SCOOB Trailer #1 Official (NEW 2020) Scooby Doo Animation Movie HD

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    new movie trailer for Scoob

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    1. nooters

      So this is shaggy before 1% of his power could destroy all

    2. Luigi Marinus Gaming

      On a scale of 1 to 10 i give this trailer a 9/10

    3. Big Durwood

      SCOOB! Warner Bros picture of the year.

    4. Jourlen Chery

      Shaggy: Oh oh it's about to start you're ready? Scooby Doo: Ready! Shaggy: 🍿? Scooby Doo: Butter! Shaggy: Nachos? Scooby Doo: 🧀! Shaggy: Root 🍻 with red licorice straw? Scooby Doo: Right here!

    5. Skip63


    6. Orion Hurbina

      1:20 lol

    7. Eden Wittles

      That, I like that.

    8. deandre Jackson711

      moive is good but the voice actor is not that good

    9. tom richards


    10. David AdventTime21

      These CGI movies are looking pretty fine!

    11. Mewanimates

      Weres the scene were shaggy fights thanos?

    12. StickyWolf

      The song in the trailer at 1:24 is... Avicii - Without You

      1. Emmanuel Okoroafo

        Like you I liked this

    13. Fluffy Skye Star

      *I K E A*

    14. Megan Burns

      This looks like garbage. And I love Mystery Incorporated.

    15. Gage Weaver

      This is a lot like the Spongbob movie.

      1. Luigi Marinus Gaming

        This trailer came first

      2. David AdventTime21

        Quality of the animation I know right?!

    16. OtakuPaku

      We changed sonic, we can change this

    17. Petar Zoričić

      Who the hell ask dogs midle name

    18. 胡劭君

      Avicii~~!!!We still remember you and remember your song

    19. Devld22

      The only thing I hate about this is that og shaggy wasn’t even asked to do this

      1. Devld22

        It’s like making spongebob with out Tom Kenny

    20. HelloitsMeBob

      now we can finaly now how shaggy got his powers

    21. Blaze Is Hyped

      Sacred movie about the origins of Shaggy invisible power

    22. B R O K E N


    23. CrunchCream Productions

      FOOTAGE OF ULTIMATE SHAGGY USING 0.000000000000000000000000000000001% OF HIS POWER

    24. AQUA Recording

      Scooby Doo for Smash

    25. minecraft 99


    26. The Brick man

      Woooooooooow this looks good a lot of good things coming in 2020

    27. claudinechannel

      I love that there is going to be a new movie of scooby doo but i want shaggys voice to be more like the one in the original

    28. AcloddyChannel


      1. Kell Belle

        AcloddyChannel how could you not be a fan of Scooby? ): Scooby and the cyberchase? Scooby doo on zombie island? The live action movies were also dope. Matthew lillard was true shaggy.

    29. Lindsay Broom

      Avicii song was in this (without you)

    30. noteworthinessxx

      I bet scrappy doo is here

    31. Red Cabbage

      I just realized that since scoopy has lived this long with no visible signs of aging and talks and thinks like a normal human then he is the only actual supernatural creature they’ve met.

    32. Mister Krabs

      Is that owen Wilson

    33. Kwaii


    34. Crane jaw

      Scooby Dooby Doo

    35. Shadow Flame

      Don't mind the new take on the gang but they need to give shaggy some weed and do it fast cuz that voice ain't sounding right. Also, if they don't take part of that ultra instinct shaggy meme in this movie then they fucked up. Or maybe once he gets weed he goes ultra instinct in this. Hmmmmmm.......

    36. Pink Diamond

      Adults when see cringy movie: EW Kids:I LOVE IT

      1. Blaze Is Hyped

        Pink Diamond Tf?

    37. Male 3459

      I’ve watched this 10 times

    38. Mageto Delton

      Avicii ❤️

    39. Sbastián T.p

      The legend will never die, thanks for your amazing music 😢😢 #Aviciiforever

    40. Zombieboy2645 :

      I’m giving this vido a big fat like if I Choud I whoud like the Movi 👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏😀😀😀😀