SCOOB! official teaser trailer REACTION!!


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    1. The Ice Prince

      I 💘 Scooby and want to see it now! ❤

    2. Dan Evans

      I’m watching it for sure

    3. Welsh Raccoon

      I love that we are getting an origins story in a way, this was a wise move lol great reaction!!

    4. Do-not

      His middle name is doobert instant movie gone down to 0

    5. Teas

      good video. :D

    6. Kelvin Okram

      I love ur reaction n u r .lookng so beautiful. 😊😊. Wanna knw ur insta account

      1. Swee Moe

        Thirsty nigga it's in the description

    7. GAVILAN jesus

      Fake reaction

      1. MeliaJenae

        Why thank you, it’s so good u think it’s fake XD jk but it’s not fake lmao

    8. Mangual Jordan

      Hey, Love the video! I just sub to the channel. Stay consistent and keep up the great work!

    9. Billy Bob

      Is that a UGA hoodie?

    10. Chio Bit

      Just found your channel. Insta-sub. Also, you think they'll make a t.v show out of it? I'd watch it

    11. Rob Bayern

      I believe this is supposed to set up a Hanna Barbara cinematic universe.

    12. Andrew Naftel

      Have you ever seen the original Scooby Doo series, or the one that revolved around the Scooby gang when they were young?

      1. DeadOverlord666

        @Tonin Sanchez god I remember watching it every morning before elementary school, crazy how long ago that was

      2. Tonin Sanchez

        Yep i saw a pup named scooby doo When i was Young

    13. Quiet Demon

      The reaction on the thumbnail doesn’t match the video so it’s clickbait 🤦‍♂️

      1. MeliaJenae

        its not clickbait, I did that to show how I felt during the trailer

    14. Justin Frazier

      Hello Melia, awesome reaction. Shaggy & Scooby are the best duo. Thanks for sharing 😎✌🏽

    15. TheFiend16

      Congrats 1K subscribers :)

      1. MeliaJenae

        Thank you! :)

    16. Joe James

      This looks great

    17. Ivan Mendez

      your my favorite GEselsr

      1. Swee Moe

        @MeliaJenae your my favorite GEselsr

      2. Ivan Mendez

        @MeliaJenae your my favorite GEselsr

      3. MeliaJenae

        Ivan Mendez aw thanks :)

    18. Ivan Mendez

      I love your GEsels videos

    19. Avenger Fanboy

      If you like scooby doo, then check out Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated! Seriously recommend. You can watch it for free online!

      1. MeliaJenae

        Avenger Fanboy definitely will! Thanks!

    20. Kirbey


    21. Ironiq