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    lyrics to replay by IYAZ

    ***ok for those of u who dont kno... IYAZ and Sean Kingston r two totally different people. they just sound alike kinda. this is iyaz's new single. which means sean kingston doesnt sing in it at all***

    comment and rate!! :)

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    1. Hetvi

      I was only 1 yr old 😢 when dis song came

    2. ლ Iт'ѕ Ğємυ Mєσω ლ

      Me pregunto, q habrá pasado con ellos Nadie sabe a lo q me refiero más por nada el 90% de los comentarios son en inglés (eso también es porque la canción es en ingles) y si buscaba una traducción solo tendría 5 comentarios y quería q este comentario se perdiera en el fondo de todos, si alguien lo encuentra ¡¡Gracias!! Quieres te cuento y si no ya te puedes ir maldito, ok no Hoy mi clase se fue de viaje y tengo un problema con mi cruhs, porque su novia no le deja esta con mis amigos, y yo pues me preguntaba q habría pasado, ahora me voy con una amiga a q me lo cuente, Todos diréis y porque no le dices a alguien por Insta o por WhatsApp, ese es el punto, quiero q me lo dijan a la cara, siento q esta canción aunque tenga más de 8 años me da igual, me acuerdo cuando me la ponía mi prima y por eso quería compartir desde futuro al pasado, si solo tuviera un libro donde mandar cosas a mi yo del pasado, creo q esos libro estarían agotados por mi Ya contare lo q me dijo mi meja bye

    3. Mukbal Omar


    4. Theofania P

      That song is realy cute!

    5. Keisy Pineda


    6. Matthew Habergham

      I wonder if Iyaz is still making more songs today.

    7. Bee Mitchell

      I love this song and it was a good song ❤️

    8. kawaii pikachu

      2020 anyone

    9. Ayaka Iida148

      I listen to this song yesterday and last night I was singing this to my crush then he kissed me I woke up and cried And now I love this song

    10. Matthe w

      Wait I thought it was called " Shawtys like a melody in my head" by Sean Kingston. Is there two names? Lol

    11. BlueCap

      I rediscovered this from asking a tiktok creator what the song was, i glad i did, MEMORIES

    12. 沈楷諺

      I know I’ve been late for ten years , but damn I love this song ❤️❤️

    13. Emma

      Here in 2020

    14. Katyn Newcomb


    15. Official F.B.I

      To think there are still youth that haven’t heard this...

    16. Aline Smale

      Future generations are gonna listen to this and be like, "What's an iPod?"

    17. kuya Kung

      i like the song of the replay iyaz

    18. Andaleen Fatima

      And I got this song on replay~

    19. Alex J Arriola

      "Bonanza High school, first year, holy Shit 😟😟😟 #memories" I miss my iPod too lol remember??"

    20. Nathan Foxs


    21. ShelloHD

      Play in 144p

    22. Siony Otero

      ohh this replay its my first time to listen this music | so cool

    23. Juli Gamer

      And still this is my song for life

    24. Lemon Sana

      The time that i remember me singing this song while i see sonic photos

    25. Xian Wei Han

      who's here from that tiktok

    26. CHRIS TIAN

      2020? yownn im just 5yo when i hear this song

    27. Carl JOHNSON

      Lord I almost spent my whole childhood finding the song.. And found it today after 10-11 years 😯😬

      1. Q&A Gaming


    28. Oakz47Shawty

      2020 February 2nd ? No fasho..

    29. Lupe Guzman

      I love this song

    30. Roshan Chuwan

      I wonder what millennials and zoomers will think about the next gen when the next gen won't know about flip phones.

    31. ziwe

      90s babies we had fun

    32. Bronte Smith

      me listening to this song in 2010-2012 on my ipod nano thinking i knew everything was vibes

    33. Jessica Coronado

      I'm 13 know what a ipod Is not here because of some twins I'm here because this is the best music.

    34. Jack Williams

      Best song ever lisen to it 2047

    35. Eagle Tube

      Twenty twenty someone?

    36. Kawaii Girl

      2020 and im still lisening to this😂😂

    37. Lil Stutter

      My asshole smells :3

    38. Sofia Julia Ramirez

      lady gaga x grinch butt witch x big deal lucas x flash bart x samara pigsaw x pigface piggod x danzzabel oliver x zee randy x theresa

    39. Nightmare Gacha

      this is me and my baes fav song

    40. LaRdOu


    41. prince rioz


    42. Paolo Nardelli

      0 22 My favorite part

    43. berry 2363

      I was 3 when this came out

    44. DEM

      2020 and still counting

    45. victoria xo

      I love this song💕💕💕

    46. Sanjay Rishi

      like my iphone stuck on replay

    47. Amanda Cordeiro do santos Amandovisqui


    48. Thea Frondarina


    49. Villager #9

      You know how I got here? I replayed my history and I was brought here again.

    50. Mr Not so happy

      Let's face it this song didnt pop up in your recommendations😂😂❤️ Who's here in 2020!!!❤️

    51. Lexi Edits

      *2020 ?*

    52. Toasted Garbage

      There will be a generation that won't know this song, and that hurts.

      1. Jocelyn Abbott

        my little sister doesn't even know this song :((

    53. HyperLock


    54. MoGOGOO

      Shine like mélodie ''

    55. Jįmíñ -Âhhh

      Who came to learn about this song in 2020.??

    56. Commander Smith

      2020 anyone?

    57. Maricruz Torres

      listening in 2020 🖐🏼?

    58. 김맑음

      2020 anyone?

    59. lisbeth trujillo

      stan the *dolan twins*

    60. lisbeth trujillo

      *dolan twin fans have entered the chat including me*