Ronaldo Scores Insane Goal With Giant Leap! | Sampdoria 1-2 Juventus | Top Moment | Serie A TIM

Serie A

Serie A

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    Cristiano Ronaldo lept to score an incredible header and win the game for Juventus in their game against Sampdoria | Serie A
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    1. Serie A

      Which emoji best describes that leap from CR7 - 🦅, ✈️, 🚁 or 🚀?

      1. FiguR- BrawlStars


      2. muhammed razi


      3. Johnny Sins


      4. Spyth


      5. Muntaha Wani

        Cristiano Ronaldo is ahead from these


      What the jump

    3. Hassan Al_mulla

      هدف رائع

    4. Guilherme Araújo

      O homem tem um propulsor a jato, siiiiir.

    5. Snowy

      1:03 Ronaldo was already in the air before the camera got to him.

    6. hande ercel die hard fan

      Ball::jump Cr7::im already on the air you can take your time...

    7. OG Noice Raisin

      i wasn’t impressed about how high he jumped, the fact his hair managed to stay in the same style was mad.

    8. Ramon Arellano

      One of the hardest workers in the history of the sport. That was an amazing header.

    9. Chris Lopez

      It’s even more crazy to think about how he had to time his jump for such a long ball, all while worrying about defense and where to aim.

    10. Alexandre De Paula


    11. Savo Ras Popović

      Christina Penaldo!

    12. Pritam Sinha

      He is just using his frequent flyer miles... #CR7_being_CR7

    13. juceorbe

      That jump should be recorded on the Guinness book. I bet no other soccer player ever jumped that high and scored.

    14. Adonai Flores Solis

      I pooped, went to Walmart, showered, ate, then I turned on the tv and he still was in the air lol 😂


      Jump 00:20

    16. Gonzalo Zamorano

      Madre mía el bicho

    17. Adrian J.

      Watching a soccer game with no commentary sounds weird

    18. Arsen Jan

      Ronaldo Top

    19. Titan Khan

      Interviewer: Who is the best player in the world Fans: Messi. Interviewer: 0:22 , Now what?? Fans: Silent....

    20. Rifqi Taufiq Arrafi

      he is upnormal, trust me...

    21. JelleSpeeltSpellen 28

      Me jump: 2m ronaldo jumps: 100003948846524232131 km

    22. Toni Georg

      36 years old Fabio Quagliarella still beat Ronaldo for Seria A Topscorer last season 😂

    23. Yeezus

      The fact that the defender touches the ground before Ronaldo and Ronaldo leaped way earlier is insane

    24. Lional Ebi

      This goal separate fan base

    25. Bartlomiej Szewczyk


    26. P 2 P

      I'm big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. I made this with so much passion. Kindly check it out.

    27. Mor Raba

      CR747 🤣

    28. enes tinni

      aga bu nedir amk ya ? 😊 dünyanın en iyisini izlediniz . thank you watch 😉

    29. John Hung

      Messi with a springboard couldn't get that high

      1. Mark Ant

        Messi is tiny and has scored goal after dribbling which Ronaldo can`t.

    30. Galang Torr

      The best Ronaldo goal ever for me.

    31. pm abi

      Hey, somebody forgot to turn off the cheat codes

    32. Johnathan Small

      0:20 replay button

    33. tharsi tharsan

      Is it human

    34. Fightrec

      Heat seeking missile at 34 now 35 !! When he landed my knees broke

    35. Don Buddha

      One small stepup of Cristiano One giant leap for mankind

    36. Yas Edit


    37. Federico Manfredo

      Ronaldo m3rda

    38. Spyth


    39. Dynamique #1

    40. Muntaha Wani

      Being extremely extraordinary is an ordinary thing for Cristano Ronaldo

    41. thiruvetti

      1:12 - 1:22 - That's like Neo stopping the bullets! Amazing to watch it in slow mo. Such precision, strength and skills.

    42. Bgmusic background

      I think teams they need extra taller defenders and 2 taller GK where they are VS Ronaldo That attack I think is an Alto 😁😁😁

    43. THAT NIGGA


    44. ッLord539

      Ronaldo will be the best when goats fly... Oh wait... Ronaldo = 🐐

    45. Alquin Ilagan

      Gravity: Am I a joke to you? CR7: I didn’t know you even exist 😅

    46. Gezza 77


    47. Markoz

      MADRE MÍA¡¡¡

    48. Pierre Shaheen

      Goalie: Wait, where did the trampoline go?

    49. Mirage Mashod

      The fact that he was able to land safely without hurting himself is another bonus, the man is just a machine

    50. QucoEsp

      Literally jumps 100cm or 150 cm

    51. Ken Wescott

      He got all that height with just his left leg. What powerful legs. How much weight can that man squat?

    52. Sorry4u 007



      Little girl: Help, my cat is stuck in the tree! Ronaldo: Hands the cat to the little girl

    54. Hari HK

      CR airline ✈️

    55. Pedro Rodrigues

      An NBA jump definitly.

    56. Gilitao Arzobispo

      Ronaldo: *jumps* Gravity: Am I a joke to you?

    57. Marco Aurelio

      CR7 JUMP

    58. João Ninguém


    59. BUDI Santuy


    60. Luiz Costa

      Não gosto de futebol, mas CR É UM MONSTRO DO ESPORTE.