SCOOB! Official Trailer (2020) Scooby Doo Movie

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    SCOOB! Official Trailer Movie in theatre summer 2020.
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    1. Miss Menchen

      Please don't make Scrappy Doo evil again. 😭😪 He might be annoying but he's still a Doo and family 🥰❤

    2. Puszysty Obłoczek

      Song ?

    3. Mina Ashido

      *he doesn’t sound like he’s on crack and now I’m scared.*

    4. Moh Alhaj

      Before ultra instinct shaggy

    5. Anirudh Official

      Who is here for *Avicii*

    6. Jacob Stlouis

      They changed every one's voices and if it's going to be a Hanna Barbera character universe where all collide should include his nephew and I think it's bull crap that they made Scrappy evil in the live action movie and think it's stupid that they picked out will forte for shaggy but honestly the older voices we're better for all the characters and doing this behind Matthew Lillard's back. Even got rid of Fred's ascot and their catchphrases none of them sound like the characters and for crying out loud bring back Scrappy because he saved the show back in 78-79 so it didn't get taken off the air and WB shouldn't have made him out to be a villian and never mention his name in the franchise even though he's actually part of the gang

    7. Frilly Le Youtuber


    8. KelvinShiFTZ

      Rip Avicii

    9. KingOfParkourShow HD


    10. Boyz Plowing

      Love it

    11. Jenish Giri

      RIP AVICII ◢◤. You will always have a place in our heart.

    12. luna aksoy

      There is always "realistic/evidence-based" explanation, thanks to Scooby Doo "team" for reminding that.

    13. John

      What the hell kind of butchery is this.....

    14. Blury Foxifier

      I KNOW they didn't just make IKEA joke!

    15. Megan and fam / Mocha girl UwU

      I’m so excited!!im crying! My dogs name is Chupi doopy Doo.

    16. Madison Linn

      Warner Brothers: Change Shaggy’s voice *nobody liked that*

    17. Nolan The dab king


    18. Shelby Ramirez


    19. Elijah White

      Wish Matthew Lillard did Shaggy's Ultra instinct voice for this movie.

    20. HiTmAn ThE TrAsH pAnDa

      Thanks for fucking up the cast really gonna ruin the movie!!!

    21. Not-An-Asian

      I want to like this but the music makes it very hard to do so

    22. Alex Craw

      For any kids that haven’t worked it out yet ... shaggys a massive stoner 👍🏻

    23. mintaka mothkind

      Why does friend look and sound like... a normal man

    24. Kari Garcia

      Love the song ❤️

    25. Doomguy says hi

      Whoever first made Fred: Why did you make him look like a square fruit cake?

    26. KeybladeMasterAndy

      Everybody in the comments: "Shaggy's voice" Me: "You know they're setting up a Cinematic Universe, right?"

    27. Poomers KJT

      But where’s the caveman?

    28. Patrick morris

      UUUGGHHHH Melvin Doo????

    29. Royal Bavarian


    30. Loni

      Shaggys new voice actor 🤮🤮🤮