Rick Perry speaks out after resigning as Trump's energy secretary

Fox News

Fox News

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    Energy Secretary Rick Perry says he is ready to move back to Texas and on to the next adventure in life. #FoxNews

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    1. may wilson

      This is the SHAM Trump talking about, The Bidens, Rick Perry, Giuliani, probably more. Taking advantage of Ukraine, They complaine about Corruption in Ukraine who is doing Corruption? OUR POLITICIANS. Is that why Trump giving them Billions of dollars so USA POLITICIANS can move in and Pocket the money?

    2. Susan Cooper

      Good for you Governor Perry! Texas appreciates you! ♡♡♡

    3. AlmightyKnights18

      Bernie 2020

    4. DarPoe Jr

      11/23/19 He is a liar!!!

    5. ordinaryhuman


    6. Katey2012able

      Perry lied; he DID hear about Biden/Burisma. We know this truth today, 12 Nov 2019 He clearly values energy industry (for his friends who wanted a govt contract in Ukraine) MORE than he values our country. SAD beyond belief. NO, it's not about the 2016 election. It IS about illegal behavior by the current president and his cronies.

    7. Cantara Bella

      When he said hamstrung, it got me thinkin'...🤔💅👓💄💃🌡🎉🍸

    8. Pretty Kitty

      He will be another co-conspirator. He refused to testify last week. Hmmmm I wonder why......They are all running and ducking. He and clueless Carson are the only 2 cabinet members left in the circus of fools. Anyone that works for the clown or supports him will go down on the wrong side of history. There has never come close to being an administration even a little bit as corrupt as this one. The Fox News watchers are clueless as too what’s actually happening now. They should get their heads out of the sand. Do your research folks. Hannity and the clown are buddies so don’t expect Hannity to ever let you know the truth. Google it if you think I’m lying.

    9. David Augeri

      Perry is going to testify to congress now...and if we are lucky...tRump will take a header of the Washington monument

    10. Marilyn Bellamy

      Funny you try hard but your not getting anywhere the dems looks like the landslide will obliterate them

    11. Rita Warren

      what sounds fishy is this: He set up the office in September of "Office for A.I. and Technology " inside the Department of Energy with a $119 budget. BTW, his wife holds stock in ATT, Verizon and Splunk (according to his 2019 financial disclosure)

    12. Rita Warren

      no A.I. please

    13. Dawn Stonerock

      Perry, so well spoken!! Texas loves you!!

    14. June Gomez

      Why is it everytime someone resigns in the White House the media makes it more than what it is. These jobs are very stressful maybe after working two years, one resigns to take it easy. The media just wants to get dirt on the White House. Wow the way Bill kept hammering on Perry was unbelievable. Once is enough, I didn't realize Bill was such a jerk!!!! Kudos to Perry.

    15. Mr5083

      Everybody seems to like Rick Perry Rick Perry for President 2024

    16. Buck Wheat

      I believe that Rick Perry is part of the "deep state". He appeared before the Beilderbergers when he was a wanting to be a presidential candidate. He doesn't understand the Constitution. He forced vaccination on young women which was later found to be harmful. He doesn't appear to be particularly bright. I do not trust him at all. Surely we the people can do better.

    17. joelt2002

      Questions were tough, but they were fair. Interviewer definitely needed to let him answer the questions without interrupting him.

    18. Robert Williams

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="289">4:49</a> It looks like "GULP"

    19. snowmanireland

      A typical example of a rat leaving a sinking ship.

    20. Regis Philbin

      You fools have three hosts you watch and that's it. When you start saying it's everyone else instead of yourself that's how you know it's a problem.

    21. RoseAgnes Mbebuh

      Thank you Governor Perry. Tell them!

    22. RoseAgnes Mbebuh

      This Journalist is so annoying. Our former Governor Perry is a great man. Leave him alone!

    23. Chris Blank

      WOW BILL. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR WITH Rick Perry? Why don’t you get Biden on and drill him like you did with Perry. Showing your bias

    24. GotTreeFiddy 187

      He was a good energy secretary. Hope he serves another president in the future

    25. Claybon Goshea

      President Trump need to be in jail at Rick Perry need to be in jail too

    26. Stefan Granderson

      Those pants are on fire Rick

    27. Mike P

      Orange man bad!!! Bring back the grand mufti Kim Un sum Obama !!!

    28. walter harris

      Trump resigning next. Better than police”. Locking him up”? Who leaving next.

    29. Terrance Thomas

      Alternate realities. . .

    30. Kendall Laughon

      Good interview 👌

    31. SteelsCrow

      Anyone who says nuclear energy is cool is cool.

    32. Dinahsoar

      IF you want to know where this is going ask the dems...ask them to open the doors and stop the gd secret meetings....you'd think this was a communist country.

    33. Dinahsoar

      If you read the full transcript of Mulvaneys presser you will know he did not say what has been reported. The Trump haters are twisting everything.

    34. Diane Moreno

      Hemmer your on the Wrong station your a cnn hack

    35. Sal Salinas

      That host is hellbent on twisting the story around even though perry is telling him otherwise.This is exactly why fake news spokespeople should face charges

    36. Richard Plaskett

      Those smart looking glasses will not make Rick Perry any smarter. MR OOOPS! who lick the con man backside for a job that he wanted to abolish. It goes against all normal thinking , but that what Rick Perry is all about

    37. Sheila Becker


    38. Ben Price

      This guy is so full of crap! Thank god he's not going to be in charge of our nuclear weapons anymore. Running a division that he wanted to get rid of...

    39. Tina Tester

      No he didn't have to testify in front of a crooked inquiry being run by the intelligence Community which is the ones that have been causing all this Havoc to begin with

    40. Tytiana Miller

      Resigning and still Stonewalling Did he have art in it or not

    41. Ruthie De Alejandro

      I feel sorry for people that are so blinded by the left wing. It will be so sad when they realize that all along they have only wanted a one world government. They want to push it so that the government will own everyone, and we people will be under there control, after Trump is elected after the 4 yrs. I hope that people at some point will open their eyes to what is going to happen in this world. GOD HELP US!!!! 🙏

    42. jlh


    43. N S

      Trump should be impeached along with AG Barr and Mike Pence. Impeach and remove! LOCK THEM UP! ! !

    44. Elizabeth G

      I know why Hillary Clinton is throwing trash accusations against Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein.... the news came out about her e-mails and the crimes they implicate so she, Hillary Clinton, is trying to turn all eyes off that onto something else she is guilty of. As much as I do not like Tulsi Gabbard's affiliation with the Democrat party, her description of Hillary in her tweet is so truthful, and outside of President Trump, she describes HRC best.

    45. Pat Issa

      FOX NEWS......DROP BILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    46. Kitty Watson


    47. valerie hindley


    48. TheTruthShall SetYouFree

      Looking for dirt. Perry did great at keeping this interview clean. And he still supports President Trump.

    49. Chris Lucas

      He saw Trump was about to throw him under the bus for the Ukraine thing.

    50. Casca4795


    51. Chaz Buck

      Rick reminds me of Jesus. Praise the Lord:) Trump was put in office by God. You better start getting right with Jesus and Trump! God is surveilling you and will know who you vote for. I have nothing to hide from God. I'm made perfect by the blood of Christ, Amen. The Oil business is a good companion for you in Politics. Honest, corruption-free, caring about our environment and perfect track record too. No Pro Quid Pros thanks to men like you. Your integrity and promise not to roll over on Trump are evident here so others in the energy business can see who to trust. Trillions are at stake and you played this card well. You folded! Nice! Thank you, Rick, for motivating me to post this. I was surprised by your generosity. I will be posting many more per day as we agreed. It's legal so I'll do it :)

    52. eflint1

      Perry was threatened after writing a book calling for the dismantling of many Federal Departments. He did not even use the book in his failed campaign. His performance in the debates was merely "taking a dive". Very sad. Good luck, Governor. Keep yourself alive.

    53. Janice Foundas

      There was no quid pro quo! The demons are demented! The demons are involved in ukraine! He just said he pushed trump to call! Shut up and listen to your guests!

    54. Joseph Ellul

      Rick Perry for President.

    55. Rita McCartt-Kordon

      Mr. Perry made the statement that he had "Pushed" President Trump to make the phone call. In the very next sentence the reporter said, "President Trump says that you pushed him to make the call, is that true?" Which tells me that the reporter was so busy forming HIS next question, that he wasn't even paying attention to what Mr. Perry was saying! When you listen to a person's words, it's hard to deny the facts! But who needs FACTS, when you have Adam Schiff making it up as he goes?

    56. Frank Griegorian

      No problem they will be coming for you too for your work in the Ukraine operation !!!!!! 🇷🇺😁👍😀🇷🇺

    57. Michael Powers

      Thank you for your service, RICK PERRY, especially in the face of the problems you endured historically but prevailed over. Trump 2020. Good interview.

    58. antoni boleslawowicz

      Perry is a good example of the social mobility of hack politicians.

    59. Susan Pelsue

      “Hamstrung” is the perfect description!

    60. Maria De La Hoz

      trump Best president ever trump 4 more years .democrats party is SOCIALIST vote them OUT PARTY Evil

    61. Jse contractors Inc.

      Nuclear energy never was and never will be cool. Other than that keep up the good work

    62. John Harris

      Corruption Biden same thing

    63. breakshot74

      the next rat who leaves the ship

    64. Demetri Zmith

      He was fired

    65. Adidallas

      Rick doesn't know what to say or do after some straight up questions. His answer,,,I am waiting for my counselor to tell me what to do next....that sounds just dump.

    66. Cathy Mccarthy

      Nuclear power technology is the answer to cleaner technology

    67. Sandy Juntunen

      Nobody with a brain who has a choice to live in Texas or DC would choose DC unless it was necessary for a job. Perry got the experience under his belt, he can now say he's had good experience with foreign affairs and learned how DC works. If he ever runs again that's a big plus on his resume. Now he can leave the swamp and live in wide open spaces instead of the toxic culture of hell.

    68. Rico Castañon

      Loser..like Trump.😁👎

    69. alexleanh

      It's not "nu ku lur"... rather it's "nu-klear" as in nuclear, just like "real-tor" as in realtor and not "real-le-tor". What's wrong with these Americans?

    70. Godfearing Patriot

      He can't defend himself in court and run that office. He's corrupt politician stepping down trying to open seat for Democrats to steal away from Republicans.

    71. Shady Island Chronicles

      OMG Perry is nearly as pedantic as Trump.


      Well done Rick Perry, Sadly the media wants to make something out of Nothing, This idiot interviewer needs an uppercut! Pathetic. Got to CNN FFS.

    73. Kim André Skogstrand

      You need to make a mad dash for the Canadian border Rick once you're out of there, because there are A LOT more people going to jail over this, and the way Trump threw you under the buss there, I wouldn't feel to save.

    74. eliz0891

      Rick Perry needs to go.

      1. eliz0891

        He was not a good gov. Trump 2020

    75. Thomas Kelly

      Bill you are a glaring example of what's wrong with our media today.....ask the question and let the man answer, if you have a follow up question when hs is Don's ask it. Stop trying to make yourself part of the story .Stop trying to shape his answer to fit your narrative. You folks in the media have become so unprofessional it is embarrassing to watch.

    76. beebsarelli

      He thinks it's funny, but I don't! Hemmer is a traitor to the American public.... Energy is outrageously expensive given we are awash in energy resources around the planet. Public utilities are outrageously expensive too..... we are being massively conned while the likes of Biden, his son, Kerry son, Pelosi, Mitt Romney and the entire world Elite pocket millions from energy scams. Rothschild family owners of P,G & E in California have the audacity to put millions of people out of power on a 'pretext' of winds coming.... putting as many at risk for their lives...... What is right about that ? And no public lawsuits for that? Disgraceful..beyond disgraceful!

    77. Clyde Harris

      Boycott Bill Hemmer he is a shill for the Democ-rats.

    78. Justin Thorpe

      Could Trump start a real news empire after his presidency?? hmmmm?

    79. wef1956

      Notice, Perry answers Hemmers questions before Hemmer asks them, Bill Hemmer, listen to your guest.

    80. Colleen Punt

      Why on earth would anyone sit down in front of Nadler or Lying schifty Schiff....When it's schifty, Nadler, Pelosi, etc that need to be investigated