SCOOB! Official Trailer (2020) Scooby Doo Movie

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    SCOOB! Official Trailer Movie in theatre summer 2020.
    © 2019 - Warner Bros. Pictures

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    1. ramixcore xd

      Cuando el dios shaggy era un niño y le dio un 00000000,0000000,0000000,000000,1 de su poder a scoby. Y es más fuerte que Thanos con el guante de cocina de shaggy y más fuerte el mismo dios que cree en shaggy

    2. Tide Pods

      I feel like shaggy isn’t the same with his high on weed voice

    3. Hitler Cat

      did anyone ask for this

    4. Peter Siperki

      Nice choice of song

    5. James Magdamit


    6. Rham Curvey Malanum (rm1261)

      rip avici

    7. no hassle

      what a load of fuckin shite.

    8. The Intensity Channel

      Where's Grey, Kate, Matthew and the REAL Fred Jones?

    9. The Ring

      Bring back the real Shaggy.

    10. Majus Burakas

      Popcorn? Here Nachos? Yup Hotel? TRIVAGO

    11. Average Kid 97531

      IKEA is the best answer Scooby ever gave us.

    12. Average Kid 97531

      Frank Welker really made this movie both amazing and hilarious.

    13. Average Kid 97531

      Scooby-Uhh...Maybe don’t do that again. XD

    14. Brooklyn Hawkes

      this is cool and all but i think i want the sequel to the 2002 and 2004 live action more... idc how shit the reviews were i want my threequel

    15. DiamondplayZ

      Thats not how it happen! They met as teenagers!!!!

    16. Magic

      Shaggy's not high it doesn't sound right Otherwise it looks great but Shaggy's not hiGh And where's his 'like, totally!' speech pattern???

    17. Gabrielle Cummings

      I hate every single bit of this

    18. Purple Gamer

      I mean, at least they have Frank Welker as Scoob

    19. Shawn Eldridge

      I an so waiting & looking forward to seeing this wen it comes out.

    20. Candy

      I think It's better if you guys make a season 3 of Mystery Inc than making this. It's been years and still no new episodes or season 3 of the Show. And to be honest, Shaggy doesen't sound like a stoner or says 'Like'. Sorry but I'm not excited for this Movie. Please make season 3 of Mystery Inc

      1. Purple Gamer

        Candy they won’t season 2 was the last season

    21. شيخ سمبوسة

      0:59 his name is guacamole nword and sausage

    22. Jason Palaccios

      That one random person idea : "Can't wait to see the organ of shaggy powers"

    23. sd. gfx

      That avici tune also pumps up this trailer further more.😌💯

    24. Mission to be A Man

      *This is WB, so we all know Scooby and the monster’s mom will have the same name. Instantly ending the conflict.*

    25. BS - 09TA - Port Credit SS (2272)

      shaggy wanted his movie.

    26. Jeremy Whitehead

      Scooby as puppy. Remember that show, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo?

    27. Thomas Pelley

      This is the coolest scooby doo movie I ever seen

    28. Josie Keller

      Are you excited to see Scoob?

    29. anime kid 9000

      This is universe 6 shaggy

    30. Shomasuddin Miha

      Saxc bedo mesore

    31. RidescenceBlitz

      I cried when I first saw this trailer

    32. Sushi Lover

      Is nobody going to talk about how fred looks like a Ken doll, seriously why the fuck does he look like one?

    33. Sushi Lover

      Dear Wanner Bros.. 🎶 Why the hell doesn't Scooby start every sentence with an R, also why does he talk in complete sentences, and doesn't say ruh roh, or raggy Why the hell doesn't shaggy say like alot, why does he never say zoinks, and also why did you change his voice actor... Why the hell doesn't velma say jinkes, why is her design diffrent, and why did you change her voice actor too? Did you really have to fucking change them we liked them just the way they are, it's just not the same.. For daphne and fred they have different voice actors and fredd as no ascot, and why does daphne have a bored tone why did you do this Wanner Bros did you really think that they needed to change, you're just like the other studios who think characters need a personality boost but really..... we liked them just the way they were If you made it through this song comment thank you for your time 🎶🎶

    34. Wolfboy Cry

      I hope they fix Shaggy and other gang Velma Daphne Fred

    35. Benjamin Vickers

      Ha Ikea

    36. Mac Dee


    37. Blackxo Blackxo

      When is it out

    38. RBNX Official

      Avicii - Without You💕

    39. Doctor Bees


    40. david Lian

      I love shaggy the most

    41. Zen Tennyson

      Most Comment came from this movie saying this wont be that good and i am one of those people and i honestly wanna give it a chance PLS people let me know that u can atleast comment after watching I am giving this a chance because i love scooby doo classic and recent since childhood...

    42. CSL_SteadyX

      Baby scoob is so cute

    43. Dedakittygamer_YT

      It's so cool I wish it was out now :D

    44. DiabloSlayer

      why do scooby has to talk so perfectly !! instead of rooh bee rooh!!! and in the trailer velma never said "jinkies" shaggy never said "like" fred never said "lets split up gang" i have a bad feeling abt this movie!!!

    45. LIL JERR

      Did you say IKEA? 😂😂

    46. LY O

      Shaggy sounds like Fred impersonating Shaggy

    47. Gilbert, The Internet Adventurer

      Mystery Incorporated will always be alpha

    48. unstable addi

      nobody: scooby: *ikea*

    49. Kristel Sketchz

      Yea. This is uncomfortable to watch cause Shaggy is not a stoner.

    50. Marvel Maniac

      Can’t wait to see

    51. Bacxaber

      What the fuck is that Shaggy voice

    52. Satra Wahid

      1:37 when my friends got scared....

    53. Adolfo Lopez

      Awesome now we might be able to see how shaggy got his unlimited power

    54. Diego Martinez Gonzalez

      Shaggy doesn’t say like Wait like that’s illegal Also like nobody liked that

    55. Kazu Kat

      Please don’t tell me I’m the only one looking forward to this and comparing it to the older originals cause like this looks so funny and cool. Like yeah traditional aspects of the characters are lost but HEY ITS MODERN SO SHHH AT LEAST THIS IS BETTER THAN THE LIVE ACTION VERSIONS those were creepy and just not for children at all

    56. Gillaina Gyles

      What is this trash?!!!

    57. Fatima Uwu

      Excuse me what happened to shaggy’s stoner voice

    58. OpenTheB0x

      Scooby doo papa! Y el boom boom boom boom song better be here

    59. Davetta Lashley

      No, thanks! The kids will like it though.

    60. Black Me

      IKEA xD