"SCOOB!" Official Teaser Trailer REACTION!!

Dwayne N Jazz

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    In today's Episode of Couples Reacts we react to SCOOB! - Official Teaser Trailer and this movie looks like it's going to be amazing! We also think they might throw in little hints of A Pup named Scooby Doo as well!
    Original Video Link: gesels.info/video/video/jNR9r7XFoniMuoc.html
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    1. Dwayne N Jazz

      This movie looks like it's going to be good! And who else also had a crush on Velma growing up??? 😅😅

      1. Alex WILSON

        I did, I use to think Velma was a cutie, but, looking back now, she always will be, especially if she couldn't find her glasses

      2. Maxwell Harris

        All my friends and I had a major crush on Daphne

      3. Catherine McDaniel

        I think all the girls had a crush on fred

      4. Timmy Moton sr.


      5. Takory


    2. marissa may

      1:03 I LOVE AVICII! R.I.P.

    3. zoë

      zach efron is fred im so pumped

    4. Grant Lewis


    5. TTV TBG BTW

      React to if nle choppa was in your class by lls

    6. Tuxedo Alien

      Its funny how evertone was reacting to the trailer, I was like: OHHHHHHH! AVICII!!!!!

    7. Kareem Owens

      Can you reaction to the wicther final talier for Netflix tv show

    8. Externalized 10,000

      Little did this kid shaggy know, he would soon master ultra instinct.

    9. Chris RJ

      50 years as of September 13, this year.

    10. Devin.m. Poop

      His power is within him the champion

    11. Isaiah Lee


    12. Dasialyn's World

      So Scooby Doo is named after Scooby snacks 🤔🦴


      They got scoobys name wrong. It's scoobert cornelius doo

    14. Tyrese Eddy

      love it

    15. Sanctified C

      Thank you. I'm not the only person to say Scooby sounds to clear.

    16. Vicente Reyes

      Hello people

    17. ImSlavix

      Dwayne out here looking like a mad scientist.

    18. TheRandomnessBoy

      *I K E A*

    19. 베일


    20. RealJackdigger 999


    21. Rapolas RA

      I would watch whole movie about Scooby wnd Shaggy as Kids

    22. Josefiina Ketonen

      Can you guys please react to hazbin hotel ? 😊💕

    23. R0BL0X_B0Y _

      I feel like when Shaggy says Scoobys name when he named him that was just way to cute of a tone! 🤣 who agrees??

    24. NuclearBum

      React to pewdiepies mine all day

    25. Cooking With Drew


    26. kyndal47

      “IKEA!” He’s not wrong😝

    27. Fun squad Vlogs

      The house is haunted But to be honest a talking dog is more scary

      1. david javier

        I disagree

    28. Potato King

      I just realized, so, the original show was made in 1969, so if they were kids, it would have to take place somewhere in the 1950's, but, since there's a bunch of reboots and movies now, I guess that isn't Canon, still though, a cool thought.

    29. Musiclover KeKe

      The first real-life movie had the origin in it. This looks somewhat accurate, not entirely. Still, it's adorable.

    30. Loyalist_Angel

      This is gonna be good😍

    31. Joshua Moore

      UI Shaggy strikes again

    32. Twisted Wolf


    33. HyperzEnvy

      shaggy needs more rasppp

    34. Bralen Dennis

      Only problem I have with this movie is the voice Actor for shaggy. Like, they couldn't keep their original voice Actor for shaggy?🤨

    35. Jordancoolboy 01

      It’s a life story about the characters

    36. WildXAlex

      I like everything except shaggy voice

    37. Left Shark DX

      The music really is perfect for the collar scene.

    38. Lukas Krog

      Ah yes. Seeing shaggys power lvl again

    39. katalyst productions

      Dwayne bro you took the words out my mouth .... velma is best girl

    40. Ayse.mustafa12 Mustafa


    41. Steven Ellington

      Happy birthday Scooby-Doo

    42. Steven Ellington

      And Scooby birthday that's why they are making a new movie for Scooby

    43. Ka'ree Crosland

      im taking my kids to see this

    44. 影依ぇGYRO

      Shaggys voice is a bit off putting but I can deal with it

    45. KaTerria N.P. Epps

      We will always need scooby and I literally have watched the originals a million times. Shag and the gang are the best toons out there!!

    46. Colton Larue

      Scooby doo by doo

    47. BootyGang Official

      Shaggy:*gets abducted* Me:I KNEW HE WOULD TURN ULTRA INSTINCT!

    48. Clay Hardin

      Do a trolls world tour trailer

    49. Warren Dade

      1:25 DOO-DOO You made a fart joke

    50. ghost Cereceres

      The gang lives in a world that mathematically dogs talk people eat dog snacks like scooby snacks

    51. XCypher

      You guys should react to more Barry tales❤️ I loved it

    52. Carlinsky

      I love scooby doo

    53. The Corrupted Cat

      Dwayne's hair look like he stuck his finger in the socket. I miss the old look, the fresh cut.

    54. nate antwon

      But i wanted to see all of them grown up and meeting up again to solve a big mysterie but this is awseome tho

    55. Foster Thompson

      This movie looks so good ! I been watching the Scooby doo series since I was a kid! I can’t wait till summer 2020.

    56. Trueツ

      The part where the police came and he named him😝😘awe so cute

    57. Koke Art


    58. Koke Art


    59. Niko ShadowBurn

      New Shaggy voice actors aight. Wish they didn't do homebody like that though.

    60. MagSor3

      The voice for daphne is Amanda seyfried