SHORT HAIR AND LONG HAIR PROBLEMS || Everyday Hair Problems And Funny Situations by 123 GO!

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    You never think about your hair being a problem… Until it’s a problem!
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    1. Maggie Anqi Wang

      Video: (Shows Vicky with red hair) Me: SHE'S GINNY WEASLEY! OMG!

    2. Omm Shaden

      I like Vicky she always have nice and cute hair and cute shirt.

    3. Omm Shaden

      I love my hair curly

    4. Omm Shaden

      I have curly hair and short hair

    5. Lauren King


    6. Parvin Papri

      I have a very strong hair and long hair

    7. Rose Norman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="341">5:41</a> your wearing a wig

    8. Rose Norman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="255">4:15</a> your wearing a wig

    9. Rose Norman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="223">3:43</a> you are wearing a wig

    10. Rose Norman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> you are wearing a wig

    11. lizy rocks

      I have short hair now cus i cut it and it looks short

    12. liz stone

      Vicky was wearing a wig

    13. Anya Lang

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">0:22</a> you know that it is a wig

    14. The Graham Fam

      Vikkys hair is now light red on the ends How come Vicky only has wigs and Bella doesent Vicky has way too many wigs

    15. Angel Escoto


    16. Lauryn Caruso

      My hair goes just past my shoulders

    17. Jicaira Dukes


      1. Jicaira Dukes

        Let you 🤰. You

    18. Corine Mitchner

      Vicki no

    19. Dahiana Castillo

      Vicky has faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake hair.

    20. Elisa Barbacaru

      My favorite actor is Vicky

    21. Elle Rasmussen

      love 123 go

    22. Elle Rasmussen

      Amy in the magazine!! haha

    23. KyAnni Stewart

      Long hair:like Short hair: comments

    24. Zakiyah Clark

      Is your hair long

    25. Jamal Salam


    26. Princes Jesica

      Yep the bang one happened to me 😳 But it looked better than in the vid and then got longer and so cute

    27. Hema Latha

      Who else love medium hair👇

    28. Jennifer Pertsch Self

      How many times is Vicky going to change her hair

    29. MissLaSaunta


    30. Zuber Patel

      My mom said that I have really long hair

    31. MDshadowgirl 663

      There all wearing wigs 😂

    32. Elijah Forsyth


    33. Galaxy_ gacha

      Viki: OMG ITS THIS THIS A piece of hair AHHHHHHHH me: ew a hair continto eat

    34. Sophie Fountain

      I love. Bela. Somch

    35. Faith Abby

      This is cool you no if you have long hair it's Amazing but Bella hair gets in everything 😆

    36. Hania Zara

      I like long straight hair because it can make many hair styles

    37. Hania Zara

      How did viki got long straight hair so fast and i know that she put on a wig because if her hair was burned then how did she didn’t got cry if that happened to me i will become crazy

      1. brxken bxtch

        Ur English is shit 😐

    38. Hania Zara

      I had curly hair and then my hair turned into straight and i like long here as well and sorry i need to say another thing i dont like small here

      1. Glenn Pangilinan


    39. Anushika Enterprise

      Mm good akka

    40. Sean Muhammad

      My hair is so long it's so long that I'm like rapnzel I spelled it wrong Right

    41. shop belly123 four 26

      Bella try to tie your hair befor you make a taissty trit, Ok Bella??? Girls with long hair is a buzz kill!!! My hair is long guys But it dozen get in the way!!!

    42. shop belly123 four 26

      Go to the salond Vicki

    43. shop belly123 four 26

      What is this hacks???

    44. Helena Dohlvik

      How many times does Vicky change hair style

    45. Nora Potter

      That is not true people with long hair have to brush there hair hair for a while

    46. Nora Potter

      Vicki was wearing.wihs

      1. Nora Potter

        I mean a wig

    47. Rachel Lavender

      I recommend this video.I love this channel

    48. Rachel Lavender

      Recommend this video.I watch this channel all the time

    49. Nattilee Lindbert

      I have thin hair

    50. Eva Smith

      I had short hair but I'm growing it and now I have long hair

    51. apple kaur!

      I have hair up to my ankle ♥😬

      1. apple kaur!

        Thanks for all the likes

    52. Nazmin Reza

      I love my short hair its so cute

    53. yazdan ali

      I love wicky

    54. Ratna Biswas

      She has curly hair just like me , why is she even combing ?

    55. Dipa Patel

      Vike looks like Selena with the Black wig

    56. hafiza misbah Faisal

      The new version of this game was the best app ever since the last one but I can’t stop loving this new version so it’s your turn on a few more games please please

    57. Paulina Paulinute

      Enyway they don't work

    58. Mr Pufferfish

      Troom troom but it makes more sense

    59. Lizbeth Martinez

      The first group


      who like it

    61. Sarah & Sabrina


    62. Horse Lover

      I always always get toothpaste in my hair😂😂😂😂😂🤮😂😂😂

    63. Anaya Sharma

      Your really funny 🍪🆗😀

    64. Laura Lyon


    65. Jessica Verleger

      You guys have so many great ideas for hair.

    66. Michelle Farebrother


    67. Yssa Ponce

      I have long hair and when I was helping my dad I had gloves on and my hair got in the way and my hair was in the way then that was a problem and I always get hair in my food

    68. Chame Bacani

      Why I always saw that if there's hair on a dessert they appetite is ruined but if I saw a hair on my food it won't ruined my appetite 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    69. Pakhi kshirsagar

      Hey ! Has anyone noticed that Vicky also works for 5 minutes crafts?like if u 👍 agree or if u have noticed leave a comment!

    70. manju suji

      u r copying troom troom

    71. Marianne Denise Aquino

      i had bangs and long hair

    72. althea_ cano

      i know vicky is just wearing a wig

    73. monirul islam

      Vicky looks good in black hair

    74. rajarajeshwari veeravel

      Copy cat from 5 min crafts

    75. Kio Thang

      thats happends to me i brush my teeth im like wow i have long hair then i wash it then im like no more tooth paste now i cut my hair

    76. Tubby

      You’re All most good 👍🏻

    77. Jiamin Liu

      i cool

    78. Super Star

      And no ow i know how your hair lookswhen your hasir is long

    79. Super Star

      Tap on mu profile to watch the HOLE video

    80. Gamingwithmadina Madzz