SCOOB! Trailer (2020)

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    First trailer for Scoob!

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    1. Yeoja Cantek

      I miss you omg 😭😭😭

    2. Drew Counts

      I love scooby doo

    3. Zbro Gaming

      Shaggy: Falcon Fury Scooby: Sounds like IKEA

    4. Luana Lafaialii

      " Do you know where we are! we are in-" "IKEA!" lol

    5. Therese Azinger

      not gonna lie, I teared up a little when Shaggy gave Scooby his collar

    6. Space Kiwi Animations


    7. Kimberly Leheney

      the spongebob movie did this as well. coincidence? I THINK NOT

    8. PewDePi

      Shaggy: Afraid of dog Shaggy when Scooby-Doo talks: *This is fine*

    9. Nadzrin production 2020

      2:02 we in ikea

    10. Manuel Robles-Prado

      Can't wait to see the orgin of shagy's powers

    11. Stingy

      I don't care if I'm now 18. Scooby Doo was part of my childhood and I will watch this.

    12. senor pizza

      We’re in Ikea! Ah yes, the floor here seems to be made of floor

    13. samside up


    14. Dominic & Damien M

      Horrible voice actor for shaggy

    15. Lotie The Bunny

      hahaha...Wow I love Scooby!..One of my fave childhood...Now gonna become a movie!..(Mostly showing character childhold these days...

    16. Ramon Cabrera

      2:02 *_I K E A_*

    17. NeonEyez

      I like how Shaggy's friends are not even going to question why there is Is a dog that is talking

    18. AKA Shaggy

      It should be great 😂🤣😎

    19. Kidz TV

      I really want to see shaggys mom and dad in the trailer

    20. XxAstridPlaysRobloxxX Lol

      Shaggy: The Falcon Fury! Scooby Dooby Doo: IKEA! Me: *laughs loud*

    21. Brandon Davis

      Dxd dad faux y8tjfjecbxggffytsydhfjifelzlskskejxbdbebn topspin sijsjshijhhu65v gx

    22. ExplosiveGaming


    23. Ferdie Valencia


    24. Daisy Lee/bindy28

      Movie: changes Shaggy’s voice Everyone: wait, that’s illegal

    25. RaisinsBran


    26. sasanka perer

      Guys shaggy and scooby 's voices are realy bad.

    27. Emanu games delte

      "IKEA" - SCOOBY DOO 2020

    28. Oceandogex

      Yeah cool but I wanna find out how he got his powers


      No tribute for avici

    30. Elєmєntαl Bσч

      My question is that how in the hell did a stray dog get to learn how to talk

    31. Troll486

      Here come new meme formats bois

    32. Talia Scott

      I love Scooby-Doo forget to comment down below!!😍

    33. TreeManTheGreat

      “We’re in...” “IKEA!” “Falcon Fury- did you say IKEA?” “Nope. I said Falcon Fury, same as you.”

    34. Tobias S

      " did you say ikea? "

    35. Look At Life Studios

      Y’all Fucked Up Shaggy Man

    36. Jeb_

      1:20 who in the world has a tounge that long

    37. Deniz Padır

      Maybe we can now find out how Shaggy got his godly powers

    38. Frost The Doctor

      Our god has returned.

    39. The Guy

      This is the movie where scooby and shaggy go look for "clues", while fred, Velma, and Daphne look for "clues" in the bedroom...

    40. Max Tube TV


    41. Elisiasos 13


    42. Riley Zarm

      already not going to watch it because of the music in the trailer

    43. Conning Eye

      The story of ultra instinct shaggy

    44. Whizzer is A homosexual


    45. Diego Macias

      Zoinks why did shaggy say yikes instead of Zoinks

    46. Xenius No. 5


    47. DJBen700

      So at one point they R kids then R out trick or treating then R being attacked by alien robots?

    48. godlywinterfrost

      This is the story of how he gained ultra instinct

    49. M H

      "IKEA" Nine year old army screeches

    50. pixyuniverse

      When I heard IKEA I paused because it seems like this movie has potential.

    51. Kai haldsworth

      *hears the word shaggy* mind: lol

    52. Big Dumb Nut

      It sounds like the director hired his son shaggy

    53. Songs on Vinyl


    54. David Outlaw

      That does not sound like the original shaggy I'm sorry... I hope they fix it

    55. Ronald Flores

      This is my starter pck! When i was a kid

    56. Stanton thorne

      Scoobert "Scooby"Doo! Best friend ever 😁

    57. My Lullaby


    58. Chips

      2:16 It probably is

    59. The Classic sonic club Sonic the classic

      Wait heard scooby said ikea

    60. The Classic sonic club Sonic the classic

      i im gonna watch this because i watch Scooby doo and i need to see this😃