how to cancels spells back then 😓

    10. Audrey Cristobal

      Does anyone know how tall you can become?

    11. Juniper Oxx

      I’m giant ughh I hate it

    12. Ann

      If you use resize and then wear the chibi mask, are you still chibi sized or does that change too?

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        still chibi

    13. aisha waser

      So if u get the chibi one u will stay forever like this ? Or will it turn u back some day ? 🤭🤦🏻‍♀️👀

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        Using a resize spell, your new size is permanent until you use another resize. With any size, though, the chibi mask will still make you chibi as long as you wear it.

    14. The Silent Sky

      Are the resize spells still around?? I heard something about them going away during the new season of enchantment update.... is this true?? Or is it just a rumor? I get very confused with some updates.

      1. The Silent Sky

        Tara's Sky Journey oh... tysm for telling me Tara!!

      2. Tara's Sky Journey

        resize is still there. there was a resize bug that was fixed, but has nothing to do with the availability of the spell

    15. GroovyAustix

      This game is so awesome that I had to make a series out of it!! Great video!

    16. Zero Two

      How can i change account?

    17. Rosetta Glatier

      Could anyone tell me how many sizes are there?

      1. ezra

        i need this questioonnnnn

      2. Tamara Lupane

        Rosetta Glatier 12 I think

    18. Alexandra Havrylová

      So i tried it on my two accs, one character boy got small and another character girl which was tiny from the beginning got super tall... Pity i thought it will be around but never mind now. Btw thanks for this video. VERY HELPFUL ❤️

    19. Sydney Rozewicz

      About how many resize potions are there?

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        They're random, so there is no set number of them.

    20. Fernando Acosta

      How to get that resize potion?

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        they're randomly available in spirit maps (from the spirits)

    21. Kevin Marzelino

      Hey.. you play with your friends~. Im not invited.. i play this game too. Still trying to catch the cap

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        Join my Discord server here: Visit the Sky Wiki here:

    22. Kiwi ผลไม้ตากแห้ง

      Props to the person playing the piano in the background

      1. aminecraftsupporter

        I think they're playing Mitsuha's Theme from Your Name/Kimi no na wa. edit: Yeah it's pretty clear from 0:13

    23. Blossom Chan

      Is resize spell permanent?

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        Until you use another one, yes.

    24. Sadie Mullins

      *when she says instant recharge is rare but everytime u get that thing form a spirit you get one..* *i have literally 10 of them*

      1. Melanie Calan

        Sadie Mullins LOL same, i always pray for a resize but then i get that one 😭🥴😂

      2. Tara's Sky Journey

        LOL. You are lucky! :). (I have quite a few now too)

    25. Leaf Sakura

      The only question I want answers is: Which spirits give you resize spells? Or it’s random

      1. Leaf Sakura

        Tara's Sky Journey ohh okay

      2. Tara's Sky Journey


    26. Alex.N. Parker

      When i used resize potion it was cool at first but then i turned into my normal height but it should make me stay small?(it lowered my height when i used it??)

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        There was a bug with some of the resize spells. Contact TGC. If you used the Shrink spell, that one is temporary

    27. Haidir_Koh_Dir

      How i can get resize spell again?

    28. Aiden A.

      oh lol i think i spawned tall when i started the game

    29. jeonjeo

      anyone know how to get the resize spell? i want to become taller and now im become shorter😭😭

      1. Nine_Is_Scared

        I got them from the season enchantment spirits.

      2. Tara's Sky Journey

        Spells are randomly given. They are usually found above the first wing buff in a constellation.

    30. Paris Sky

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a> where did you find that blessing?

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        Blessings/spells are random, so it doesn't matter where I found it, it won't be the same for anyone else.

    31. Yaniiozz !

      How do you change the username ?

    32. Tea

      I’ve been trying so freaking hard to get the resize potion but I’m not having too much luck

    33. Burumausu 02

      Well… I have hopes to get a bigger form, but get chibi((( I still have 2 potion, though…but scared to get even smaller

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        Awww, they are random. I used four in a row and ended up the same size I started. xD

    34. Shang Jane Wang

      What if you become taller and then you wear the chili mask?

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        chibi mask works same for everyone.

    35. John Appleseed

      Hi Tara, do you know if it's possible to resize and be twice taller than normal? In the video you mentioned there is chibi, slightly taller than chibi, slightly shorter than normal, normal and tall. I'm wondering if you can get even taller than that

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        there are more sizes than we originally knew. you can get quite tall

    36. BR4T!! !

      Is the resize only above the ascended candles? Like, do you need to go past the Eden candle level to get it?

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        yes i believe so

    37. 私thatsaucysauce

      wish we could give people our spells i need more resize spells cus i wanna be big boi

    38. nee

      I see many people still wearing masks while they are running chibi mask !! How to ?

      1. uwu Bella

        Tara's Sky Journey how do i get a shrink spell

      2. Tara's Sky Journey

        It's probably either they have used a shrink spell so are only temporarily chibi, OR they've used a resize spell that got them almost to chibi sized so they run like a chibi.

    39. ǟɛɨքǟtɦʏ

      I wanted to be small but the resize spell turned me into a giant. Now I’m going to crush everyone ùwú

      1. kevin afrizal

        where you got the resize big spell

      2. Heypal Gaming

        And how to get resize spell ?

      3. hi bye

        @PaoPao_MigzYT oooof i'm tryna get super tall

      4. PaoPao_MigzYT

        @hi bye I became a little bit taller hahahhaha😂😂

      5. hi bye

        @PaoPao_MigzYT it's luck based, and comes from the 5 candle crystals up past the ascended candles section of the skill tree

    40. Afiq Alexis

      Tara take me travel with you pls...

    41. Jason Stampt

      can you show ur real face? haha

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        I don't want to scare you off.

    42. frozengogurt

      i literally.... got a chibi-sized small from the resize potion and ALL i wanted was to become tall

      1. frozengogurt

        Nine_Is_Scared once you get the potion back, you’ll change ur size ;p it’s all just random

      2. Nine_Is_Scared

        @frozengogurt wdym change? I changed from chibi to normal, then back to chibi and I'm still taller than normal :(

      3. Alexandra Havrylová

        I feel u... My character girl was tiny from thr beginning and i wanted tl be even smaller and then i used spell and now i can play basket... Regretti spagetti

      4. swear-my-pearls

        I want to be a GIANT so bad. But instead I got the smaller size than the normal/average.

      5. Leaf Sakura

        Your lucky lol almost everyone wants to be small

    43. Sky Helper

      I’m getting the blue cape soon on any day

    44. claudje3

      So if I use the resize spell once.. I’ll get small for ever? 🤔💞

      1. claudje3

        Tara's Sky Journey Ooohhh thank you!! But if I use the spell only once.. I’ll be big/small forever? Well I hope so.. 😊

      2. Tara's Sky Journey

        You get whatever size it gives you (small or big), until you use another resize spell (or until you wear the chibi mask, if you do)

    45. Eva Guthrie

      Am I the only one who knows that Tara is from fandom?!

    46. zs9

      thanks for this! i didn't know there were two levels so i kept buying tier 1 spells hoping to get a chat table spell, i've added this info to the wiki

    47. FluffyKat

      I used my only resize and regret it 😓

      1. FluffyKat

        @e well i became taller! im not anymore,

      2. e


      3. Mcoy VLOGGG

        Same here

    48. Sunstone 123

      How do you have a little body

    49. It was me, Byleth

      How do you get the resize spell?

      1. e

        @It was me, Byleth so stupid

      2. Rowan Brennan

        It was me, Byleth bruh

      3. It was me, Byleth

        Tara's Sky Journey No, like where do you get them?

      4. Tara's Sky Journey

        if you listen to the video i explain

    50. Cherry Ferret

      I recently got a resize spell and became taller. I then equipped my chibi mask and took it off and I’m afraid I lost the height I gained, is that possible or am I going crazy?

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        that should not be the case. you’d have to be sure you lost it. and report as a bug if you really did.

    51. Star Dust

      Hey I opened all wing buffs 😅 I’m still going to eden but I don’t know what to do with the remaining ascended candles

      1. Star Dust

        minaah ssi yes

      2. Binge watching intesifies

        @dayommi - Ya you will be doing lots of times in order to get all wing buffs.

      3. dayommi -

        Tara's Sky Journey Can you only get the ascended candles after going through the whole eye of eden map??

      4. Tara's Sky Journey

        You can use them in the friend action menu as well, to open further actions with friends. (You;ll see the option if you tap on a friend and scroll up.down the menu)

    52. Jessica Hernandez

      I have never gotten a resize potion ever and it makes me sad. I wish the chibi wasn’t so hard to get . I suck at getting hearts cuz I can be on all the time ;-; this was super super helpful btw love your vids

      1. MusicalDropsteR

        Tara's Sky Journey I got one from the event ones

      2. Ashy _ Wolf

        Jessica Hernandez I found them hard to get but then my brother got the game and now everyday he just sends me a heart and I’m saving up for the mask! If you don’t have a sibling you could ask a friend irl, even if they’re not interested in the game and just get them to become your friend in game and send you a heart everyday. :D

      3. Jessica Hernandez

        Tara's Sky Journey oh ok thank you

      4. Tara's Sky Journey

        The resize are mostly above the ascended lock, so you need to use ascended candles to unlock the top portion of the spirit maps. And you should be able to get the chibi mask yourself if you buy the hearts from the spirits. You just won't be able to get much else on your own. there are 37 hearts available in the spirit maps.

    53. Hello there!

      Is chibi mask the smallest size? Or does the resize can get smaller then chibi?

      1. The Silent Sky

        @Tara's Sky Journey Thank you Tara, I have been trying to figure this out! And thank you @hellothere for asking this question, I have been trying to get an answer from you-tubers for days now. I even looked it up!

      2. Tara's Sky Journey

        Chibi is smallest. You can't get to chibi size with a spell, the smallest is slightly taller than chibi.

    54. EM

      Thank you for talking about how to cancel it. I was confused about how thats done. Also I agree about how overly bright the glow spell is. Many other people I met in the game also complained about how annoyed they get around glowing players

    55. Byron Entwistle

      Spells are fun. So fun!

    56. Devyn Clarke-Collins

      I used that glow spell thinking it would help in a dark area, do I ever regret drinking that potion. This was a few months ago, seems like thatgamecompany toned down the brightness. I had to put my phone down until the spell wore off it was unbearably bright.

      1. Mc Benji

        @Tara's Sky Journey ohhhh.. Howwww

      2. Devyn Clarke-Collins

        Tara's Sky Journey yeah this video was helpful, thanks!:)

      3. Tara's Sky Journey

        Yes, they did tone it down, but it's still unbearable for me. You did see in the video how to cancel a spell, right? :)

    57. Annika Hall

      Is it possible to send spells it said I was gifted one once but I don’t know how to send spells to others

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        No. Sometimes TGC words what you buy from a spirit a "gift" from the spirit. (Last I checked...I didn't have to buy gifts..... But anyway.....)

    58. John Michael Powell

      I used the resize spell and grew smaller 2 times, now I don't have to buy the chibi mask XD

      1. John Michael Powell

        @Star Dust Resize spell is permanent the chibi spell lasts 5 minutes. As of now I have the Chibi mask because a bunch of my friends send me hearts, now my new goal as an old man child is white cape for the superiority.

      2. Star Dust

        John Michael Powell but that lasts only few minutes ryt 🧐

    59. jadore xx

      I never used my spelles cuz I’m afraid that I can’t get another! Am i right?

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        It's true, once you buy all the spells from the current spirits, then the only way to get more is from seasonal spirits each season. So they will be harder to get at a certain point.

      2. Gamer of Light

        jadore xx you can get spells from blessing from spirits

    60. Unlimited Everything


      1. FluffyKat

        “Nothing in real life or in Sky is free” -Tara

      2. Tara's Sky Journey

        in app purchases

    61. Ito D

      Haiiiiiii taraaaaaa I Already made my first video!!!! Yayyyy I will make one on English to!!!!

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        OOOh nice! It's nice to have Spanish videos, too. Not the world speaks English. Hooray!! :D

    62. Ghaida

      Tara! Thank you So much for clarifying that!!! I luv you even more now ;( ♥️

    63. onemanarmy

      I turned the tallest you can get and i’m set on it for awhile, but I have 5 more and i’m thinking of changing my height every season.

      1. onemanarmy

        Heypal Gaming You have a chance of receiving them from spirits when you buy a blessing for 5 candles. There are only a limited amount of blessings you can buy and It is at random because there are multiple kinds of blessing. BUT every season brings more chances to get them so I have over 20 saved up.

      2. Heypal Gaming

        How to get resize spell I really want to be tall. Cuz my gf very tall -__-

    64. earla manny

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="337">5:37</a> Same. I sincerely regret the first time I used it 😂

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        yes. they have toned it down

      2. Mariam Aprasidze

        Is it just me or did they make it a little more bearable? I used it a few days back and it wasn't as bright

      3. mergy101 Dalmatians

        When i used it nothing happened

      4. Dana Bradford

        I like the resize spell because I like to be tall :)

      5. Tendowo

        earla manny ik i got so small i hated it

    65. Jessi Eche

      Say it louder for the glowers in the back 😂 fireworks on the constellation platform is also a pain.

    66. Just another Random Frog

      Hi Tara! I love your vids soo much they are really helpful! Do you think we could become friends on sky? xx

    67. rick_ falcao

      this way I get shy, thanks tara s2

    68. Mor

      also, another question- to make alternate accounts, do you have to use different devices? i'm not really interested in making one myself, but i've wondered how people have more than 1 account ^^

      1. Dan the Boi

        @Tara's Sky Journey But what about Android?

      2. Mor

        @Tara's Sky Journey ohhhh okay! thank you!

      3. Tara's Sky Journey

        @Menkir Dennis You saw three of me in this video. :D

      4. Tara's Sky Journey

        You just need different GameCenter IDs. You can change the ID that you're signed into GameCenter on, and then Sky will adjust accordingly.

      5. Menkir Dennis

        PA I think most people just have one in beta?? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤔

    69. Laffey

      Here I thought the resize potion came because the chibi size became ultra small with the update at the start of the season

      1. Laffey

        Well since it’s been four months I’ve found out how to choose. You must have a Chibi mask and be normal sized, then become a chibi then use the spell then go back to normal and use the spell again

      2. The Silent Sky

        @Tara'sSkyJourney Weird, because all I wanted was small and then became huge... I tried my last spell and only went back to normal size. I regret it all lol

      3. Seramya Rose

        Where can I find resize spells? Not the shrink spells, but actual resize spells

      4. Menkir Dennis

        Tara's Sky Journey Ok good. I wanted to know if I was the smallest size. Now I don’t need to use resize spell.

      5. Tara's Sky Journey

        @Laffey Not sure! Here I was wanting to make me big and it kept making me small! It's totally random. (Another person seemed to think that it would only make her bigger, so maybe it's wonky . who knows)

    70. Laffey


      1. Laffey

        *steals your bed*

      2. Eva Guthrie

        *poops in tonytranpoops bed

      3. Laffey


      4. Eva Guthrie


    71. Mor

      thank you for the vid! i've wanted to know a little more about resize spells for a while :) subtitling asap hehe~

      1. Tara's Sky Journey

        I actually thought of you as I was doing this. "Am I speaking clear enough for Mor to catch everything?" :D

    72. Stacy Boop

      Hello my lovely people or shall I say Taras Sky children ^ω^