Scooby-Doo's NEW Movie Trailer Breakdown! (SCOOB 2020)



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    SCOOB! not only reveals the origin story of best friends Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, but it also leads to Mystery Inc's biggest adventure yet. Let's talk about the new trailer from Warner Bros!
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    1. Vailskibum94

      IKEA is officially canon in the Scooby-Doo universe *EDIT: It's Frank Welker, not Fred Welker. My bad!

      1. Black Mambi

        Not #notmyfred but #NOTMYFUCKINGGANG No "like" in every sentence Shaggy says or him sounding 40 year-old stoner ! Velma sounding a little bit like DAPHNE AAAAAND .. NO ZOINKS, JINKIES OR JEEPERS

      2. Cool kidz productions


      3. Black Mambi

        BTW the villain is a dog

      4. MrFlipperInvader792

        When did you get so snarky?

      5. Foxo

        Please shorten your name so I don’t have to delete so much because I hate putting peoples names

    2. SuperSonicWarrior93

      I hope later on the movie will show Fred wearing his ascot. Also, it feels weird not hearing Frank Welker voice him here.

    3. sweetie senpai

      I am going to see it but the movie seems a little off

    4. Kid Warrior457

      Well this movie is also the start to Hanna Barbara cinematic universe and i know I am late. But I believe this might have something to do with the villian. Also blue falcon is a nod to a series they did too so it's nice to see what might they actually are cooking up

    5. Jay the video weirdo

      "Fred's desi- *BREGAGRH* "

    6. Joe Ferri


    7. Mareee Densos

      I hope The Famma Barbera can make it.

      1. Mareee Densos

        Oh wait, they will!! (Most of them, probably. (Hopefully all of them.))

    8. yesenia Ortiz

      Who is worse fred or old sonic trailer

    9. Ida Immelman


    10. BryanX 64

      Nobody: Random GEsels video that has fuck all to do with video games: *video game background music*

    11. Wiggle Worm

      Foreshadowing of shaggy and Scooby watching the movie they star in

    12. Kaden Vanciel

      This movie begins a franchise of an entirely new canon. Of course, we should also use information posted from articles and official sites on Wikipedia(the information on it had to have come from official websites.) If I recall seeing the first four episodes of the Laff-A-Lympics and that episode of Dexter's Lab with Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, we'll know what they're personalities would be in this canon. Blue Falcon(Mark Whalberg) being serious, and Dynomutt(Ken Jeong) being silly. Also, Dick Dastardly and Muttley are in this, the former obviously being the main antagonist. The synopsis on Wikipedia says that Scooby's friends must team up with the confirmed-to-appear Hanna-Barbera characters, which we would hopefully see in the second trailer when Warner Bros. releases it to the Internet and elsewhere, and stop the plot, which I assume is Dastardly's, to unleash Cerberus. To know what the consequences would be and how important it is to stop the plot, we must look into Cerberus based on what legend tells us, and what would happen if he isn't guarding the underworld. I hope I have given people a bunch of ideas to build some theories upon. Another thing, remember "Scooby-Doo: The Mystery Begins"? The beginning of this trailer is different from how Shaggy and Scooby met in these cases. I hope everyone keeps this in mind to know my point on "Scoob!" and acknowledge the movie starting an entirely new canon that can be differentiated from all others.

    13. W J

      If you like ‘Scooby Doo’ my mate just posted a really cool video on All the best times Scooby-Doo referenced itself, He’s really new and I think he’d appreciate the confidence boost.

    14. Taf Ngoma

      Will anything ever be as powerful as the minions 😂 they are too power

    15. brock Vazquez


    16. Gregory Forster

      Maybe it hopefully they'll change Fred's design and it's just the trailer showing that design.

    17. Ezekiel Kennedy

      This new voice shaggy whyyyyyy😩😩😩😩

    18. clinton white

      I LOVED IT

    19. Extreme Tøxic Demøn


    20. Thomas Ashwood

      I Loved The Daphne Line At The End LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    21. Rei Gregory

      I thought the same thing about those freaky robot things

    22. what the fuck


    23. *Disconnected*

      Didn't they say it was a movie about the Hanna Barbera Cartoon Tv shows assemble.

    24. Thomas The Bob

      The new fred looks like a 6-7 year old who just went to the dentist, NOT A TEENAGER!

    25. Yoshi Yt

      Mmm so many 2020 movies

    26. Jay S

      But what about Melvin Doo?

    27. Donne David

      I kinda hope theres the scene where shaggy became Giorno Giovono

    28. The Mandalorian 2020

      Put Matthew Lillard and Grey Griffin back!

    29. determination

      I agree with the voice thing you talked about with Shaggy.

    30. J J

      im not much of a Scooby-Doo fan buuut some of the stuff in the trailer did feel a little off. my only complaint fully is the Voices. amd CG fred.

    31. Valerie Chavez

      Scooby doopy ohhhno

    32. Preston Garvey

      I'm fine with fred's design but velma's… just no... that is not velma

    33. Esrcachers


    34. Jay the video weirdo

      LOL AT 0:25

    35. Brain Cell Animates

      #NotMyFred Lets make it on TikTok

    36. Martyn McMurray

      The recent plot information now involves Dick Dastardly seeking a key for Cerberus and Scooby's destiny. TV Tropes gives us some interesting theories.

    37. Robotdoom702

      Fred looks like a girls crush

    38. WaddleThisWay

      I have to disagree with you here. I really liked the trailer. The animation was great, the lighting was especially satisfying, the scenes with baby Scooby and Shaggy were nice and wholesome, and I'm actually a fan of this movie giving us a more unique story compared to most Scooby Doo media. We've had tons of Scooby Doo movies, so in my opinion it makes a lot of sense to give their first theatrical release in years a more high-stake adventure than the others. And lastly, I'm actually a fan of the decision to make Scooby talk more often. Considering this movie seems like it'll be putting a lot of emphasis on Shaggy and Scooby's relationship, I think it was the right call for the story they want to tell. That's just my two cents, to each their own

    39. that one memer on the internet


    40. Oliver The Angel

      I love scooby doo but i heard one of the best gamecube game sings in the background (Super Mario Sunshine)

    41. Infinity Doggo Stole Your Cookies

      Video: how does scooby know these words he’s a dog!! Me: how can he talk he’s a dog Movie: he can talk he’s a dog

    42. FoxGames


    43. Crowmere Media

      They should have got either the person who voices Shaggy in the more recent animated series, or who played Shaggy in the live-action films, to voice Shaggy instead.

    44. Chelsea reyes

      Noone is talking about how daphne looks slightly Asian? Just me?

    45. Jared Fogle

      I’m taking a guess you haven’t watched mystery incorporated......

      1. Joseph Rowe

        Fuck you, Jared! You're a piece of shit! Hope you enjoy a footlong in jail, asshole!

    46. Justin Barnharst

      Hey I fixed the trailer-

    47. Zenanimations YT


    48. Bien rubinas

      Please Fred's look is pretty horrible for you, but don't let me started on his voice actor.

    49. Flying_dog365 s

      Yo everyone comment about shaggys voice on Warner bros Instagram so they see what we think

    50. Fernando Romero

      I think shaggy's voice is like that becayse they want his voice to be more clear.

    51. Junior Zablosky

      A few things: The animation is pretty smooth, but I don't get why they took a primarily 2-D franchise and made it CG. I like Velma staying with the classic design, but there isn't really much you can do to change it. I like how Shaggy still has his classic black boots/dress shoes (I have no idea what they're called). I like that the Mystery Machine stayed the same, footprint pedals and all. Why change all but one characters voice actor when the regular actors fit so well? Fred isn't even Fred at this point, he's a frat boy with the same name. And why does Velma sound a good five years older then the rest of the group when she's canonically the youngest?

    52. Pipemangaming

      Hmm i thought i subscribed okay im subscribing

    53. Brian Lewis

      What's wrong with Fred's design, it's actually really good.

    54. MoreThan1alent

      Shaggy doesn’t say “like” or “man”... Woah there...

    55. E4-M0NN gaming

      Pretty sure the reason they started to make this, is because they want to capitalize off of the meme status of shaggy.

    56. Julian Garcia

      Idk care if Shaggy voice should stay but they have to fix it

    57. Resale Value

      Wait... Shaggy's voice is the guy who plays Eddy in Lab Rats.

    58. Flor Gamboa

      Well Fred is arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggg

    59. Radfarious

      The villain’s dick dastardly

    60. Qui gon Jinn

      Daphne's still smoking