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    ZOINKS!! Scooby-Doo gets an origin tale - from how he & Shaggy met to how they joined Fred, Velma, & Daphne to form Mystery Inc.! Here’s our REACTION to the TEASER TRAILER for SCOOB!
    #Scoob #ScoobyDoo #Shaggy
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    1. The Reel Rejects

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      1. Danielle E.

        Zombie Island

      2. Switty352

        The Reel Rejects y’all better react to the new sonic redesign trailer!!

      3. Nero Vermillion

        Yo @ReelRejects I have requested for you to watch "Sonic The Hedgehog New Trailer" it's redesigned.

    2. Francisco .Mora

      The execution of how his got his name was perfect. That Scooby snak thing dint make any sence till now

    3. teeyami valrey

      I understanding the uneasiness with the name origin but I think it will be great

    4. Dasialyn's World

      So Scooby Doo is named after Scooby snacks 🦴

    5. Danielle E.

      I hate this movie already. 😭

    6. Boris Murillo

      Lol zoinks

    7. Tony Randall

      Looks decent. Nostalgia will make me check out.

    8. Jason Saint-Carreyett

      This is the start of a Hanna Barbera shared universe. So if this is successful we will see more of the characters from their vault.

    9. Potato King

      I just realized, so, the original show was made in 1969, so if they were kids, it would have to take place somewhere in the 1950's, but, since there's a bunch of reboots and movies now, I guess that isn't Canon, still though, a cool thought.

    10. DeadToonzGaming

      Daphne kinda hot not lying

    11. Lars Day

      I'm a 44 yr old Scooby fanatic. Last few movies & series have been disappointments. But this one might get Scooby and the gang back in the right path. Frank Whelker AKA Fred is back as Scooby this time. So that's pretty cool in itself. But I agree on the name origin. Scooby is Scooby. No origin needed but it looks like it might be fun.

    12. AtthatJ4 Cod

      Shaggy and Scooby always run away side by side when fleeing in terror from a monster. If a Great Dane’s running speed is 30-40 mph that means that Shaggy can run at the same speed. This means Shaggy is the fastest human alive beating Usain Bolt’s top speed of 27 mph.

    13. Paigey 420

      I loved this review!!

    14. Shadow Dragon

      Did you say IKEA?

    15. Johnydome

      when does scoob get his red collar

    16. Jamie Deoson

      This movie gets a big yeeeetttt

    17. Reyloaddictxx

      I’m a huge fan of scooby

    18. _RaphGaming_

      I love how they used the song "without you" by Avicii For the trailer of my childhood favorite cartoon RIP Avicii YOU WILL BE MISSED

    19. tagteam25

      John sounded more like shaggy than the one in the trailer.

    20. Not your average Bear

      Watch Scooby Doo on Zombie Island. An animated movie reboot of the series with a darker and more gritty tone. Back in 1998 that was shocking and amazing.

    21. Spider-Man 2099

      Every time Greg laughs it sounds like someones tickling his nipples and he's trying not to notice.

    22. gluuuuue

      Scooby Doo was only on cable? Musta been late years 'cause it was all over broadcast for.. decades.

    23. SandRock Gundam

      Yo though blue falcon And dynomutt is back

    24. Eliana Ferreira


    25. LolShutZUp

      Shaggy's back huh.

    26. SAI CHARAN

      It's Avicii not imagine dragons

    27. Shaun Bang

      Stop taking things so seriously ponytail guy it’s a damn kids movie and it’s doing it’s job of reintroducing a classic series to the new generation...pony. tail. GUY! It’s better than the damn live action pieces of crap

    28. Shiba Inu

      Fuck. I got tears...

    29. christen brackett

      Scooby has talked in full sentences since the mystery incorporated tv series

    30. HeyHixen

      The cool thing about this is that they are gonna pull a iron man and open a animated universe for Hanna Barbera and they are gonna bring all these solo/crossover movies of all these characters like Flintstones, Jetsons, Yogi Bear, Huggleberry Hound, Space Ghost, Top Cat, Captain Caveman, etc. The only reason I think they are making a origin story is because they want to open up a universe to all the characters.

    31. Brian Pantoja


    32. Ricky Bland

      John's Shaggy sounds like Morty

    33. Kadziet Yagami

      "Don't be shy. Let out your anger and emotions." DUDE. The entire time John was talking you were mocking and belittling him. "You're so angry over a children's movie LUL". "Not my Scooby!", in a sarcastic tone. "Are you worried it's messing with the MYTHOLOGY AND THE LORE" you clearly say in a mocking way. "This is very sensitive material, man" as you roll your eyes. Don't be an asshole, dude. John has legitimate criticisms and worries about the movie, and all you're doing is mocking him for liking a "children's movie". Ugh. Greg's body language is so gross in this when John speaks. Fidgeting, looking around, whispering mockingly under his breath, smirking when John speaks passionately about something he likes, and rolling his eyes. Grow the fuck up and let people enjoy things.

      1. Triple D

        they are friends, this is normal and even tho they both have different opinions they are still friends and joking

    34. Chris McAllister

      His name is Scoobert Doobert dammit!

    35. Blaze Escamilla

      I think the animation looks odd, but can't be mad about a scooby doo movie

    36. ErR0R n1Nt3deR00

      He protec He Attac Would you like this for a Scooby Snack?

    37. Vinicius Vieira Costa Datti

      My waifu Velma is Hotter as she always have been

      1. Senritsu} {Jumpsuit

        @Vinicius Vieira Costa Datti good save

      2. Vinicius Vieira Costa Datti

        THE ADULT VELMA!!!

    38. Junior Shah

      Why do i feel like this is different. I mean they did few live action scooby doo movies before but i guess this time it's animation that's why it feels different. Remembering childhood

    39. Raul Torres

      No Mathew Lillard they threw him to the side after voicing Shaggy since 2002.

    40. ArtLover Animation

      The supernatural stuff is actually from another Hanna Barbara thing, because they are seeing if they might be able to do a connected universe with everything from Scooby-Doo to Yogi Bear