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    Official Music Video for Iyaz's song "Replay." Get exclusive content, updates, and music on the official Iyaz website:

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    1. Ankita Garhewal

      Underrated song

    2. Akshita Singh

      y'all listening to old bangers too?

    3. Pablo Escobar sein Schnurrbart


    4. Wodz30

      No one fucking cares what year you are watching this video. No one cares that you were a kid when this came out. Try actually doing something with your life instead of attempting to receive instant gratification from GEsels. Try that and stop posting pointless shit. Do not click like on this comment.

      1. carlos basa

        And your comment was even more useless the people who say that are remembering a simpler time when life was more fun

    5. Johnny Anfield

      Those golden age when iPod and mp3 players was popping

    6. Nighttime Assassin

      Anyone going through a 2000s throwback playlist or just me

      1. Camilo .M

        Damn 2 days ago I'm suprised

      2. IronWolf245x

        Just made a 2000s throwback playlist on Spotify 2005-2017ish . Not even a week ago (rediscovered this song) and was hit hard with memories God i would go back to the good old days. As a kid. I would of been around 8 when i first heard this I'm 18 now.

    7. Dani Rod

      2:36 joshi kann nicht singen

    8. *Cherry- Cola*

      this was the first song i had on my iPod. i loved it because my name was melody and i liked to pretend it was about me.

    9. Furblont

      I’m gonna replay this song until it’s name is no more

      1. Camilo .M

        Like your iPods stuck on replay?

    10. MyRadical

      2020 anyone?

      1. Cloudishly

        nobody cares

    11. Janatbath Marak

      Wow beautiful songs

    12. Margaret Li Arts

      I'm literally here because a twitter meme brought me back

      1. milaii milaii

        Me too,but a youtube meme :))

    13. UNDOllamas YT

      Our kids will be like what did up. Us Well let me show u

    14. UNDOllamas YT

      Where r my 2000 kids at

    15. James Dingle

      I’m gonna drop some wisdom. Yo young bucks. When old men say live, do it. No time for hate or jail. You be on your death bed thinking, “Dam, if I were 40 years younger I’d be tapping that Nurse.”

    16. James Dingle

      Like a gun to my holster. No need to oil girl leather😝

    17. Bobaxlav

      Who’s here to remember musicallys old songs?😂

    18. OddSpongebobs MC

      Song is so underrated, only 70m views? Deserves more

      1. Jonathan F

        The other music video has roughly 170M views

    19. Julio Rudy

      This my cousin favorite song and mines 2020

    20. Abdigani Ibrahim

      this is a classic

    21. Chris


    22. Dubstep Fierce

      When rap was actually good, under rated sadly

    23. Jordânia Vivian


    24. RAFA LIRA

      2020 baby

    25. CummyBumSwag

      Thx Rucka 😘

    26. lazy gacha potato


    27. GlacierPlayZ -

      I'm gonna say something. Little Big Planet.

    28. bxb aidan

      2000s kids will remember this🤞

      1. UNDOllamas YT

        bxb aidan only 2000 kids ✊

    29. Cody Smith

      2020 banger squad!

    30. Dab Martinelli

      I just started listening to this song

    31. Marlon E. Turner II

      Y’all gettin it all wrong. It’s all about the MW2 days. It wasn’t the year 2009, it was the year MW2

    32. YouTube Kanal

    33. BKY AEY game Jaiyoungyuon

      I born in 2009

    34. IphoneIOSiphoneIphoneIOS IphoneIphoneIOS


    35. Big Smoke

      Ahhh the limewire days lmaoo

    36. Terry Matson

      Okay sorry maybe I am way behind on the times here. But I thought Sean Kingston sang this song. Did they do it together? Or do they each have their own cover or version?

    37. Urania Jackson

      Man they don't make music like this anymore

    38. canU See Me

      Anyone listening to this today 😝😝😝😝😝👍👍👍👍👍 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

    39. shaun simmons


    40. vira amaliah

      February 2020, anyone?

    41. Moto Finesse


    42. Rodney Chang

      This song was the most played during my time when I was in elementary school

    43. M W


    44. TTV_GHOST_06 -

      Who watching in 2020??

    45. Francisco Coronado

      Where the 90s baby’s @

    46. Vanilla

      2nd year highschool makes me remember this song mayyyghaddd!

    47. lionniel arzaga

      feb 14 2020

    48. Denniz Balucha

      2020 gang wyaaa

    49. Peyton Bolstad

      2020 you got a good memory

    50. McBlurry

      2020 anyone? *fire song btw*

    51. •{Kawaii Kiler}•

      Me apaixonei por essa música do nada alguem br🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    52. julianlikew0ah

      My mans wearing supreme

    53. Zephqt

      2020 we still out here

    54. memcpy

      iyaz, ich will 3 kinder von dir :)

    55. JKinG 98

      2020 ⚪🖤⚪

    56. Deaf people are funny

      Still a banger

    57. Drake

      This song brings back so much 😔

    58. xx cats xx

      Ich mag das Lied voll gerne

    59. Sober Stone


    60. Shazzam Gaming

      2020 boys we still here