Scoob! (2020) Teaser Trailer

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    Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred are back on the big screen with a Mystery, Inc. origin story.
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    1. big chungus 101 boi

      Sad its coming out in 2020

    2. Fuck Clixkbaiters

      Thanos is not here is my only issue

    3. Logan Cressy

      Like, shaggy ain’t saying like or man enough

    4. mylife semllslikepoo

      I mean if your going to replace him at least make him better than the old one instead of worse than him

    5. The Emerald Express

      Most people don't know Scooby's name is actually Scoobert and Shaggy's name is Norbert.

    6. I T hink 2 2

      Its funny cause he said IKEA hahhhaahaha

    7. little lames

      Thats not shaggys voice 😡

    8. Thanos

      I have watched the Scoob movie early it’s about well shaggy and scooby of course and some guy is looking for three ancient fossils to summon some dog creature but scooby is the key to summon it. They get attacked by some robots and get abducted by some blue falcon guy, a dog that is half robot,and a girl(good guys btw) they look for the second bone but the location on the map is a trap and they go through this whole chase scene. They escape and head to the third and last bone location which is in this weird place with dinosaurs and stuff and they land with their ship. Scooby gets a cool coustum and shaggy gets jealous. Scooby takes off his collar which gets shaggy even more mad. Then Scooby and the blue falcon guy leave to look for the final bone and shaggy and scooby get into an argument because shaggy is jealous shaggy ends up staying in the ship and that’s as much as I seen of the movie.

    9. YouTube gaming

      1:07 is one of the best parts

    10. paula lopez

      Oh my god, this movie will be epic, that cartoon is from my childhood

    11. Movies Empire

      All time favorite....

    12. Boxes World

      Shaggy's voice is the gang's next mystery.

    13. The Iridium Gamer

      The fact they are using an Avicii song for this trailer means they have to make it good, or they shit all over his legacy! And they really need to fix the voice of Shaggy, it just doesn't sound right, kinda sounds like if a person was just trying to imitate Scooby, but really doesn't know how he does the voice.

    14. Adil Orynbassar

      Avicii's song, that is all i need to keep my heart warm😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    15. ThatFilmBuff

      So... the bad guy is Ron Swanson?

    16. Exploding Lamps

      Shaggys voice and Fred’s missing ascot

    17. Dani Morin

      Omg the origin story of scooby and shaggy is absolutely adorable 🥺

    18. The Gamingcrab

      It’s a god playing with his dog

    19. Bruh

      Bet 10$ to my friend they're gonna say "Zoinks" at the third act for fan service. And I have no problem with that.

    20. Joshua Dana

      The ghost looks like the uncle from Addams family

    21. Darius Rimeika

      Teaser trailer? Rly? I already know everything I need to know about the story.

    22. Darth OwenZ

      scoob and sonic---take my money :)

    23. LordLlama

      We don’t need it, but we love it!

    24. LordLlama

      The best shaggy voice part is the falcon fury part

    25. KillaBeastPvP

      oh god his voice

    26. Hunter Koopman

      Not gonna lie, I'm so down for this movie

    27. MR LEMON

      Was it only me or did I hear one of the kids when trick or treating at haunted house say "Holly Shi.."

    28. ne2i

      Looks like 2 movies. The Scooby Shaggy origin story then the rest of them and the mystery.

    29. Awkwyrd

      if this movie doesn't contain "zoinks" in it, i'll be disappointed

    30. No name Today

      Shaggy ultra instinct better be in this move

    31. minecraftt gamer

      The first one to reply is gao

      1. minecraftt gamer


    32. Noah Girsang

      It s sooooo gooddddd!!!! But... Shaggy's Voie is a little.. uh. How do you put it... It's different? It's not the same!!! Put the old Shaggy voice back.

    33. Soop soop

      Can we get them to recast Shaggy like they reanimated Sonic?

    34. Lakers4Life

      This is great but the only thing i would change is shaggy’s voice and maybe make a ultra instinct reference in the movie

    35. A Weirdo On the Internet

      Guys, guys, the reason Shaggy's voice is weird is because he's only using .0000000001% of his power. If he were to use more it'd sound right

    36. pz 64

      Saggy:lick Scooby-Doo) Scooby: ... Uhh maybe don't do that again Me: ...hahahaha XD

    37. Paul Burgess

      but why did they have to make it such a bland cash grab

    38. LemonSockz

      this looks shit

    39. JefxyGamer

      Perfect song

    40. Holli Smith

      Scooby talks so much O.O