Rugby World Cup Final Highlights: England 12-32 South Africa

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    Short form highlights of England v South Africa in the Rugby World Cup 2019 final. Extended highlights will be published at 8pm (JPN Local time) on Sunday.

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    1. James Herbert

      Are there any poms beside me that were disappointed on the night? I threw my chair at the TV by the time one of the South Africans kicked it into the crowds, btw.

    2. K Ima


    3. lenormand76

      Bravo South Africans for your third world cup 🏆🏆🏆

    4. Neelabh Samvatsar

      Who wants South Africa🇿🇦🇿🇦 to win cricket world Cup🌎🏆 also?

    5. Eudon Hickey

      SA saves the best for last.

    6. tarek hamad

      Congratulations south Africa,hard luck england

    7. Mobbin Lynch1996

      New Zealand = Apollo Creed England = Ivan Drago South Africa = Rocky Balboa

    8. alexo

      Uno de los peores deportes del mundo


      england and south africa verry nice all tq warry warry mach.the 2 player team

    10. Yeet Marauder

      boks like England comment

    11. Reef Goldin

      Leave a like for faf de Klerk he’s half there size and still putting them to the ground

    12. Obe 123

      What a game it was

    13. Rhaniel Santos

      I'm from Brazil, rugby is not popular here, and a lot people don't know. But for the first time, the Rugby World Cup was broadcast here, I found the sport very interesting, I would like to follow more tournaments.

      1. lenormand76

        There will be the Six Nations tournament in February 2020 😄 Do not forget to support your latin cousins France and Italy 😉

    14. Abdul Razak Harun

      Any team (except perhaps the All Blacks), which goes into the rugby world cup final against the Springboks, and view themselves as "The Favourites", is wildly delusional.

      1. Valentino Nkholise


      2. CPT_ROB


    15. CUFF

      Coming from a Maori!! Id have to say I am very proud of SA. Couldn't have been anyone better to take the crown from NZ

    16. Marc Delpisse

      That was definitely the best breakfast ever

    17. ezhilarasu rushyendran

      Any jonah lomu fans ?????

    18. Ernesto Guevara

      England were put under an African tribal witch doctors spell and robbed of this title! I demand a replay! Who agrees with me? I am laughing as I write this?

    19. Alex Slieker

      Love 🇿🇦 from 🇲🇽

    20. Philippe II Auguste

      Thanks South Africa😉

    21. Lucas Lee

      Man, Reinach totally misread the cue at 2:47. Kolisi goes down to join Kolbe in a moment of quiet prayer prayer, and Reinach comes diving in, Kamikaze style

    22. Jason baguley

      I am from France. Wel done South Afrika

      1. Philippe II Auguste

        Les anglais ne pouvaient l'emporter 😂

    23. Slava Shehovec


    24. Peter Smith

      bad LOSERS

    25. Volus

      No extended highlights?

    26. QueenVictoriaDaBitch Soko

      Congratulations South Africa

    27. weswally1


    28. Expr55

      I like how everyone united to support SA against England. The english were very arrogant

      1. Increase Peace

        Very true. Although I would have supported the Boks anyway.

    29. Juriun La Meyer

      Mr Am could've scored if he wanted to

    30. Tom Stroll

      Where is the full match for this game, come on GEsels put the full game up

    31. Toufik umar

      Everyone knows about cricket?

    32. gtoss chddy

      “For 80 minutes, the Rand was stronger than the Pound.”

    33. Ryno Jacobs

      Still waiting for extended highlights????

      1. Ryno Jacobs

        Thanks for posting them @RugbyWorldCup

    34. FBI

      Still waiting for the extended highlights of this game!

    35. Ben Pather

      A giant leap for South Africa. A great leap for the Global South.

      1. gtoss chddy

        CONGRATS SA!! Welcome to the 3x World Cup Champs Club lol Southern hemisphere ftw Much love from New Zealand.

    36. Marc Michel

      Bravo l'Afrique du Sud Greetings from France 👍✌️

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        England were shite on the day, the girls team could have beaten them!

    37. Captain Hindsight

      Anyone know where i can watch the full game ?

    38. Henry Dube

      Where are the extended highlights?????! It's been 2 weeks we haven't forgotten.

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Wtf is going on here

    39. Rebecca Wen

      faf wore a braclet

    40. beedsj roiue

      When you train 2.5 years for NZ and a week for SA.