Dolan Twins

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    Sorry it took so long to tell you guys.. I hope you can understand
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    1. Saif's Hub

      Gray and Ethan each had their own turn and didnt u guys realize that "Nolan's hair color keeps on changing?

    2. lovely sunshine 679

      I cried and I don't know why

    3. Layla

      Be nicer to Nolan!😂

    4. Bubble_ 2305

      I love ice cream

    5. Mymy D

      It’s. a. Joke. Just. To. Tell. You

    6. Tabea

      i miss those type of videos

    7. tea Spill

      *when I saw the title of this video I thought it was gonna be ethma exposed*

    8. Catriona

      I bet you that there's someone out there who actually took this seriously lol

    9. Kourtney Adams

      So there's no Nolan??? I'm confused

    10. susan speiser


    11. Sophia Rodriguez

      Nolan : *breathes* Ethan and Grayson : what the f***!!!


      Anyone else see the tampon😂😂😂😂 @ 3:15

    13. B.A.S.T Shme

      Poor Nolan 😱

    14. Kiara Pinto

      Why do I feel bad for someone who doesn’t exist... 😂

    15. Beautydaily 16

      I wonder if that yogurt was dairy free 🤔

    16. Chloe123322

      Wtf am I watching this 😂😂😂

    17. brittany burney

      lol that was funny favorite part was Ethan getting out of the trunk of the car but would much like to no how he got it there to start with lol

    18. Anaya Dejesus

      Their so nice to Nolan lol

    19. Samantha C

      i feel like nolan is harry potter from before he went to hogwarts (I know im a nerd😂)

    20. Ivette Zavala

      Holy Jesus

    21. Kaylee Romero

      Grayson: NOLAN WHAT THE f(:&;? PICK IT UP Nolan: ok sorry Fans : ( feeling so bad )

    22. Jaeden Naidoo

      It’s really funny to watch

    23. Jaiden McKenna

      ive never laughed so much in my life

    24. Bella Duff

      6:58 I was crying with laughter! 😂

    25. Kinza

      1 like =i prayer for nolan

    26. Celine Itani

      he is not real because he is wearing grayson's earring

    27. The Seas Secrets

      Watching this video again and at 3:14 I saw a tampon... Is Nolan really a girl? 😱

    28. Annie Mata

      3:40 omfg I’m dead

    29. Camilla Ýr Ásgeirsdóttir

      Is this a joke or...

    30. Anabelle Sanchez


    31. — jjtgaa

      i'd honestly date nolan. 😩

    32. Summer gil

      I feel so bad omg

    33. Summer gil

      I feel so bad 😲

    34. Kyndra 123

      Y’all got me feelin bad for Nolan 🤣

    35. ms Sirius

      Who else feels sorry for Nolan?

    36. gus tsagogeorgas

      Why does Nolan look like he went into Emma chamberlain ‘s closet and gave him self a fucked up outfit

    37. Sevila Alfiana

      Looks kinda like Nolan is Cinderella and his two step sisters or brothers?

    38. Keyajhia Howard

      3:15 was that a tampon 😂

    39. Horse Rider 16 17 78

      Even though Nolan isn't real I still feel bad for him😔♥️

      1. Horse Rider 16 17 78

        @Love Batman I know at the beginning of the video I actually thought they had a triplet😂

      2. Love Batman

        Horse Rider 16 17 78 wait wha...nolan isn’t life has been a lie 😂

    40. Maggie Sarver

      I love the twins so much and they have been such a inspiration 😘

    41. Kenny _Smash

      Why did i find this so funny😂😂 like really funny

    42. jason mallory

      My birthday’s on October 22 😂

    43. Keilly Calderon

      I'm looking back at this and I feel bad for Nolan

    44. gus tsagogeorgas

      Where the hell is your *steak and lobster *

    45. gus tsagogeorgas

      Nolan *drops a piece of clothing. Grayson: NOLAN WHAT THE FUCK

    46. Luke Dude

      I know it's fake but if it was real i whould really feel bad for him

    47. Abigail Rooke

      this kind of makes you guys seem like jerks even though its not real

    48. Geraldine Lopez

      Omg this is funny 😂

    49. Nolan Zadlo

      This hurts me what you bully me because of me name

    50. Dunja Vostic