Roy Keane & Jamie Carragher have HEATED argument over Ole Gunnar Solskjær!

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    Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher were involved in a heated and tense exchange when discussing how much time Ole Gunnar Solskjær should be given to get results at Manchester United.

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    1. Deathkampdrone

      Evra takes most well-dressed this evening...

    2. eoin logue

      This here is just a poor man's rte when eamon dunphy, Liam Brady and John Giles were on This has nothing on them

    3. Your Uncle With Viagra

      peps only managed at barca, bayern and city, three rich clubs with already great squads

    4. scruffedd1982

      i could listen to Roy Keane all day hahaha...

    5. Brian Fitzgerald

      Its not bluff its sense

    6. Man Utd Fan Chants

      Who else is watching old football whilst in the Covid 19 shutdown

    7. Rohit Paul

      I think if Ole doesn't work out. It Roy Keane Man Utd need. He will bring in a discipline which the team has been lacking

    8. Rohit Paul


    9. 1 subscriber without any subscribers

      *Ye Feckin Langer*

    10. Chris Connolly

      Carragher VS Keane boxing match for charity. Let's get it done, I'd buy it 👌

    11. naindraa

      A true captain and leader. Still defending his teammate even now. I just love Roy Keane. He’s irreplaceable but Bruno Fernandes seems like someone who can emulate him.

    12. KyroOcto

      united is NOT the biggest club in the world the correct one maybe UNITED IS THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE CLUB IN THE WORLD

    13. Robinson Samadram

      Roy Keane shut down Carragher

    14. Urda Sellsavon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="308">5:08</a> maybe because he’s English Wise words

    15. Nakul Yadav

      'That's the real question, dough!' - Patrice Evra (2020)

    16. Maulana Ibnu Sabil

      Is Carra still alive today?

    17. Charan Karasudula

      Watching this today, after Liverpool won the treble...Jammie makes so much more sense ...

    18. Ardi Pahlawan

      I Like Roy even he's always angry but he's a discipline and ethic follower

    19. Chew Weekian

      Roy still our captain

    20. Mick Kerrigan

      Cant take Keane acting hard seriously after Jonathan Walters exposed as a tart who threatened to ring the police when he thought it was on with Walters

    21. Sisco

      so i'm watching this after OGS beat one of the best managers in the world 3 times already this season, i'm curious about Carragher's thoughts at this moment.

    22. 호우

      roy was right

    23. Patrick Slingo

      Carragher won this argument. Was spouting facts

    24. King Mfe


    25. Azarul Ahmed

      Roy Keane has got himself back into the Man U family after being expelled for the last 20 years

    26. Darran James

      Carragher is scum always will be but I bet he has a spare room full of hubcaps

    27. Shakeel Tokhi

      roy keane next utd manager

    28. Danny Danny

      both these dicks will nvr make it in management so they find an opportunity to get paid to talk bullshit...

    29. Jess Murphy


    30. mark crocker

      Yeh but Liverpool had 30 years of getting it wrong? I don’t get carras point? Suarez? Torres?

    31. Breda Cosgrave

      Even do I support Liverpool and Barcelona

    32. Breda Cosgrave

      Roy Keane is always right

    33. Aidan Hayes

      Roller coaster of accents around that table

    34. John Smith

      I wouldn't take advice off ex.Liverpool players at Man Utd. Especially Jamie Carragher. He would love to see Utd chop and change their manager every few years.

    35. Evil Scotsman

      Everytime Carragher speaks the video is definitely sped up. Nobody can tell me different

    36. David W

      Duncan Ferguson should be on that panel 🤣

    37. Peter Fleming

      Man Utd were the biggest spenders in the summer but they only signed 3 players. The way they were last season was a much bigger problem than 3 new players to fix the squad. Since this game here they have signed Fernandes who looks to be making a difference, but the squad still needs further reinforcements.

    38. John Hall

      Wow these Liverpool lot gone to there heads never dominate like man United did lol not lost a game hard to do it's easy when there's no ova team what's chasing you call it Liverpool won it know not bad champions League year after league call that great but try n do it doubles trebles same year hard to do next year man city United Chelsea spurs arsenal you really think your gonna do the same never keep dreaming if your dominantin this league every year not win it 30years won 2 trophies in a couple season lucky that's the last league you be winning deffo lol carragher sounesss all X Liverpool players funny how there proper slating United because they won 2 cups in 2 seasons there heads gone big there team Gonna dominate waited 30 to a prem league watching other the years other teams lifting not 1st Division this lol watching other teams lift it before you lol Blackburn 1 hit wounder same as Leicester other 1 hit wounder last time you be lifting that league enjoy there lucky win that champions League same as league to never winning it again definitely keep dreaming Liverpool hahahahahaha

    39. Robbie Cadidate

      Carragher talks shite

    40. Gini Wijnaldum

      I have the answer to why Keane left villa Grealish switched from Ireland to England

    41. Michael Keating

      Frank's doing a great job as he's English 😂

    42. Mister Klivenz

      How many are searching for red cards videos when Jamie and Roy faced each other

    43. David BECKETT

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="414">6:54</a> Keane sounds french. "I dont no." hahahaha

    44. David BECKETT


    45. Bang Road

      Only one way to find out !!!!FIGHT!!!!!

    46. UComments


    47. zee7379

      Whenever the bayliffs come around I'd like Roy Keane to answer the door.

    48. the g man

      I just love watching Roy Keane on a roll

    49. The Braint Family

      It's like a real life west side story

    50. TalkToTheBody

      Sir Alex Ferguson took two or three years to turn the club around when he arrived at Man Utd., I think Jamie Carragher needs to look back at that before having a go at Ole. It seems football is taking is short-sighted, looking for instant results and instant profit, you have to invest in order to get returns. Sir Alex and the club had a legacy of bringing in schoolboys in the form of Scholes, Beckham etc and over time the turned into lucrative investments in terms of value, crowd pulling etc., investing time in a manager is no different because a manager needs time to get to know the team, how they interact, find their strengths and weaknesses but hey what do I know I don’t follow football anymore...fed up of seeing international players flooding the game, it pretty much reduces the potential of finding 22 players to play for England when most of the premiership is manned by foreigners

    51. Para Mark

      Roy Keane playing the race card wtf😡

    52. LCT

      Lampard there 6 months and didn’t get a club relegated

    53. Ahmed Elmi

      Sky should recruit Patrice

    54. karen walker

      Why does Sky or anyone give Keane any time? Just watch the "tackle" again on Haaland that broke his leg in two places. Disgraceful, he's not someone kids or any football fan should look up to. Temper on and off the pitch and then gets paid hundreds of thousands to have the audacity to sit there and comment on other people. He should have been arrested for GBH

    55. Kirk Bannister

      Roy’s a nutter

    56. Steven Haskell

      United fans need to find out who is the “recruitment” for their team and then start a “RECRUITMENT ITS TIME TO GO” banner.. trust me.. it works. 😂

      1. VTX Ryan YT

        would make sense, you support arsenal

    57. Steven Haskell

      This is HEATED. Well done sky sports... well done.

    58. Dika Fanai

      Ole's not good enough. Simple as that. Roy's just being obstinate and belligerent, can't fault him for that though. Anyone with character ought to be, for their pal.

    59. Tom

      Roy arguing for no point as usual

    60. Karl Hodgetts

      Keane is right.....just 'being` previously a successful club mean something close to nothing, things change. football is evolving massively, clubs and fans feeling entitled and wallowing in the past etc...change or die...either way it takes time , patience and hard work.

    61. Larry Riley

      You say Keane was on the verge of hitting carra do you think he would have just sat there and let him I don't think so

    62. Hellgonwheels 87

      They’re not bad players, but the Glazers have bought players that don’t fit the managers. Evera and Keane is dead on here

    63. Haroon Nadim

      Roy Keane would kill Carra

    64. adrian blade

      This debate tho😂

    65. seanr521

      Good man Carra having a bit of bottle to bring us this good highlight 🤣

    66. Roland Lundall

      Garragher has proven again that he is the worst pundit on TV. He really has no idea of what his talking about. Can someone please take him off TV.

    67. Santana Pendleton

      SKY choose the worse ex-players/thugs to talk. Foulers, kickers of own fans, spitters. Bad sportsmen.

    68. stilt

      Dont be fooled by scouse and/or Irish strident tones. Its normal and they are not emotionally upset.

    69. michael mccluskey

      Roy keen is thick mabe he should eat prawn sandwiches and give him another look on life in football def not as a manager

    70. Sam 2014

      Roy and Jamie sound like they have been inhaling helium.

    71. Mark Sweeney

      Omg Roy shut up 🙈

    72. Scott Cook

      Sourness would have baw crunched Keane and Carragher back in the day, and he was a cracking midfielder

    73. g h

      Jamie is scraping the barrel quoting gary Neville to get out of jail 👏👏

    74. jeff d

      Its the managers fault, hes the one who brings in players picks the team decides the style of play, its nobody elses fault but ole. Hopefully he can turn it around.

    75. Hassan Yusuf

      Liverpool all of a sudden are criticising Man United. Shocking!!!!!! . Man United are having a bad time at the moment but they have the records to prove it . True give the man a chance.

    76. benito tommassi

      Carragher held face here but, he had to go change his pants after this.

    77. M.Sitali 10

      Manchester United Need another centre back A left back A right winger A striker And they need to go for the very best they can in those positions Give ole one more season if this rubbish continues he needs to be sacked

    78. Big_Andy_ GAWA

      Fair play, Carra. G'wan son...!!!

    79. あなたの はは

      Get 'im Roy! Defend your brothers!

    80. Boris The Blade

      Keane is a shitebag and a bully!