Reacting To Our MAKEOVERS!

Dolan Twins

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    We both get glam makeovers for the first time!
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    1. Sky Jacobs

      Only bc they asked; I think Grayson looks “prettier” his features are more androgynous where Ethan looks really handsome yet girly

    2. Xx.dolanfan.12xX 1234

      at 1:15 me when i’m having a mental breakdown every minute of the day cause i don’t have the merch

    3. Cassie Garza

      Like can you please do my makeup

    4. itz_stephanie btw

      Flash back Mary

    5. brittany burney

      Sister James is so good at what u do

    6. Felicity Van Spyk

      Back in the good old days the for all the drama

    7. gytis griskevicius

      James you so cute

    8. Summer Hi

      James said:my favorite boi friends do ya mean boi boi friends or friends they Like James I sense it 🤓🤓

    9. Isabelle Harden

      At 6:12 Ethan pouting in the mirror😂😂😂😂

    10. Emily THE best Sunday

      gray looked like michel jackson when james put on his lashes lol

    11. MarleyJade Miller

      Pause the vid than turn your phone off than go back to the vid while its paused and Emma is there

    12. MarleyJade Miller


      1. ? riyashree ¿


    13. AnimeTitanimum57

      They’re so pretty 🤩

    14. Dominique Castillo

      1:46 flashback mary 2.0 ??

    15. flirtish

      “i have tweezers but we rlly need like a lawnmower” LMAOOO

    16. I don't Fuck with that Dairy

      What's up with james and not getting the foundation shades right?! 😂😂

    17. Jada Crews

      Ethannnnnn 0:28 haha soooo cute

    18. Hello Hi

      Ok love this but why is the routine so random here?😂😂

    19. Just_Anaya _YT

      They're both clones of James... Not a very good thing

    20. Halogirl92 _

      ‘We love a pinched nose?”-Ethan “Mhmm”-James “ok just. Checking”-Ethan lol

    21. Hailie Mills

      2019 Dolan twins marathon

    22. Taty Ramirez


    23. Isabelle !

      November 2017: Ethan, Grayson, and James December 2018: Grayson, Ethan, Emma, and James June 2019: Grayson, Ethan and Emma

      1. Lizzy McElveen

        They are still friends i dont understand why everyone think that they arent friends but they are and still hangout but just dont post about it

    24. Barry Benami

      2019? ethan looks more like a girl lollllll

    25. valy delgado

      lmao u know their doing stuff for the first time vid. they wear a full face of makeup “for the first time” but they did this annnnnd in hot tub confessions 2 ethan confesses that when he busted his face on the trampoline he got lisa to buy him makeup and he wore it so teaaaaa

    26. Anna Zhang

      Gray: I DiD gEt a SpRay Tan Like he was soo proud of that 😂

    27. meme lovered


    28. Jolene the bean

      @ 2:09 Ethan lookin like Edward Collins up in dis biiishhh😂😂❤️

    29. Michaela Tompkins

      They're all so sweet ❤

    30. LilzCooking

      Grayson is prettier no offense Ethan😬❤️❤️I love you guys so much!😘😭

    31. Harlynn2194

      Damn he can’t even match someone else foundation

    32. Teaaa Sis

      Awh look how young they were 😭💗

    33. Kray4 Lyfe

      5:37 no comment

    34. Kray4 Lyfe

      3:57 “F** your lips”😂😂😂😂

    35. Kray4 Lyfe

      2:30 wtf gray😭😭😭

    36. D. D.

      I like both.

    37. elle knightess

      i love how when they said they couldn’t see themselves getting ready in full glam, the reason wasn’t ‘because i’m a man’ or anything like that, but ‘it’s so much effort!’ i love them sm

    38. Lucy Bonilla

      Im a hoe

    39. Bryanna Mayer

      Grayson looks better

    40. Alexa Rodriguez


    41. Onny Brooke

      They all look like triplets

    42. Onny Brooke

      They look like James Charles

    43. raquel dy

      Missing the old times 😥😭

    44. TheGuru IsCooking

      3:02-3:03 Ethan is so damn cute😍😍 I am going to die!

    45. Maddie Z.

      why is James so quiet in this vid lol

    46. Anthony Potter

      Omg grayson looking good😉

    47. Mickaylla Manley

      Ethan's make-up is better but Grayson is definitely prettier

    48. Maddie Boyle

      6:13 -I love how Ethan is checking himself out on the mirror 😂😂

    49. Gia Loren

      why did he use the wrong foundation shade though?

    50. Milady Toro

      “You killed it sister”😭