Selling A Huge Base For $100,000 In Minecraft (Ft. Alex Lange) | Trade Up E4



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    Had a blast with this video! If you want to see more from Alex, links are below. Lick it.
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    1. Rockwater Reviews

      The editing on this video hurts my brain with the zooming in and out every 1/2 second lmao. otherwise, nice.

    2. Ludo805 YT

      What server?

    3. Anthony Lesceux

      Good French accent ! Are you native ?

    4. EpicShadowMaster

      What’s the hardest part? No’s Me: Nose?!

    5. NoClue DooDoo

      I am not First. I am not Last. But when I clicked. Thats where the support is at.

    6. TheKreepton Creeper

      5:52 "Ooh we just got paintings to decorate the house with! I don't even know how to make those!" ... Eight sticks and one wool.

    7. Kiralee Jane

      This guy's never spoken to a girl in his life what

      1. Kiralee Jane

        @LoverFella Haven't you heard, 18 year old girls don't like teacup pigs and the color pink. They like communism and bloodshed.

      2. LoverFella


    8. Nico Dawkins

      Why do u wearing my grandma's sweatshirt

    9. Potato Gamer


    10. Maybe kian Noyou

      6:15 Lover fella: Can we buy the COUNTRY of AUSTRALIA ITS A CONTINENT

      1. Bryan Jordan

        Maybe kian Noyou and it’s on fire

    11. rylan moran

      lover fella I love you can you plsplspsl sub to my chanel pls it is

    12. TBC _ Dragon

      what is you texture pack


      You got lucky... I’m not that type of girl, so I wouldn’t have bought that.

    14. TheDrakonGaming

      All was chill until he whipped out the French

    15. Carly Hay

      At 6:08 just for ya to know building a house in real life is harder than you think.

    16. Fashion Stats

      my birthday is march 3

    17. One Plus

      You look like mysterio from spider man far from home

    18. LiteralLettuce

      That Australia joke did not age well

    19. Tasneem Moosagie

      i want more videos with Alex please

    20. MelonMCOfficial

      Damn, the Bouje Lounge looks pog.

    21. GachaGames

      Loverfella- "It took me thousand of videos to even get close to this" 1-9-2020 1.3k vids 🤣

    22. Marshall Howarth

      Go to Australia but just don’t buy it I live in Australia and I have been a big fan for a long time the merch is amazing by the way

    23. Thefords gamingchannel

      That thing you said about girls is true. My mom just bought a 600 dollar purse that was worth 200 dollars

    24. SupremeAtrius

      This video was literally Alex Lange and Lover Fella complimenting themselves lol

      1. LoverFella


    25. Jeri Weeks

      The sweater 😲 he looks like my uncle

    26. T1nth

      What’s the server your playing on

      1. T1nth

        Thanks man great vid👍

      2. LoverFella

        link in description :)

    27. Edward Ryding

      2:17 what type of laugh is that

    28. Hamza Farah

      Ptn mdr son français il est ouf

    29. ItzMe Beast

      What is the server called?

    30. ItzRicardo

      i honestly dont like when youtubers bring other people to an already made solo series

    31. RoyRay

      Does anyone know the resource pack Lover uses?

    32. GalaCtix Studio

      What's this server?

    33. ppipe

      Is a ep 5 out?

    34. FMP_wolf

      I HAVE OCD

    35. Andrey

      Dude im a sub and i wanna join your ark server but i cant please show me how plus im in discord and doesnt let me put coments

    36. Bmike The Gamer


    37. Gamer Girl


    38. Ender Dogs

      I’ll buy it lol

    39. Edgar

      What Minecraft is that??

    40. Strange The God

      What server is this???

      1. LoverFella

        link in description :)

    41. Meagan Sadoway

      5:57 he made a penis out of furnaces

    42. Mintz -

      :/ I feel like lover fella's the type of person that has a foot fetish.

    43. TEA MAN

      Yes please by Australia and make it great again and do your best with all the fires not like Sco mo who went on holidays when the fire was at its highest and hope the fires don’t get to my house because it’s so close and it’s also super smoky in all the nice places like est Sydney and that and great videos

    44. Listen Up Mother Fudger

      other video: *sold a 10x10 base for 2M dollars*

    45. nathan Lacey

      What's server name?

    46. CH103_ R3Y

      I am not sure where to find the link to your server or even if just anyone can join. please someone help me out i would love to join your server lover🥺🧡

    47. CardStatue 17250

      On the discord can you make it so the bot does not ping daily please and thank you

    48. The crazy cristal OF AWESOME

      How do I buy it I have 20 mil

    49. The Principal

      Go pimp NannyKeyboards house, she needs help lol

    50. Gamiso


    51. Hayaotaku

      Now get 50 Cent to promote Vitamin Water on your channel while you guys start a 'pop-up market' >_>

    52. Cananine

      SSundee was my add

    53. Vyper

      How do you join lover fellas world??

    54. Streetay


    55. Access Denied


    56. PewDiePi e

      1 mil here we come

    57. Gianno Gardener

      Lovefella i am a Minecraft nood

    58. Cayden Carroll

      Guys dont forget to lick that screen

    59. YOYO gaming

      hey could i get unbanned on the discord server? im not sure what i did but it says im banned :( my name on discord is: yoyo🖤#6666 and on minecraft in case you need it: YoyoIsSneaky

    60. Parallel Playz

      They should of called it The “SKSKSKSKSKSKShawnMendesMansion”