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    It’s time to reflect on a decade of rewinds. For this list, we’re taking a look at all ten videos in the “GEsels Rewind” series, which annually recap the major events and trends of the past year. We’ll naturally be starting off with the worst of the worst, working our way up to the best of the best. And yes, we understand the irony that WatchMojo is doing a list on this particular subject. More on that later… Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be ranking all the GEsels Rewinds.
    This is TopX, the show where we count down the good, the bad and the ugly of GEsels.
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    GEsels's 2019 Rewind: FIXED: gesels.info/video/video/rKd2o5ampYF22Hc.html
    Top 10 GEsels Channels of 2019: gesels.info/video/video/hJ2eqKuTp46am2I.html
    Top 10 Best TV Shows of 2019: gesels.info/video/video/aa-Yq7TTlJeslmI.html

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    10. GEsels Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind
    9. GEsels Rewind: The Shape of 2017
    8. GEsels Rewind 2019: For the Record
    7. GEsels Rewind 2010: Year in Review
    6. GEsels Rewind 2011
    5. GEsels Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge
    4. GEsels Rewind: Turn Down for 2014
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    1. Extinction Gaming

      The amount of censorship in 2018 rewind was obvious

    2. jaikhi1111

      Yo 2019 was just you guys

    3. Darlene Martell


    4. Darlene Martell


    5. Keith Wear

      So shut up

    6. Keith Wear

      2019 was amazing

    7. Keith Wear


    8. Keith Wear

      U put most of these in a random order

    9. Target 06

      Stop hating GEsels is not forced to make a rewind

    10. Inevitable

      This is the worst list I've ever seen! I will never subscribe!

    11. the gaming channel

      Im proud that minecraft got number one last year

    12. R. T.

      Welp! *sigh* two things brought me here: My curiosity for 2019 YT Rewind And the Pewdiepie 2019 Rewind.

    13. Josh Zwart

      I like the 2013 rewind, but the 2012 one fills me with so much nostalgia

    14. McClapped 101

      Saw Minecraft as #1 game, and I got out ASAP

    15. Audrey G

      if 2013 isn’t number one i will start swinging

    16. Alex J

      Wait, i thought youtube rewind 2019 was from watchmojo

    17. RossMurrayFam

      these videos are awesome keep em coming!

    18. Roblox StopMotion

      Pewdiepie just makes rewind better

    19. A Chair

      Nobody noticed that 2013 rewind kinda foreshadowed bitch lasagna with the backround and the beach setting

    20. Admiral Patrick

      well with that said whitout pewdiepie in rewinds they will not have a good rewind :/

    21. Koo Pakoo

      lele pons in the 2017 one tho...she really did care about the video or her appearance

    22. THEFOOL 7220

      Rewind 2018:Prepare for trouble Rewind 2019:And make it double

    23. Winter_ Galaxy Roblox

      pewdiepie is puting the rewind button in the groud for the next gen

    24. Oreo-chi

      WatchMojo: 2019 was the best Me: no shit, you pretty much made it

    25. #EditingForLife

      Nah, 2017 was way better than 2018 and 2019

    26. -PastelSkiez-

      Ya know, the most recent GEsels rewind probably wouldn’t have gotten so many dislikes if watchmojo had uploaded it instead, because then it wouldn’t be the official thing and people wouldn’t be as dissapointed

    27. Mc Jimbu

      Rewind 2020:Ads

      1. -PastelSkiez-

        I wish

    28. Quit Horsing Around

      You make GEsels Rewind 2019?

    29. PonyParty

      GEsels: We'll copy WatchMojo. WatchMojo: C'mon GEsels... Don't be the Morgz of Top 10's.

    30. Angel Sixteen

      2015 : rank 3 2010 rank 2

      1. Angel Sixteen

        2010: rank 1

    31. Tha BeatBoi

      The perfect accurate order...

    32. Auwrath

      WatchMojo should host GEsels rewind next year, and they should invite Dan from WatchMojo back just for one day

    33. Gude Human

      Nobody: WatchMojo.com:Rewind rewind

    34. Stone Rory

      2019 was the worst in my opinion

    35. eenayeah

      Oh man, 2012 and 2013 were so good.

    36. FaXe_Legend


    37. Josh Zwart

      I miss 2010-2016

    38. SaintyStarfishYT

      finally a honest watchmojo video

    39. Keziz AMV's

      Watch mojo is only saying rewind 2019 is the best cuz they're in

    40. Peter

      How 2016 on 5 Its best rewind ever.

    41. Emmanuel Boi

      Where is pewdiepie’s yt rewind

    42. Mandando Ver

      2019 Rewind was a WatchMojo video

    43. Legit Lanius

      top 10 top 10 battles of history

    44. Chris Flow

      My favorite 2 are 2014 and 2017

    45. Lucas Tassie

      2018 was fine it was just cringe

    46. Aspect

      You did great in the GEsels 2019

    47. Mehmooda Talat

      I hate tseries it suck

    48. Mehmooda Talat

      Wut about wasifs rewind

    49. Annie Basson

      The order of the top 3 Is really difficult!!! But I agree!!!

    50. Nicole Watterson

      damn, wanna go back in 2012 though.

    51. DonutLover Gaming

      I’d say the 2017 one was better than the 2019 one

    52. Rowan West

      Number 2 pewdiepie rewind 2018 Number 1 PEWDIEPIE REWIND 2019!

    53. City Guard

      Ayy, Watchmojo. The better GEsels rewind 2019

    54. TomXD

      For me, 2019 rewing is the worst, but 2017 rewing for is a resl rewind

    55. Franco M

      A top video in a top video... Okay...

    56. JoPK

      GEsels: Let's make a Watch Mojo video! Watch Mojo: Let's make a Watch Mojo video about GEsels REWINDS

    57. Thanos

      for Frick's sake just contact PewDiePie

    58. Yum Noodles Gaming

      so many videos her

    59. Sin Eater

      Didn’t watch yet, but 2015 was the best one don’t @ me

    60. Joseph White

      It’s funny That the name of GEsels rewind 2019 is for The record the same name of the MW2 campaign name for the record

      1. Joseph White


      2. mighty sword

        mw2 had a bad ending so yt rewind now is dead with a bad ending