SCOOB Trailer (2020) New Animated Movie

Movie Coverage

Movie Coverage

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    SCOOB Trailer (2020) New Animated Movie
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    1. wonderglory

      How would Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot and the real Ruth Bader Ginsburg react to young Daphne as Wonder Woman and young Velma as Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

    2. Lauren Daley

      The voices are just something we have to get use to since we are so use to hearing the normal cast from previousfilms, after time, I dont think anyone would care.,

    3. Average Kid 97531

      I can’t wait to go see the movie and then immediately get it on DVD.

    4. Kinda Krazy Fangirl

      Why is no one talking about "IKEA!"

    5. Gabriel Passos

      0:23 Please don't tell me that I was the only one to realize that that ship looks a lot like Mean Machine, Dick Dastardly's car in Wacky Races

    6. Oscar Ramirez

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    7. Your Gacha Girl

      In my opinion I think the voice gose well with this design of shaggy

    8. Nate G-B

      Cant wait to see the origin of shaggy powers

    9. David Sinnott

      Looks semi decent, but the voices just aren’t fitting. Efron is fine, I guess, since Fred is just a bland white boy anyway. But for the girls, solely based on their one line each in this trailer (which I know isn’t much), Seyfreid as Daphne and Rodriguez as Velma are just not gelling with me. Will Forte does a good Shaggy voice, but I hope they’re not omitting his expressions from the movie, and they just picked clips here that don’t feature them. Scooby ain’t bad, but it feels like he’s talking too much in some ways. It just feels off.

    10. jungkyard

      wasnt expecting new voices

    11. Da Crammers

      I guess it makes sense that scooby talks more because the movie is about him. @_@ it's just so weird to hear him say long, complete sentences. But! I still love him and am watching this ^_^

    12. Black Widow

      2:12 my favorite character is back!

    13. BeastWarsFan

      Daphne: "Is the bad guy my dad?" Me: You wanna talk about it, Daph? BWF

    14. tenshiprincess

      But didn't he get him as a puppie

    15. Shateara Thomas

      They finally made Velma look better than Daphne for once 😋😋😊

    16. angela tracy

      “niggas give me jeepers creepers” - velma, 2020

    17. Cartoon High

      Not digging the new voices but I love the animation.

    18. Aleggbry '-'

      1:28 two of the most sexullized fictional charaters ever put together

    19. Albino Cadillac

      Bring back Matthew freaking Lillard

    20. Elizabeth Drake

      In the Halloween part, is Velma judge judy?

    21. Ayden Davis

      If we only get one zoinks in this movie it’s instantly horrible

    22. Natalie


    23. Kurobayashi2476

      And I thought Velma was beautiful enough in 2D

    24. Heather

      I really like the artstyle of this!

    25. Andy Garcia

      Little bit of a pup named Scooby-Doo part

    26. DONTworryIgotTHIS

      Dude fuck Will Forte, Matthew Lillard is the only real voice for Shaggy

    27. Doomawesomeness

      everyone: complains about the voices Me: dear god its like the sonic movie siuation all over again except less stupid because the fandon isnt fucking mentally insane

    28. A.J Thomas

      So Matthew Lillard is not voicing Shaggy this time? Unbelievable. 😤

    29. Jada Mahoney

      okay i dont mind that scooby talks more i guess, but shaggy's funny voice and sayings are a MUST

    30. Shannon Farley

      Shaggy's voice doesn't sound right

    31. Jeff Brehove

      Wait is Velma's costume Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

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    33. Hedonophobia

      Nothing says "artistically bankrupt" like a Scooby-do origin story.

      1. Emil98

        its still cute af tho

      2. Mad Max

        Hedonophobia You can call Disney artistically bankrupt but not Scooby-Doo

      3. Shannon Farley

        Isn't this like the third origin story too

    34. Sue Tay

      😃 Yes, Yes, yes. Love it🤓

    35. Callen Valkyra

      Whosever’s making movies needs to come up with something original

    36. A Channel Of No Importance


    37. Elizabeth Jansen

      Omg I can’t wait!

    38. no

      2:11 why do they make Velma look black there?

      1. Emil98

        I think ya need to get your eyes checked

      2. Slospop112

        It's just the lighting

      3. Shania Smith

        How does she in any way look black?

    39. MLB Dero

      Niggas give me hebeejebes

    40. rose bud

      Where is Fred’s and Daphne’s ascot

    41. Faith Diaz

      " IKEA. " What a mood Scooby. ❤

    42. J Bellamy

      When did Scooby's vocabulary become so extensive?

      1. Abbo

        @stantz Roooh! Ry got a ringr rin ry rutt raggy

      2. stantz

        Roob's ralrays had a rextensive rocabulary

    43. NotWorth TheEffort

      you were expecting Dick Dastardly but it was I! the Hooded Claw!

      1. Joseph Rowe

        Hooded Claw, I cannot believe you appeared instead of Dick Dastardly. For that and for kidnapping Penelope, you will be grounded until the 3rd Spongebob movie comes out.

    44. Andrew Jolliff

      Velma is hot.

      1. Joseph Rowe

        That's nice to know. -.-

    45. Fisby Bear

      No dog needs a middle name or last but ok

      1. Elizabeth Jansen

        Mine does. Cuz he came with a name so he has a middle and my last name for last. Maybe I’m just weird? But really when the baby’s (forgotten) food, ha just had to have a middle name. Last for pharmacy and pet stores. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    46. joey luckey

      Are we not going mention that Zac Efron is playing for Fred somebody needs to mention that so I had to

      1. Gabrielle Pessoa Soares

        And here I was thinking that Fred looked like some character from High School Musical! XD

      2. joey luckey

        @Stephen King yes Zac Efron is going to be in the movie

      3. Stephen King


      4. mxchic05

        Seriously!!! I love him!

    47. Budget Reefer

      Song name ?

      1. Vishwas Gautam

        Avicii without you

      2. jatin sy

        Budget Reefer without you

    48. Wardzy

      Why is will forte shaggy?? Looks a little woke, no thanks I'll wait till a better one comes out.

    49. Justin Colon

      Like we’re shaggy voice? He’s suppose to like or zoinks but he didn’t. What a scam

      1. Lyoko2516

        Justin Colon probably saving for the movie proper

    50. Hacsa

      Let`s hope Velma and Daphne won`t be some cringe feminists even that wonder woman costume being already a bad sign.

      1. Shateara Thomas

        What is wrong with her wearing a superwoman costume , you're definitely reaching

      2. Emil98

        How about you quit being a cringe fest first

      3. mysterious man

        @xmunchkinmidgetx oh thank you for making it all clear

      4. Will N

        @xmunchkinmidgetx and Ariel's va is fine with the change which you would think would be the end of it. Jodi mentions she only sounds like Ariel and we know her because of that, and yet Ariels have looked different in stage whoever's getting to be such a worrywhale needs to get in the swim and realize ”Ariel is a near literal fish out of water that can sing and trap sharks while longing to be human, too bad her dating plans had to involve her crazy aunt after her initial one backfired." The Little Mermaid broke ground by featuring the first proactive princess to go after her dreams of being a time Disney was sinking. It would only be fitting for a live action Little Mermaid to do something ground breaking as well. An exact replica would be run of the mill. The direct opposite of The Little Mermaid.

    51. Ora Wolfgram


      1. Mad Max

        Ora Wolfgram AND DAPHNE IS WONDER WOMAN!

      2. Fight TheMan

        that's the old crazy lady that keeps breaking her hip and is on the supreme court?

    52. Christoper Fleming

      Is scooby really talking in more words?

    53. Cauzie

      IKEA lol

    54. Raaj Kapoor Singh

      happy to see this trailer my dear 🙂

    55. Destiny M

      I am so going to see this. It looks so freaking cute 🥺

      1. Andra Arwen

        Omg i know😍

    56. Ben V

      At least get the voices right. However I'd watch this.

      1. Will N

        Carmen's voice actually suits Velma. The two have a lot in common. Intelligent brunettes who do most of the work and have the favorite colors of red, black and gold. I'm not exactly opposed to Kate, but hardly anyone likes her so Velma was probably neccessary to's also tradition. Velma's been recast the most out of Mystery Inc. Mindy retired after the KISS movie, but I think that WB really shouldn't have completley let her go or recast her in the movies...should have let Linda Cardinelli transition to the dtvs the way Lillard did and kept Mindy present as Mrs. Dinkley the way Mystery Inc kept Kasem present as Mr. C. Rogers.

    57. Deon Fletcher


    58. Clay Creator