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    1. Tobias Levring

      Pls make more of these videos

    2. 8XReaper8X GS

      I'm 6ft tall and I'm 11 :D

    3. Homeboy Gaming

      All Harry Comments 3:10 6:23 7:36 9:06 10:45 12:11 12:53 14:25 15:12 17:04 18:47 20:04 21:08 22:30 25:31 26:50 28:43 29:44

    4. Baraa Elniz


    5. Chan Robinson

      this vid was so funny lolololololololololololololololololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    6. imPatch

      Vick is just soo unlucky 😂, rejected after rejected , make a montage at this point 🤣🤣

    7. Pedro Barrera

      anyone else notice that indian chick was totally into vik?

    8. Echo Phyzz

      Harry is making me die of laughter 😂😂

    9. GAMESTA

      This is how many times Toby got swiped right 👇🏾

    10. Zofik

      29:25 anyone else notice her nipples? Just me? Oh ok

    11. Ives RX

      the best Irl dating experience is uBeR pOoL

    12. Oh no no /;;

      If Steven tries was in this video it would be soo much better Steven and Harry would have been hilarious

    13. Big Stan

      nobody ksi changes his clothes all the time

    14. Helton Smith

      What if harry was actually meaning the things he said

    15. beigehorse

      21:19 👍🏼

    16. sxlorbeat

      27:27 girl: looks like your tryna cover some chub jj: Im BuLkInG

    17. Meno Rodriguez

      That is funny mates

    18. JPampers

      Did Vick never mention that he used to play Minecraft for a living?

    19. Jesse Layes

      Yoooo that’s vikstar lol

    20. Jeter Ocampo

      How is nobody gonna talk about the ring girl for KSI 💀

    21. keemstars lostson

      I fw with the girl in the thumbnail

    22. Shiloh Azeri

      Man, JJ has been getting quite a lot of L’s from these swipes. Pretty obvious that the L’s don’t stand for “Ladies”. :x

    23. Arion Armeniakos

      Anyone got Natalya’s ig hmu

    24. Carter Steele

      What smoke is Harry cracking?!

    25. Chinatown vic

      That one lady, bruh her teeth gap is bigger then her house

    26. Kylie Mckee

      Omg ksi is so stoopid

    27. Eli Kalman

      Harry upload

    28. Dave Ordonez

      13:55 she was thinking about it

    29. Thomas Brolly

      That is the best sidemen video ever I want more

    30. Oscar jr Avila

      KSI has no game

    31. Alex the_sneakerFiend

      I think they mixed up the numbers for biyankas age

    32. Daisy Shanahan


    33. Noahs Noah

      The sidemen lowkey tryna get swiped left for the guy contestant

    34. Swaguar


    35. Jerry

      Vik getting rejected compilation

    36. DaNkEsT ViBeZz


    37. Chris- Official

      I like how the all started changing there ages

    38. Chr1z2

      KSI is the most pathetic person I have ever seen

    39. Mrs. P. ESL Tutor

      Why does Harry always scratch his face or chest when he's talking? If he's trying to show insecurity, that isn't attractive.

    40. Claudio Uta

      Loved the girl who took the money

    41. Alina Iwanov

      Whoever this ksi dude is he disgusts me

    42. Abbey Sutton

      Didn’t they just copy the late late show 😂

    43. Kaahuz

      6:23 thank me later

    44. Munim

      18:00 make me laugh so hard

    45. Jack Huntley

      The third person is not 28

    46. Oliver Karjalainen

      anyone else noticed that vikk changed his age multiple times

    47. Savage_Flick

      best 30 minutes of my life

    48. John Mc

      6:05 has me dying 🤣Jj’s too funny man

    49. Dukeo454

      Like for Tinder PT 2

    50. Shadow Kidd

      I’m sorry but jacqueline looks like she’s their grandma

    51. ConnorHazzy201

      Vikk trying way too hard haha

    52. Beast GamingMC

      No one believed that KSI was rich lol 😂

    53. 100 Subscribers With No Videos?

      26:30 oh come on man, that's impressive.

    54. Epic Origami

      Lol I’m from Hemel hempstead

    55. Bashar Bagdad

      Like for part 2!!

    56. b r u h

      Petition for harry to make a pickup line channel


      Y’all needa do this in America and get some bad bitches fr 🤦🏽‍♂️

    58. Carty D

      Oh now JJ has to take Sherane to the boxing ring great Video BTW

    59. Mikey Morris


    60. Skulzy06

      Harry made this so funny!!

    61. Skulzy06

      Is harry W2S? Stupid question, I know

    62. Ace

      surprised ksi didnt talk about his music like, at all

    63. Shola Oluwole

      Roasted JJ

    64. JAG Dhillon

      The best and most underrated joke was Harrys autism joke

    65. erkiderk dank

      harry is a legend

    66. FourSugar734960

      What is the Outro song

    67. Caleighorcutt

      i’m ethan and i’m 14 slaying all these women with my massive peen

    68. Nikola Slavchev

      Why the bulgarian flag tho

    69. Scife_ Wolf10

      Subscribe to Scife_ Wolf10

    70. Bonkey

      10th time anyone?

    71. John Pardo

      Anyone else liked Ethan better when he was fat

    72. Leo Kelly

      What did Ethan show her on his phone.

    73. Armaan Shahid

      Plz do part 2

    74. Armaan Shahid

      Do another one video like this

    75. Yusuf Patel

      Why does Harry come up with the most self-deprecating descriptions?

    76. salita oktavia

      R.I.P KSI

    77. katy Yung

      17:48 best moment 😂😂

    78. Will

      Guess harry took the tumbnail

    79. Erjon Mods

      I watched this like 15 times lmao

    80. Parallel J

      When the guy walks in 😂😂😂😂

    81. Ewan Roberts

      Love ur merch

    82. ri

      harry had to itch every single time

    83. Nerd Wisdom

      2:00 is it bad she scares me? 😂

    84. Finnfsf

      JJ is borderline annoying

    85. Justice McGillicuddy

      Ksi your an idiot

    86. The Rotomotor

      I thought charlie was Joe Weller for a sec

    87. Kranderz11

      Harry killed me in this one

    88. Mitch Trewin

      Harry makes everything so much better 😂😂 so funny and he Dosent even try

    89. Mitch Trewin

      Why did vikk keep changing his age

    90. Edgar Fuentes

      Do another one

    91. JamesAggy -

      I laughed so much my stomach hurt 😂😂

    92. Travis Marshall

      English people yelling doesn’t sound right

    93. 10,000 subs without A video

      Can we get 10k subs without a video?

    94. OG DIJAR


    95. Harry

      Damn vik was just getting roasted and disrespected

    96. Annabelle Reid

      Ethan: 6 Vik: 7 Tobi: 5 Josh: 6 Simon: 11 JJ: 4 Harry: 5

    97. MTV g

      u guys suck

    98. Charlie Lintott

      17:46 JJ got roasted

    99. Jack turner

      Hang on how did vik age two years from the first one to the second?

    100. Kackja Aka. Mama