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    SCOOB 2020 or the Scooby Doo animated movie first look is here. Based on the Scooby Doo cartoon. Scooby 2020 is a 3D animated Scooby Doo movie. NO live action Scooby Doo movie but it looks promising. SCOOB Trailer Monday
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    1. 3C Films

      Thank You Guys For Watching! Let Me Know SCOOB Good Or Bad Designs??

      1. sickly foal from brown desert

        3C Films it all sounds like a good idea how they’ve got the Universe thing going on , I just cant get past the Ascott missing his bare neck is all I can look at

      2. Jack Nelson


      3. Justin Quevedo

        Good to me ! And when you mentioned calling the police in the beginning that had me crying 😂😂lol

      4. GodOfDarkMemes Forever

        3C Films Velma might soon be the next bowsette if you know what I mean. Great videos Chris and great designs.

      5. Bonnie Sherrah-Janssens

        Awesomeness 😎

    2. SuperSonicWarrior93

      I hope we see Fred wear his ascot later on in the film.

    3. Patrick Naylor


    4. Jayden Evans

      You have marvel, DC, scooby doo and horror... but u dont have starwars. Shame on u

    5. Derpalizer


    6. -ˏˋMilitiaˎˊ-

      Daphne does NOT get enough recognition

    7. Iconic King

      I love scooby doo . They need to being back the cartoon shows

    8. Michael Brent

      Warner Bros. should really consider giving Captain Planet,Freakazoid(Dexter Douglas),Animaniacs, tiny Toons adventures,Swat Kats and Power Puff Girl there own animated movie!

      1. Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster

        That would be so much better.

    9. W J

      If you like ‘Scooby Doo’ my mate just posted a really cool video on All the best times Scooby-Doo referenced itself, He’s really new and I think he’d appreciate the confidence boost.

    10. Sonic The Hedgehog?

      Why you what

    11. Luke Bradshaw

      Is it weird i find Velma hot AF

    12. Nicki M

      Is so beautiful

    13. Resegen

      Scooby Doo is my childhood, can't wait to take my younger Brother to see this movie. I hope I'll like it and I hope he likes it.

    14. view sopt

      I can care less about this movie as well because I like the old school tv show

    15. Christopher Woods

      I just wish Matthew Lillard was voicing Shaggy. If Frank Welker is doing Scooby’s voice then why don’t they have him voice Fred and Dynomutt too.

    16. Mr Model

      Fun video of many many Scooby moments to Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You":

    17. Ty Louangboriboune

      Fred's old scarf left the chat

    18. Ty Louangboriboune

      I wish Scrappy Doo was in it

    19. Nuka Dash

      The design looks great but it looks like sjws have tainted this film too let's hope not

    20. Street Fighter Player

      I just saw the trailer and it looks alright.

    21. Kadid

      BLUE FALCON!!!!

    22. I am your Worst nightmare

      Their voices is kind of different 🤦‍♀️

    23. Diamond Jade

      I hate to say it but the voice actor for adult shaggy bummed me out... he doesnt have that iconic voice no more. But the young version of him and scooby made me excited again!

    24. wvu9787

      Fred looks like Zach from saved by the bell

    25. Goji

      No, new velma is not even velma. She is a cosplayer playing velma. She doesn't SOUND like velma, she barely LOOKS like velma, and she isn't even cute anymore. I'm calling her Thelma, because she isn't velma.

    26. ThiccBoi2314

      that moment you realize blue falcon is shaggy at 5% power

    27. Retroactive Rav3ng3r

      You should do a trailer reaction.

    28. Retroactive Rav3ng3r

      The voice cast makes me feel mixed, but a trailer should fix that.

    29. Scott Norwood

      You don't know Captain Caveman? You don't have the credentials to talk about anything Hannah Barbera.

    30. I quit for the first time in my life

      I have a feeling that it's gonna work out. Unlike the sonic movie...