SCOOB Trailer Reaction


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    Zoinks! Lowco checks out the adorable trailer for the new Scooby-Doo movie, SCOOB!
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    1. TheRed Fox987

      1:11 Avicii - Without You

    2. Game World

      Am I the only one that cried? I'M A CRYBABY OKAY 😢

    3. sebastian ortega

      Love your reactions!

    4. bow Winanto

      new subscriber

    5. Chris Bousquet

      I am a scooby doo fan !!!!! So excited

    6. Johnydome

      they made an origin one when they were in school and everything

    7. Jordan Gillis

      Very excited looks so good.

    8. zaandarbrow

      im surprisingly hyped lol

    9. Nadine Mcgregor

      Were you even born yet when Scooby was made

    10. Majin Vegeta

      After this is Scooby doo Meets Batman in 2022

    11. Rob Bayern

      I believe this is supposed to set up a Hanna Barbara cinematic universe.

    12. WorldOfDevin

      Can you react to the new Sonic trailer

      1. Lowco

        I did! Check my page :D

    13. waly Ressel

      Não vejo a hora de assistir sz

    14. kelvahkarain

      I had no expectations coming into that trailer, but dang I have to say it's adorable :)

    15. Royal Official YouTube

      New subscriber here, love the reaction

    16. Fortminorproject

      This movie looks pretty damn cool . I wanna see it.

    17. Cassie Coombes

      I Love all Scooby doo Movies & I Love all Scooby doo Songs & I Love Trailer Scoob!

    18. SuperSonicWarrior93

      Where is Fred's ascot?

      1. SuperSonicWarrior93

        Ya know who else I want to see in the sequel to Scooby-Doo (2020)? I really want them to put Scrappy-Doo in the sequel. I don't care what anyone else says.

      2. AsToldByDylan Twitch

        Maybe he gets it in SCOOB 2.

    19. muppetsstoogesfan1

      After Matthew Lillard took over as Shaggy when Casey Kasem retired in 2010 Warner Bros has been releasing 2-3 direct to video Scooby movies a year.

    20. Juan jimenez

      First and might be the first sub.