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    1. Yidalee

      Oi, next charity match, we need Vikk to take the corners

    2. Hyperix

      1:56 ksi vs logan Paul just the other way around

    3. Arubaruna

      Kevik De Bruyne over here

    4. walahi

      was i the only one who thought ethan was wearing no shoes

    5. yee

      thought harry finally uploaded for a sec

    6. FifaOmar11


    7. Game Ender

      Good vikks come a far way

    8. Staberkoten YT

      Anyone else notice that these were the same teams in the 24hr parent video?

    9. Coolbear2004

      Josh and jj crossing not a good match😂

    10. Coolbear2004

      Who remembers the one from 3 Years who

    11. Lyx Roten

      Why are Ethan fat again?

    12. Rishab Ghoshal

      That casual curl on the ball tho, by Vikk Man...

    13. Matthew’s Life

      Anyone remember when Josh and t JJ did this like 3 years ago and got none but now they got but now they got 2 which TBH is still bad.

    14. Dane Abbott

      Sidemen vs Click exercise competition Ethan vs Elliot JJ vs Marcus Josh vs Lannan Vikk vs Loserfruit Simon vs Bazza Harry vs Cray Tobi is Referee

    15. KJ Games

      Who’s here from 2014

    16. GamerGirl 230207

      No offence to Vik but I didn’t realise that he would be that good at crossing 😂 we played VikStar

    17. Tyler Been

      Ethan’s chats about literally everyone else, he is clearly the worst one there 😂

      1. Mo brakka jakka

        Tyler Been stop hating little prick

      2. Aidan Mennie

        Josh is much worse

    18. Dylan Thomas- brown

      Vik can’t play football

    19. Shannon

      Vik and Simon like father like son 😂😂😂 Vik 5’ 11 and Simon 6’3lol

    20. Shannon


    21. Jason Halim

      Love it when simon and vikk hugging #friendshipgoal

    22. Colt

      Whether he meant to do it or not, I rate JJ's goal so highly.

    23. Tom Hunt

      This vid was so funny

    24. SAVJAVIER 10

      Vik is like a big Indian baby 🤣🤣🤣

    25. Kursor

      JJ would have gotten 5/5 if he just used a header.

    26. Ali-a Brunez

      7:42 beautiful goal bye KSI

    27. Neil Brioso

      No harry half volley before the vid end? Or before the vid start?

    28. Neil Brioso

      5:50 that curve

    29. Ruben Spall

      Anyone else see Josh at 8:00

    30. frutalse

      the way simon and vik hugged was so wholesome

    31. Shrimpsy

      Who else here from pro clubs?

    32. Tinchordo

      ethan still looks like shit lmaoooo

    33. Pro Koopa Taker

      7:13 Josh has done a David Silva against Tottenham in the Champions League

    34. saba maisuradze

      1:05 wtf josh? look at his hands

    35. Brik Hamilton

      W2s make a vid

    36. Unbeilevable Games

      Put Vikk on the wing. Let him cross.

    37. Ashdon Miller

      0:51 Ethan is a Payne in the ass for the keepers

    38. Strobe Nation

      Under 1k dislike for a 2.4mill video is so good these guys are peaking good on yous

    39. Akkas Miah

      I think that vik done the best crosses

    40. Andy Nenninger

      Yo let’s out KSi as the thumb nail to get views

      1. Andy Nenninger


    41. Muneeb Khan

      Vikk: I'm about to do what's called a pro gamer move

    42. Kadir Rencber Year 10

      Why is Tobi always in goal?

    43. Mya Christie

      @vikkstar “he’s got a meaty head but does he have a meaty kick”

    44. Shayce

      Everyone: Vikk cant kick.. Vikk: Does it for the unpaid workers

    45. brenkelly100

      Ethan is putting on weight innit

    46. Rameez Khan

      So vikk finally proved the fact that south Asians are the sleeping Giants of soccer -me(not famous 😐)

    47. Niyant Mandot

      Omg!!! Vikk has improved a lot

    48. Liam Alexander

      Wow a feature with KDB but its a shame vik wasnt in this vid

    49. Johnny Gomez

      To be honest The first crossing challenge was better

    50. Connor Martin


    51. Evan Groves

      In the replies copy this

    52. Pat Jk

      What is the song they use in the background at 5.20 ????

    53. Reus Afghani

      (5.50) vikk definitely got it from bend it like Beckham

    54. zzDytto

      Did anyone else click on this thinking it said cross bar challenge

    55. ZaneTV HD

      JJ....God Tier is yours alone now!!!!

    56. Storm von Mollendorff

      Obviously having Simon as a teammate helps a lot but jeez Vick has improved so much like wow.big up sikk (Simon and Vick)

    57. Hasan Khan

      2:10 even the bird hates it

    58. mixio hili

      This comment section is 99% vik's improvement and 1% how the sidemen are doing a football challenge

    59. The 3ft ninja

      I want to see a 3v3 team Nigeria vs England football game vik as ref

    60. okow tina

      All of the sidemen: ight we all gonna get one goal right Simon: sorry can’t do that I’m afraid