Rep. Collins sounds off in opening statement: 'They don't care. Facts be damned'

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Fox News

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    The committee resumes their markup to iron out the details of the articles of impeachment that Pelosi and other Dem leaders introduced earlier this week. Afterwards, the charges will go to the House floor for all members to vote on.
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    1. Vincent Nguyen

      This judicial committees and Nadler abused their power. Period.

    2. Mitchell Cantizzo

      Nadler believes the rules don't apply to him

    3. Jim Larguinha

      I come from a blue state and see this as a travesty

    4. Never Again

      Really seems like a worm, physically and ethically. I mean look at the skin, the eyes, the words, yes a slimy worm cleaning out the orange anus.

    5. 1tired citizen

      The only thing remotely interesting about these hearings is watching Collins, Gaetz, Gohmert and Jordan. They remind me of a parent trying to reason with someone else's unruly child and even though they realize that they are wasting their time they keep trying.

    6. 1tired citizen

      Nadler's expression doesn't change at all. It's like he is made of stone, but actually I think he is more like a balloon. A balloon doesn't see, hear or even care about anything but the hot air holding itself together.

    7. Marcus Marine

      Is it just me or does Nadler look like droopy

    8. Jeff Ray

      Trump can ealk in a blow the miggets head off on prime time and win the next one .not counting our hearts.lololol nancy sit and watch the poeiple out side your million dollar mansion. I yield the floor.

    9. David Stewart

      I heard Trump is going to marry a carrot!

    10. Melvin Lusk

      Vote for Republicans on all ballets in 2020.

    11. David Stewart

      Trump smart like tractor!

    12. danny whitney

      when you're talkin about these scumbags Don't call him Democrats they're not Democrats are lying corrupt traders to America communist socialist trash that needs to be in prison now jerrold nadler Nancy pelosi Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer should be in prison immediately as in now proven traders to America proven lying corrupt scumbags trying to put a good president in prison because they can't stop his good stuff they're corrupt raiders put them in prison now

    13. Coach Hannah

      “They” being Republicon voters. Your Republicon masters think you are stupid. So far (just wait) there is no law that says you need to prove them correct.

    14. W Brown

      Trump is a gem to Republicans because he appeals to the poor and serves the rich.

    15. Mcochs ochs

      Nadler is a stupid troll!

    16. Citizen EU

      When are the *G.* _aslighting_ *O.P.* members coming with arguments for Trµmp's actions instead of whining about process. *🐔👈@realdonaldtrump👉testify*

    17. Harvey Donley

      I cant talk to demorats, they hate me.

    18. iDoStuff X

      Wow .. the trump foundation just paid a fine for using the foundation to contribute to his campaign...makes me forget about his 25 million dollar settlement for defrauding those students with his fake university. Swamp creature.

    19. Sargent Stony

      Trump and his buddies are defying congressional subpoenas at the same time they’re crying about Trump has broken no laws. They would not lie straight to your faces if they didn’t think it would work. But guess what? You guys buy it every time. I’m so sorry for you. Especially knowing that you guys impeach Clinton for lying about getting a hummer in the oval office.

    20. Pink Kat

      3:20 Lol They've been wanting to do that before he even got in office.

    21. Peter B.

      Collins, they think it was a mistake to give you ONE witness!!! Your ONE witness made more sense and probably increased the enrollment at GW!!!

    22. Tu Nguyen

      Democrats should be charged with treason.

    23. Danny Ball

      Trump 2020!!!!

    24. ClearPolitics

      This is projection, GOP is the one that does not care about facts: 1) 1) Trump had the call (fact) 2) Trump conditioned white house visit and military aid on Ukraine announcing publicly investigations into his domestic political rival (fact) 3) Trump insisted on this favor THE NEXT DAY after Mueller report, even Mueller did not believe Trump would intentionally ask for foreign interference, he was wrong (fact) 4) Trump will continue to meddle in 2020 elections and lie, steal and cheat also going forward, if not impeached IMMEDIATELY and removed from office (fact) 5) Which is even worse is GOP's unwillingness to discuss these facts and to stonewall testimonies and evidence should be punished, because this is putting the party over the country and the constitution, which is against the oath that GOP members took and they should know better.

    25. sunshineflowerish

      Also why does Collins think it's ok to yell, perhaps MoC should go through etiquette training before they show up for their job in congress.

    26. sunshineflowerish

      Are these many folks in America as ignorant as they seem or is this an anomaly, serious q !

    27. Misty Loy

      biggest farce of a court I've ever seen

    28. Robert Bigelow

      And yes Collins we do see it and that's why Trump will be our President again

    29. Robert Bigelow

      Just remember people Nadler and the rest of Soros puppets will stand before our maker the Lord and answer for their lies and deception and corruption. There will be justice served.

    30. Pale Rider

      Nadler looks like Humpty dumpty. Lol

    31. Barry Tippett

      Hey Mr Collins how can you call it a factual basis when you have shut down all access to information coming from the White House. You have not complied with subpoenas in order to find the truth. Your cover up conversation never embraces the direct questioning required to prove or disprove the facts. If you have nothing to hide then let the facts be known. You do a great deal of blustering but never I mean never provide information that directly responds to the accusations. What are you hiding then?

    32. Mudhut Productions

      The Democrat leadership has fully embraced the Leftist culture war and will pay dearly for it. College educated morons with really high opinions of the way they operate their majority pay to play States. This Californian hates the Party to it's rotten Chardonnay swilling core.

    33. tank2003ful

      We have to vote these turds out of office who cry because they got their asses headed to them in 2016


      Nobody in the right mind can defend trump with substantial evidence. Instead, they resort to lies, obstruction, name calling and idiotic complains.

    35. Keith Lembke

      I despise the Democrats for the fascists they are. The political war is on.

    36. Baron Von Dump

      Trumpsters are really dumb!

    37. Baron Von Dump

      Collins is a blathering fool, a real blatherskite

    38. dana8567

      It’s a COUP and they are getting away with it! HOW?

    39. Deborah Less

      So are all Top Leve!l Democrats also diagnosable Psychopaths?? 😐😐😐 That might explain their lack of remorse or guilt, disconnect from reality, and lack of empathy for others...

    40. Justin Gannon

      I call for a vote of confidence on nadler schiff and pelosi

    41. Estela Thompson

      Mr Collins you are a true American patriot.

    42. Ann Marie

      GROVELERS OF PUTIN: GOP.. Why do we need more "fact" witnesses? Trump confessed to his treachery.

    43. BEN DOVER

      TRUMP is the most honest man/person in world. i trust and believe in his judgment because “YAKUB” started all this nonsense from the start. DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS need to investigate “YAKUB”

    44. Bootney Lee

      Doug is the 💣.

    45. Dolfo Boynas

      I pray that celebrities, models and dignitaries such as Anna Wintour, Mick Jagger, Alva Chinn, Pat Cleveland, Meryl Streep, Sir Elton John, HRH Prince Harry and HRH Princess Anne will bend Jerry Hall Murdoch’s ear and ask her to convince her husband, Rupert, that it’s time for him and his Fox News Network to Turn on Trump. If Ms. Jerry Hall Murdoch decides not to do the right thing...then History will remember her as just another washed up 1970’s Studio54, coke snorting, Texas Trash, gold-digging fashion model that clawed her way to the top...and unfortunately, when Rupert’ croaks and she inherits his wealth...well, she will NEVER be revered in a way that Melinda Gates & Mackenzie Bezos are...

    46. Ziul Zelev

      Nadler should just whack Collins with that hammer...then he would think straight.

    47. Michael B.

      Why are the Democrats so worried about Ukraine investigation? Where is the millions of dollars that are not accounted for ? Did the aid that was passed by Congress get laundered and funneled back to the career DNC crooks?

    48. Paul Bradshaw

      There is no lie or dirty trick too large or too small for the Democrats/Socialists/Liberals/Progressives to attempt!!!!

    49. John Nelsen

      I too will never again vote for a Democrat. After what they have done during the last SCJ Judge Cabanaw and now this impeachment that they are running like third world country. Never again. They are showing their true colors and just why we need Trump right where he is.

    50. DDIFCC

      All these morons hated Trump until he got elected, then he had them all by the balls with his base. Pathetic GOP hypocrisy, no body listens to videos of them bashing Trump before he was elected 🤔. Total losers

    51. TheIndignantMalignancy

      Democrats are demon possessed. Pure and simple. We're entering the last days. This next yeat will be chocj full of evil and it will be in our faces with impunity. We need to pray for our president with fervor thay he be protected and these evil subhumans will be exposed

    52. Sherry

      Nadler & Schiff = abuse of power. The American people will answer in 2020.

    53. mafed451

      Ironic we’re looking into abuse of power. All these democrats sit in smug silence patiently waiting for the axe to fall which they assume will. They all act like they’re part of an unstoppable machine

    54. Ibp Support

      TRump - enemy of the people and their environment ! By withdrawing from the 2016 Paris Agreement and rolling back - effectively eliminating major environment controls in the USA, he has given a green light to the companies most responsible for the world's pollution. The US stock market may be in 'good shape' but at what cost and for how long? Many companies are now able to run amok in how they conduct their business. Whether it be harmful to you and yours is no longer an issue - as long as TRump and the like get rich - that is all that matters! So if you think TRump is your friend - think again !

    55. Hart

      Lindsay graham said when it gets to the senate they are throwing it out pronto They are not going to call anyone to testify They will end it as fast as possible

    56. Cleveland Williams

      Can some one tell me what nadler doing in that chair a mean talk about scumbag

    57. Reddy Steddy

      Let the UK election be an extremely clear warning to the Democrats and left MSM elitists - those who ignore the public's wishes and push their socialist agendas, will be absolutely annihilated in the next US election!

    58. Gregor Resch

      The Trump administration is proposing changes to Social Security that could terminate disability payments to hundreds of thousands of Americans, particularly older people and children.

    59. LORD_KEV O

      They are TERRORISTS attacking the American people with their political agenda

    60. Mike Murphy

      They would suck the devil dry for trump and all these Republicans its sickning and no truth whats so ever