SCOOB Trailer #1 NEW (2020) Scooby Doo Animated Movie HD



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    SCOOB Trailer #1 NEW (2020) Scooby Doo Animated Movie HD
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    1. Robin De Lorenzo

      Is nobody gonna talk about emo Daphne

    2. Diamond Star

      return Blue Falcon 2020

    3. Felix Blackwood

      Matthew Lillard is much better at voicing Shaggy than whoever the guy doing it here is.

      1. Felix Blackwood

        Green: Will Forte is a good comedian, but he is weak as Shaggy.

      2. Green inkling And pink inkling

        His name is Will forte

    4. 周义杰

      Alrighty gang we have a mystery in our hand

    5. Jacob Skills

      spongebob and scooby do has new movies out in 2020

    6. Pika :3 RBLX

      Ah yes.. this is when shaggy shows his true power

    7. EagleHR Officialツ

      lol shaggy toungue so big

    8. Leo Anger

      Jag älskar ikea

    9. Gamers Android

      What the music?

    10. Bryer Thomas

      Get new voices Freds can stay so can Scobbys and kid shaggy but everybody elses sucks

    11. Leonardo Velez

    12. Peter J

      So this is were there new friendship begins since 1969. Scooby may have been abandon from his home or shelter.

    13. Quack0i The Sea Pickle

      Is it just me or do y'all feel uncomfortable that scooby just stopped sluring words with R and now just... *says things*

      1. Quack0i The Sea Pickle

        Like like how he can now say things like "i love it" and not say it like "i ruv it"

    14. Matt From Wii Sports

      When will there be a movie about me??

    15. Iamper

      fred looks weird without the dot eyes

    16. Iron Spider 4x4

      The shaggy go ultra instinct?

    17. Luis Argueta

      can't wait to see how shaggy got his powers

    18. Joshua Ward

      Wait Velma does not have glasses so no "Jinkies I can't solve mysteries without my glasses"? NOoOoOoOoOoOoOo

    19. Kirbster

      Things we want to see in the movie “those meddlings kids” “Zoinks” “Oh wheres my glasses” “Jinkies” “ like lets get out of here scoob”

    20. Utah Godinez

      Would have been great if everybody else got new voices and Freddy was Still Frank Welker

    21. Max Mendoza

      Shaggy: the falkin fyury, did you say IKEA Scooby: No I sead falkin fyury gest like you

    22. Max Mendoza

      I gest got an ad for this same trailer

    23. hoàng việt nguyễn

      avicii wow

    24. A Lot of People Say What's That It's Fat Pat

      One day the animation will be so good it will look like people. Cartoons will become a thing of the past. People will either want to play retro games with "cartoon" graphics, or watch "cartoon" TV shows or they'll think "cartoon" animation is so ancient that it will become what the silent film is to 2019 society. Sure there is a small percentage of people that are into silent films, but so many more are addicted and obsessed over whatever the latest greatest thing is. Or obsessed with the technology of their youth. The people who like silent films aren't the youth, they are the dead, the passed away, the no longer living. You think 100 years from now cartoons won't be a thing of the past? And people won't view cartoons as ancient technology? The world we are moving to is a world without people. A world that is designed by a programmer. Who will know if an actor on TV show is human or CGi 100 years from now? If CGI people don't need to be real, why do real people need to be real? I think humans are on a self destructive course evolving to become extinct, and being the ones who program their extinction. Humans will outsource everything to machines, and to AI, and to machines being run by AI. A scenario like this is good for no one except for a tiny group of people in control of the machines and the AI. There will not be many forms of AI, there will be one, this war will be fought with humans before AI is at the level of total control. This war will be for total control. The next great war will be for control of whose AI is implemented, will it be USA or will it be China? Whose form of AI mind control will win out, it's not possible that neither is the case and USA and China unite to divide the world? China is going to slowly take over parts of the world, just like the USA has done and years from now they will be the 2 forces fighting for control and it will be never ending because both forces are equals. The only way to end the fighting is to agree to not disagree, and USA anfd China will stop fighting for 100% control of the world,and each be content to divide the half of the world that is deemed theirs.

    25. GrannySushi

      H E L L Y E S

    26. NASTFLOW Fiji

      No Reason Velma looking like a snack in a movie like this

    27. TheDanhenk

      Mark W is gonna be either blue Falcon, or IKEA guy.

    28. Blu The Inkling

      *DID YOU SAY IKEA?**

    29. Dex The Wolf

      I’m disappointed. Can’t get the live action shaggy to voice him but instead get Johnny from hotel Transylvania?

    30. We Game BTW

      That Avicii song is amazing i cant believe no one but one other person talked about it

    31. So Much Fun With My 3 Sons

      I hope Fred and daphne are still together fred x daphne

    32. Jennifer Rush

      This is going to be the best movie ever cuz it tells us the story of Scooby and Shaggy

    33. dryan671


    34. Van Chavez

      No one in here talkin bout how bad dafney is😍

    35. monan

      fuck you

    36. Candace Price

      I love the trailer

    37. Rugrats Shack

      Where is all the “like’s” by shaggy


      Bruh is this Bob from puppy dog pals? (The adult version)

    39. XxUltra GamingxX

      Plot twist: the bad guy is Daphne’s dad

    40. Damemeboi _yt

      Like zoinks I’d buy this man

    41. MasterFlame Youtube [old] *READ BIO*

      First, the meme... now this.

    42. Laura Pamela Esteban

      I love the music! Without you by Avicii Ft. Sandro Cavazza

    43. Bradenb

      Shaggys voice... needs to be better

    44. Zexy Artist

      Man why are the only good voice actors the kids one like why didn't you get Mathew lillard what the fuck

    45. Hafsa Shah

      Oh my god childhood memories are rushing at me

    46. Killer Kirby

      Oh my god the memes starting again

    47. Yer bies A fruit

      I’m older now but I still love scooby

    48. Tha Blunt Roller

      1969 Scooby: RUH ROH! 2020 Scooby: This is most certainly not looking good.

    49. SkaboCat_ 18

      Did you say IKEA?

    50. landonwilliams HFT

      Terrible shaggy voice

    51. Yeeticus Prime

      Why does no one ever question the fact that Scooby-Doo can talk? The gang will meet complete strangers and Scooby will start talking and everyone just completely treats it normally.

    52. Miss Lana. M. Hudson

      Do we know what the song is..

    53. SITO11MAXI

      Cant wait to see shaggy fighting with thanos

    54. Creeperkid184

      That's not my shaggy 😢

    55. Chriscraft6190

      Shaggy’s voice is in accurate.l

    56. Use Code lazar

      Shaggy: scoob Did you fucking say IKEA

    57. ZDibs

      Fred kinda looks like Ken the Barbie doll.

      1. ZDibs

        He looks more like him now

      2. James Chung

        ZDibs I thought he always did

    58. titanicd101

      I feel like every time they bring back Scooby-Doo he talks clearer and clearer.

    59. Sammy Erickson


    60. Kevin Coney

      So scooby speaks full sentences now???